Dexter New Blood Season 2: Release, Plot, Cast And many More!

Dexter New Blood Season 2: You’ve probably heard the expression “when one door shuts, another opens.” With the season one finale of Dexter New Blood, it appears that the show has taken this to a literal level.

After ten years of believing he had gotten away with murder, the serial killer with a conscience made his way back into our television screens.

However, even living in the gorgeous hamlet of Iron Lake was not enough to keep the Dark Passenger from calling to him from within his own mind.

When you factor in the return of your long-lost child, it was only a matter of time until things began to go horribly wrong in a very short period of time.

dexter new blood season 2

Despite the fact that the show’s future appears to be sealed, Dexter has proven himself to be a survivor more than once before and may now be able to continue in some manner. There is no one, not even the top brass, who believes this story is done for good.

Are you unsure about what we’re referring to? You can read on for everything you need to know regarding the possibility of a second season and beyond.


Do you know that as one door closes, another opens? Season one ending of Dexter: New Blood seems to reflect this. In 2010, we were shocked to see the serial murderer with a conscience return to our televisions. Even residing in Iron Lake’s beautiful town couldn’t stop the Dark Passenger’s pull.

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With the reappearance of your long-lost kid, things were certain to go terribly wrong. While the show’s fate looks to be sealed, Dexter has overcome many obstacles and may potentially continue in a new form.

Even the bosses aren’t convinced. Do you have any questions? Here’s all you need to know about a possible second season.

Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Cast – Who Will Be in It?

If season two is greenlit (though, as previously said, no formal announcements have been made), New Blood will shift its focus from Dexter to his son Harrison, played by Jack A lcott. The last we saw of the serial killer’s adolescent kid; he was on the run after murdering his father.

After discovering Harrison with the body, police chief Angela Bishop (Julia Jones) accepted responsibility for Dexter’s death, allowing Harrison to begin life over without the burden of his father’s murder to bear.

dexter new blood season 2

We can’t say it was the greatest choice for her, considering his deadly murdering record, but there you go. No one knows where Harrison will go or what he will do with his father’s moral killer code now that he has a fresh start.

As a consequence, the cast is yet unknown. We are unaware of any surviving relatives. He could go anywhere he wanted.

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In season four of the original Dexter, his mother died. Hannah, Dexter’s girlfriend who departed with Harrison for a better life in the season 8 finale, died of cancer off-screen between the original series and New Blood.

It’s the only reason Harrison bothered to look for Dexter in the first place. Is it true that his father is also no longer alive? For this extremely distressed child, the sky is truly the limit.

Dexter New Blood Season 2: Release Date

There has been no official word on whether Dexter: New Blood will be renewed for a second season, although executive producer and showrunner Clyde Phillips has stated a desire to continue the story of Harrison Morgan, Dexter, and Rita Morgan’s biological son. “As I previously stated, this show is a tremendous asset,” Phillips told Deadline.

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“I’m convinced that when people start bingeing this after the finale, the numbers will continue to rise. It’s up to Showtime to contact me if they want more. If they ask if I want to continue with this, I would reply yes. I have a lot on my plate, but I would drop everything and say yes in an instant.”

Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Ending – Is Dexter Dead?

At the conclusion of New Blood, Dexter revealed his huge secret: he kills serial murderers. He finds he has become everything he once despised, and that his last hope is his dark son.

In the series finale, Sins of the Father, Dexter, and Harrison decided to leave Iron Lake when one of his enemies sets fire to his home.

dexter new blood season 2

However, Dexter’s girlfriend Angela finds proof in the ashes that proves he murdered Kurt Caldwell’s son Matthew Caldwell. Dexter is carried to the police station where he tells Angela about Kurt’s misdeeds and where the bodies of the many women he murdered are buried.

Dexter kills Logan to get the keys he needs to escape and drives to Harrison while Angela is distracted. Harrison reminds Dexter that killing a good man as collateral damage isn’t part of the moral code he’s supposed to live by and aims a loaded revolver at him.

“I’ve never felt real love until now,” the show’s narration says before shooting Dexter in the chest. “You did good,” he says after he’s shot.

While Dexter has made surprising returns before, showrunner Clyde Phillips insists that despite being shot by his own son in the New Blood finale, actor Michael C. Hall will not.” Dexter is dead,” he told Deadline. That would offend the viewers. It’s dishonest. This is unquestionably Dexter’s finale. Dexter died.”


The conclusion showed Harrison’s growth and development. After a common opponent set fire to their home, he was ready to leave Iron Lake with Dexter. After discovering that Dexter had slain his coach Logan, Harrison was ready to exact revenge by killing his father and inheriting ‘Dexter.’

A probable new season has hinted at this. Harrison is a difficult character having the seeds of the evil passenger inside him, according to author Clyde Phillips. “Harrison’s take on vigilantism is unique,” he said.

He and his father are virtually Batman and Robin, with their young, happy innocence.” “Consider how many lives we save every time we kill one of these nasty people,” Phillips concludes. Dexter hadn’t considered it. It was Dexter’s code to annihilate evil folks.”

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