Euphoria Season 3 Release Date, Trailer : Everything You Need to Know About the series!

Season two of Euphoria has come to a close, and since then, we haven’t been able to stop the tears that have been streaming down our faces.

To conclude the eight-episode season, viewers tuned in on February 28.

It’s been difficult to say goodbye to Maddy with her mood swings and perfectly applied cat eye makeup every week, but HBO was kind enough to let us know that season three of the program is confirmed ahead of time.

An Instagram video was posted by the Euphoria Instagram account on February 4 to reveal that season two would not be their last. #EUPHORIA has been resurrected for a third season, the channel announced in the video.

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Season two of Euphoria has come to a close, and since then, we haven’t been able to stop the tears.

Fans of the show tuned in on February 28 to catch the final episode of the eight-part season.

The loss of Maddy’s mood swings and perfectly applied cat eye makeup has been heartbreaking, but HBO has been nice enough to let us know that season three of the program has been confirmed in advance, so we can prepare ourselves mentally for the inevitable.

As of February 4, the Euphoria Instagram account announced that season two wouldn’t be the last for Jules, Maddy, Kat, and the rest of the gang. As shown in the video, the channel captioned it, ‘#EUPHORIA has been renewed for season 3.”

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Will Euphoria Be Back For The Third Season?

euphoria season 3

Yes! It was formally confirmed by HBO on February 4th, 2022, that the show had been officially renewed for a third season.

This season’s cast and crew of Euphoria has taken Season 2 to new heights, breaking narrative convention and form while preserving its heart. When it comes to working with this “brilliant, tremendously creative crew,” HBO Executive Vice President Francesca Orsi said, “We couldn’t be more honoured or delighted to continue our adventure with them into Season 3.


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What Is the Release Date of Euphoria Season Three?

To begin, Euphoria is currently airing on HBO in the United States, as well as on Now and Sky Atlantic in the United Kingdom, so be on the lookout for new release dates for each of these platforms.

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Season three of Euphoria could arrive in 2023 if everything goes according to plan like Covid-19 delayed the second season’s release in the first place.

Euphoria has been HBO’s second-most-watched show since 2004 behind Game of Thrones, according to the network. Averaging 16.3 million viewers tuned in to see the second series of episodes as of February 28, episode one of Euphoria season two had reached 19 million US viewers as of February 28.

With 34 million tweets to its name, Euphoria has become the most talked-about television series on Twitter in the United States since the beginning of the decade.

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Who Is in the Third Season of Euphoria’s Cast?

Zendaya is set to reprise her role as Rue Bennett, alongside Euphoria regulars Hunter Schafer (Jules), Jacob Elordi (Nate), Alexa Demie (Maddy), Barbie Ferreira (Kat), Algee Smith (Chris), Sydney Sweeney (Cassie), Maude Apatow (Lexi), and Dominic Fike (Elliot).

Ferreira recently addressed rumors that she and Levinson were euphoria season 3feuding on the set of the show. According to The Daily Beast, the two allegedly ‘butted heads,’ while a February 2022 cover story with The Cut mentioned Ferreira and Levinson ‘arguing.’

If anything seems to take on an independent existence that is not grounded in reality, I know it’s only out of pure enthusiasm, curiosity, and all the rest of the nice stuff. And I signed up for it as well. As a result, I’ll gladly accept your offer. Good and terrible are both acceptable to me.’

According to Elordi, ‘Whilst you should not suffer, to me, there is immense value in working hard…’

And they’ll take care of us as well. My immediate and extended family members are depicted in this photograph. Sam works twice as long as I do, while Zendaya works three times as long. Together, we can accomplish anything.’

We take the health and safety of our actors and crew very seriously,’ HBO said in its own statement in support of Levinson’s set. The show complied with all guild and safety requirements to the letter. For drama shows, complex shootings are not unusual, and COVID protocols add an extra layer of complexity. All of the unions, including SAG-AFTRA, have direct lines of contact open to us. There were no official inquiries made.’

Despite the rumours that Zendaya’s character would be killed off at the end of season two, HBO Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys has assured TVLine that the Emmy-award winner will be back for season three. We couldn’t have agreed more.

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What Will Happen in Season 3?

We have so many questions after the heartbreaking season two conclusion. Recap: Cassie and Maddy had a huge argument during Lexi’s funny play at school, but seem to be able to restore their friendship, while Rue looks to have forgiven Jules for alerting her mother about her drug problem. It’s unclear how these scenarios will play out in season three (certainly Cassie won’t forgive Lexi for her actions), but we’re intrigued if Nate’s sibling (who features in family photographs) will eventually materialize.

The biggest unknown is whether Fez (Angus Cloud), who was unintentionally shot by Ashtray at the end of season two, will survive and return in season three. Fans will recall Ashtray’s sad death at the end of season two after shooting at the cops, while Fez attempts to blame himself.

Is There a Trailer for Season 3 of Euphoria?

You won’t be seeing one for a long time. If the third season is released in early 2023, we don’t expect to see a teaser until late 2022 or early 2023 at the earliest.