How Did AJ Crimson, Makeup Artist, Die at the Age of 27?

When the news broke that Aj Crimson had died at the age of 27, everyone was startled. The news about Aj’s death initially surfaced on social media. An emotional video of Crimson was posted by Lip Bar CEO Melissa Butler.


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We ate, drank, and exchanged flowers with one another “She penned something. We were on standby to provide the ideal trio of hype men! Thank you for being a mentor and inspiration to me, AJ. Thank you very much for your continuous generosity.

It was a joy to spend time on my sofa with you, dreaming together. I will always treasure the moments we had. Those who knew you will miss you terribly, my brother.” Allow yourself some alone time.

Celebrities with whom AJ has worked sent sympathy cards to the Crimson family in his memory.

Cause of Death

Fergie, Hilary Duff, Regina King, and Angela Bassett were among those who mourned the death of AJ Crimson on March 27.

Crimson’s family published a statement upon her death, stating, “AJ Crimson was a cosmetics industry pioneer who built an improved, gorgeous, and accessible beauty standard for individuals of every ethnicity.”

“We as a family are both heartbroken and glad to have learned from his honesty, directness, and leadership” as a result of his loss.

“We thank you, everyone, for your beautiful comments, tweets, and posts, as AJ was both an inspiration to us and a dazzling light to the rest of the world,” the letter stated. When it comes to his personality, no words can completely explain it. It will have to suffice for the time being.”

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How old was AJ Crimson?

The dead beauty professional’s exact age has not been revealed, nor have the circumstances surrounding his demise.

The self-taught artist launched his AJ Crimson Beauty collection of lipsticks and glosses in 2012, after working with superstars such as Missy Elliott, Brandy, Christina Milian, and others.

This resulted in the development of foundations, primers, powders, and a wide range of other items. Crimson products have been used in popular television dramas and films like “Scandal,” “American Horror Story,” and “The Hunger Games.”

“I don’t know what to say. Not for a while, at any rate. I’ll always treasure my feelings for you, AJ. On Thursday, the “Run the World” star paid homage to the late actor on Instagram. “You had so many dreams and were one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met.”

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey, and I will continue to remember you.” And what a legacy you’ve left. As your soul is transported into the skies, the angels will bring you in with all of the serenity and kindness that you experienced on this earth. I’m praying for him and his family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to AJ Crimson?

The cause is unknown.

What about Aj Crimson’s Instagram account?


Was AJ Crimson an American?

Yes, he is.

When was AJ Crimson Beauty established?

In November of 2012.

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