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Fox Tv Series The Cleaning Lady Season Two? Has the Been Cancelled or Renewed Yet?

the cleaning lady second season 2

Based on the Argentine series “La Chica Que Limpia,” “The Cleaning Lady” is an action-thriller produced by Miranda Kwok in Hong Kong. Thony De La Rosa, a former Filipina doctor, is the focus of the show as she treats her sick five-year-old kid in Las Vegas on an expired visa. She witnesses a heinous crime while working in the cleaning service department and is forced to work for the criminal organization as a doctor and cleaner.

Fans and critics alike found this series to be exciting and fascinating because of its focus on a nice doctor who becomes corrupted by bad luck. Since its January 2022 premiere, ‘The Cleaning Lady’ has gained a devoted following. Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger that left fans eagerly anticipating the next one. For those who are eager about the release date and other tidbits related to this fascinating series, we’ve got you covered!

Release Date of  The Cleaning Lady Season 2

On March 14, the season finale of The Cleaning Lady will air, and fans are eager to see if their new guilty pleasure will return for more. No official word from Fox on a renewal, but it doesn’t mean they’ll kill the show outright. According to Rotten Tomatoes, 60 percent of Season 1’s critics say Élodie is a “resourceful heroine.”

Fox’s No. 1 new drama premiere since 2020 was The Cleaning Lady, which drew in 3.6 million viewers and had an audience share of just 0.5 percent. There’s a good chance that Fox will bring back the show for another season, as it has averaged over 3.2 million viewers and a 0.5 rating since then.

Of course, if The Cleaning Lady wants to keep its amazing Fox run, some creative tweaks may be required. To properly glitter, the show “has to polish its clichés into something more significant.”

The Cleaning Lady’s soap opera–esque criminal underworld situations feel “like Mafia 101,” says another IndieWire critic. If the show returns for a second season, the writer’s room must undergo major adjustments, as critics and fans will be dissatisfied with the storyline.

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What’s the Story Behind This TV Show?

Elodie Yung, Oliver Hudson, Adan Canto, Martha Millan, Valentino, and Sebastien LaSalle feature in the FOX television show The Cleaning Lady. Recurring characters include Shiva Negar, Jay Mohr, Liza Weil, and Eva De Dominici. Thony De La Rosa (Yung) is a brilliant Cambodian doctor who travels to the United States for medical treatment to save her son, Luca (LaSalle), who has been diagnosed with a fatal immunodeficiency condition.

Thony refuses to give up when the system forces her into hiding. After a run-in with a major crime syndicate’s lieutenant, Arman Morales (Canto), she becomes their cleaning lady. Thony enters a world of moral ambiguity, maintaining secrets from her family while cleaning crime scenes for Arman and avoiding the law, especially the smooth-talking FBI Agent Garrett Miller (Hudson), who is pursuing her.

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The Cast of The Cleaning Lady Season 2

Since the plot revolves around Thony, the former doctor who gets entangled with a criminal organization for the sake of treating her ailing kid, we are certainly sure that Elodie Yung would reprise her role of Thony if the program gets greenlit for the second installment.

Other than that, a majority of the cast members are expected to retain their roles, except the ones who met their demise in the debut season for obvious reasons. Liza Weil and Adan Canto are expected to reprise their roles as Katherine Russo and Arman Morales, respectively, in the second season of the show. Sebastian and Valentino LaSalle, as well as Liza Weil, are also expected to return. Moreover, you cannot rule out the prospect of new characters getting added, so you can also get to meet some fresh faces.

The Plot of Season 2 The Cleaning Lady

Thony is considered by the perpetrator as a possible witness to the crime and is compelled to clean it up at the beginning of the program. The criminal organization offers her and her unwell kid a cleaning job in exchange for their lives. When she’s forced to live a double life, the story picks up speed and follows her on her trip. She has to keep her day job, avoid getting discovered working with the mob and make sure her kid receives the medical care he requires.

It would be interesting to see how Thony and her ill son will do in the second season if the show is renewed by the network. Thony’s major goal for this season is to get her son treated and leave the country as quickly as possible, so she’ll certainly face some additional obstacles this time around.

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Ratings for Season One

The Cleaning Lady’s debut season had a 0.46 demo rating and 3.15 million live+same day viewers on average (including DVR playback through 3:00 AM). A decent indicator of how a show is doing, especially when compared to other shows on the same channel, these ratings don’t take into account further delayed or streamed viewing.

Others may have an impact, such as ratings, but it is more common for higher-rated shows to have renewals and lower-rated ones to be canceled. The Cleaning Lady is a TV show on FOX, but how does it compare to the rest?

The Cleaning Lady Trailer

If you haven’t seen the new trailer yet, take a look at some of the old ones…

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cleaning Lady has how many seasons?

At the moment, The Cleaning Lady has only one complete season.

How many episodes of The Cleaning Lady are there?

The Cleaning Lady’s first season consists of ten episodes.

Is The Cleaning Lady an accurate portrayal of a genuine story?

Miranda Kwok based her Cleaning Lady series on the 2017 Spanish-language television series La Chica Que Limpia (The Girl Who Cleans).

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