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Top Tom Cruise Movies To Catch!

Top Tom Cruise Movies

Hey! There are some great Tom Cruise movies here for you to see! Tom Cruise is one of the best actors in the world right now. Here are the top five of his movies.

There aren’t many people like Tom Cruise. Moxy has made him famous for many years. Crowds have always adored him because he has so much of it. Each of his movies is amazing, and he rarely has a bad one.

Even though Cruise has worked with some of the best bosses, he is also known for portraying characters that are interesting, charming, and true to life.

Acting Career: Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of our most famous living actors. Cruise is a huge performer, a brilliant entertainer, and a cinematic legend. In addition to being a VIP, he has over forty years of experience bridging all sorts of gaps, some more effectively than others.

Cruise’s movie career is a testament to his skill since he can be treated as seriously in a dark, sophisticated dramatization by an auteur producer as he can in a major blockbuster institution.

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Despite the fact that he had a lot of PR problems in the 2000s, Cruise is still a good source of entertainment. People know that when they watch a Tom Cruise movie, the actor won’t be afraid to show off.

This is the person who hung himself from the world’s tallest building for us to see. The entertainer has a lot of skills, a lot of drive, and a lot of excitement about trying new things. He is our most famous living actor.

All things being equal, it made sense to look back at Cruise’s entire movie career and rate each one from worst to best. To start with, I thought this task was easy enough. Then, I found out that Cruise had done more good movies than bad.

In even the “worst” Tom Cruise movies, there’s something good about them.

This is not an exhibition, but rather a way to put Tom Cruise movies where they belong. In other words, the suggestion I’ve made here is for the movie as a whole, not just Cruise. I also ruled out 1983’s Losin’ It and 1981’s Endless Love because they were too hard to watch.

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Thus, moving along, I present to you each Tom Cruise film positioned from most terrible to best.

Lions for Lambs

This 2007 Robert Redford concert was seen as a potential comeback for the performer, but in the end, would be Cruise’s final entrance to the straight dramatization zone. Whether due to Cruise’s obvious visual troubles or the film’s quality, Lions for Lambs is the entertainer’s worst film.

Assuming you’re a self-declared liberal, it can make people doubt your political views.


It’s no wonder that Tom Cruise hasn’t been able to meet the dream class since Ridley Scott’s distinctive dreary dream experience Legend. The picture has a meandering storyline and flimsy personal inspirations, all accompanied by a distractingly confusing Tangerine Dream synth-heavy soundscape. The most notable aesthetic effects in Legend transform Tim Curry into an unrecognizable Lord of Darkness.

When it comes to Cruise, he’s awkward in the number one spot because he doesn’t have much to work with from William Hjortsberg’s material. His first attempt to go from promising driver to blockbuster lead was a failure, even though he recovered well with a little movie called Top Gun every year.

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages is a film where Tom Cruise sings into Malin Akerman’s butt, but, in some way or another Cruise stays the main beneficial thing about Adam Shankman’s melodic transformation.

Because Cruise is so committed to every single job, I think it should be a little less surprising that he always does a great job as Stacee Jaxx. After that, “all things being equal, the rest of the film is still a movie where Tom Cruise sings into Malin Akerman’s butt.”

Incredibly, Shankman’s arranging of the melodic groups is very boring. The autotune makes the jukebox mix less pleasant because it takes away from the songs. The story doesn’t make sense at all, and Rock of Ages proves that only one out of every odd piece of music can be turned into a movie.

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Mission: Impossible II

As a rule, this movie is just a small chore because director John Woo never comes up with anything that looks like it would be fun for a group of people to do.

Thandie Newton wants to have sex with the reprobate in order to get him away from her. This means that the movie is doomed from the start.

Despite the fact that M: I II would later be an important development stumbling block for this film series, it’s still hard to watch.


2013 science-fiction drama by Chief Joseph Kosinski Oblivion is a stunning and grueling show. While Cruise tries his best with this, the “turns” are predictable and sloppy, and Kosinski’s direction makes what should be a vast science fiction dramatization a tedious and lengthy effort.

Despite Claudio Miranda’s stunning photography and M83’s epic soundtrack, the picture seems like an extraordinarily beautiful, terribly lifeless music video, and only Cruise’s charisma can give this profoundly depressing science-fiction drama a pulse.

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