Who Is May Calamawy’s Layla? She Tells Her Role as Layla in Moon Knight!

Who is May Calamawy?: Calamawy was also a regular in the TV show Ramy, where she played Dena Hassan, and she is credited to have appeared in all six episodes of Moon Knight.

In Moon Knight, Who Is Layla?

Layla, May Calamawy’s Moon Knight persona, is your new favorite addition to the MCU. Layla El-Faouly is an archaeologist and explorer in Moon Knight – not to be confused with the Layla from Assassins’ Creed – as well as Marc Spector’s friend.

She first appears in Moon Knight Episode 1 after Steven discovers a phone stashed away in his flat. The missed calls are from Layla, and when Steven contacts her, she answers and says that she has been attempting to contact him for months.

Who Is May Calamawy Laila?

Until this time, Layla is unaware that Marc has an identity issue, and her persona is said to be entirely original and not based on any Marvel Comics characters.

Fans, on the other hand, have suggested that Layla could transform into Layla Miller, a mutant who played a big role in the popular House of M series – a story that could be explored in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Exploration of the Moon Knight Cast

  • Steven Grant / Marc Spector / Moon Knight – Oscar Isaac
  • Layla El-Faouly – May Calamawy
  • Khonshu – Karim El Hakim
  • F. Murray Abraham – Khonshu’s voice
  • Arthur Harrow – Ethan Hawke
  • Anton Mogart – Gaspard Ulliel
  • Donna – Lucy Thackeray
  • Taweret – Antonia Salib
  • Elias Spector – Rey Lucas
  • Bobby Akinjirin – Ann Akinjirin
  • Billy – David Ganly
  • Wendy Spector – Fernanda Andrade

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Calamawy tells us about her role as Layla in Moon Knight, the latest Marvel show to air on Disney Plus

Were you a fan of Marvel before being cast in Moon Knight?

May Calamawy: Coincidentally, in 2020, I wanted to watch all of the Marvels, and my boyfriend suggested that we watch them in chronological sequence. We accomplished that, and then, just as I was about to finish, I got an audition. I was thinking to myself when we were watching it, ‘I wish I could be in something like this.’ It’s surreal that we’re here.

What about Layla as a character piqued your interest the most?

MC: Being Arab is a bit of a hindrance in my early career. It meant a lot to me to be able to join the MCU as a family and to offer variety, which is truly what makes up a world. “I’m not sure whether I’m this strong, overtly assertive sort of person,” I kept thinking. I wanted the task to reflect that.

What do you make of Layla’s relationships with Marc and Steven, and how do you believe her introduction to Steven affects her?

MC: I’ll try not to provide any spoilers, but her relationship with Marc is more complicated. They’ve known each other for a while, and he’s a more reserved individual. In turn, she grows more guarded around him. They do, however, complement one other in several ways. Then there’s Steven, who is kind and makes her even more inquisitive when she meets him. There’s a lot of curiosity, but it’s not like, ‘Who the hell are you?’ ‘What are you up to?’ But, more importantly, ‘What is going on?’ Is this individual all right?’

What was it like to collaborate with Oscar Isaac?

MC: That’s fantastic. I was intimidated by both of them [Isaac and co-star Ethan Hawke] at first, and I tried to play calm as if I understood everything. And then there were so many times when I’d do something dumb and he’d make fun of me, and I’d start making fun of myself as well, and I’d become more at ease.

Who Is May Calamawy Laila?

And because I’m such a goofball, I recognized that’s how I needed to be in between takes to keep my energy up, and he’d meet me right there, despite having such a demanding part. Then, when the three of us were together, we’d simply play, which is a really nice situation. They both gave me confidence. They recognized I was nervous at first and encouraged me to take my own space, which is not typically the case with actors.

What was it like to work with Oscar and Ethan aside from Oscar and Ethan? Did you have to put in a lot of practice time for the stunts?

To warm me up before scenes, my personal trainer flew over and exercised me for one hour. The stunt training drove me to find Layla because they wouldn’t let me back down. ‘Oh, this is Layla.’ Layla just goes for it.’

Is there a certain scene that really captures that for you?

MC: I don’t want to spoil anything, but here are a few of the more physical situations.