Is Taboo Season 2 Renewed on HBO? Is the Wait Finally Over?

The oddball historical drama starring Hardy and Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight may officially return for Taboo Season 2.

Will there really be a return in Taboo Season 2?

They announced an official second season renewal for this dark BBC drama back in March of last year.

Fans are still waiting for answers to their queries five years after the show’s debut episode aired, and there are still no clues as to what will happen next.

The executive producer of the show, Ridley Scott, remarked, “We’re happy that fans want to know what happens next and that the BBC and FX are eager for further excursions with the devil Delaney and the league of damned.”

If creator Steven Knight is sending his band of misfits to a new planet, FX and the BBC are excellent partners for groundbreaking cooperation.

It’s possible that fans of Taboo are wondering when season 2 will premiere on Netflix and what we can anticipate from the show moving ahead.

Release Date of Taboo Season 2

Taboo season 2 does not appear to be set to premiere until late 2023 at the earliest.

Taboo Season 2

Because production on the new series has not yet commenced, no official release date for Taboo season 2 has been set. In November 2021, Knight said that the show’s second season had already been written in part.

“Six of the eight [episodes] have been written,” Knight said in an interview with Collider, and they’re “working on getting all of the stars to align so that we can get our star [Hardy] back on set.”

As a result, despite his hectic schedule, Hardy estimated that production might begin as early as “early 2023.” This means that we won’t get to see it until the end of the year, if not later.

Hardy and Stephen Graham co-star in the last season of Steven Knight’s mafia thriller Peaky Blinders. Both Hardy and Graham are from Liverpool, and they play Jewish criminal Alfred “Alfie” Solomons and dockworker Hayden Stagg.

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Expected Plot of Taboo Season 2

What transpired in Season 1 suggests that James Delaney and his cohorts are headed for the Azores in season 2, where they’ll meet US intelligence agent Colonnade.

Taboo Season 2

“Taboo goes west and gets a little more narcotic, more opium-affected,” says show creator Steven Knight, in reference to the second season.

When speaking with Collider about the project, the author states, “I’ve plotted out a sort of geographical course for the thing to take.”

If going on a long journey like writing three eight-hour essays, it helps to have a destination in mind. To be successful, it’s critical to have a plan.

To claim Nootka Sound, Hardy’s eccentric character will have to discover his late mother’s Native American heritage in season two.

Some unsolved plotlines

The East India Company and Mark Gatiss’ Prince Regent remain unresolved plotlines that may be addressed in future episodes.

‘You could continue linearly, which would be time, or you could quantum-leap through time!’ Hardy said to Esquire in August 2021. We’re currently testing ideas. To be honest, I’m not sure whether taking the traditional route—there have been a few written—is the best option.”

Hardy then replied, “‘Is it conceivable they’ll reach America? What if they arrive? Why not wait till 1968? Suppose they reach Saigon. Suppose they reach Saigon. Then what?'”

This is an opportunity to reimagine the Delaney family tree using fresh people and thinking on the ways that history and corruption are repeated.” The 1960s are still seen as a controversial era and a taboo decade. It has a certain appeal about it.

Another option is to go back even further in time to the 1800s. Definition of the Napoleonic Wars Is it the War of Independence? The thought of “That’s it!” has never crossed my head or occurred to me anywhere in my body. As a result, I’m dousing the flames.”

Check out the next article to learn more about what might happen in Season 2, as well as some historical events that could get in the way.

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Expected Cast of Taboo Season 2

Season 2 of Taboo has already attracted the attention of the actors and actresses listed below, who hope to reprise their roles.

Even though it appears that Tom Hardy’s James Delaney will be back, the series’ supporting cast is less assured to join him.

They may or may not make it to the western frontier after a battle with the redcoats.

Atticus, Michael, Prince Regent, and French Bill from Scroobius Pip, to mention a few, all starred in the original series and could return.

During the first season, Oona Chaplin’s Zilpha, Michael Kelly’s Dr. Dumbarton, Jonathan Pryce’s Stuart Strange, and Jefferson Hall’s Thorne all perished.

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Taboo Season 2 Trailer

The season 2 trailer for Taboo has yet to be released.

Because no production has started yet, we should expect to have to wait a long time before we see any new footage from the upcoming season.