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Will There Be The Last Kingdom Season 6 | Updates You Need to Know Today!

The Last Kingdom Season 6

Fans of Netflix‘s The Last Kingdom may look forward to evening more after the fifth season. After three more novels are adapted, this is how they will appear on the big screen.

Even if Netflix’s The Last Kingdom season 5 has come to an end, the story of Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon) is far from over. Since the first season of The Last Kingdom, the show has regularly used two books from Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories series for each season. Only ten of the show’s thirteen novels had been adapted for the screen by the time it ended; however, viewers can expect to see more of the show’s source material onscreen in the future.

The BBC aired the first two seasons of The Last Kingdom from 2015-17 before Netflix picked up the series for a third season in 2018. We follow Uhtred’s journey to claim the heirlooms of his ancestors. For the entire five seasons of the drama, Uhtred wrestled with his identity as both a Saxon and a Dane, but he eventually achieved his goal and his destiny. Through alliances, betrayals, and many epic conflicts, Uhtred tried to restore peace amid the violent hostilities between the Saxons and Danes in the medieval Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, but he failed.

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In the final episode of Netflix’s The Last Kingdom, we saw Uhtred regain his family land of Bebbanburg and rise to the position of Lord of Northumbria, who would rule independently of King Edward I. of England. Uhtred’s third child’s arrival and Edward’s unwavering goal for a unified England hint that there will be more to come that Uhtred’s newfound authority will not be without costs, despite the satisfactory finish of the storyline in the final episode. If you’re a fan of Uhtred, this is wonderful news. Netflix will release a sequel to The Last Kingdom, titled Seven Kings Must Die, in 2019 to complete the tale.

The Last Kingdom Season 6 Release Date

After five seasons, Netflix decided to discontinue The Last Kingdom rather than greenlight the sixth season. Assuming this was the intention all along, Netflix didn’t give a rationale for discontinuing The Last Kingdom after season 5. Alexander Dreymon said in 2021 at the MCM London Comic Con that the production team of The Last Kingdom “had built the program in a way that season five was always supposed to be the last season,” structuring its plot around the ten Saxon Stories novels that had been released up until 2016.

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The Expected Plot of The Last Kingdom Season 6

Netflix has elected to turn the remaining books in Cornwell’s series into movies rather than television episodes in place of the sixth season of The Last Kingdom. Filming on Seven Kings Must Die has begun, according to The Last Kingdom’s official Twitter account. The film is expected to run for about two and a half hours.

It’s still unclear what Netflix’s Seven Kings Must Die is based on; it is based on the final three Saxon Stories novels, War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings, and War Lord. It has been claimed that Alexander Dreymon will reprise his role as Uhtred in the upcoming film adaptation. For now, Netflix hasn’t released any information on a release date, but viewers can expect it to premiere in the first half of 2019.

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The Season 6 Trailer for The Last Kingdom.

While we wait for a new trailer for The Last Kingdom’s Season 6, here is the season 5 trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Why Is the Last Kingdom Ending With Season 5?

The choice to conclude The Last Kingdom with season 5 was made early on in the show’s creation when the overarching narrative was planned.

Only nine The Last Kingdom books had been released at the time of the series premiere, with author Bernard Cornwell busy writing the tenth during production.

Because of this, the creative team intended for the show to terminate after its fifth season, as Dreymon clarified.

“That press release was misinterpreted,” he stated. “It was always scheduled to be five seasons, so no one was surprised. There were only 10 volumes when we started, so that was the arc we planned… I’m pleased with the outcome.”

The eventual result was a “shared decision” between production company Carnival and distributor Netflix, according to executive producer Marchant.

“You always want to be on top and improve season after season, and 10 hours is… a lot of tales you tell inside that,” he said in July 2021.

“How do we fight a conflict differently? How can we make sure the conflicts are emotional and not just a bunch of random people fighting? How long can you go with those two motifs without a climax?”

He added: “We really wanted to finish in a pleasing way for everyone, and have nearly 50 episodes that felt like they had a beginning, middle, and end. In my opinion, curating it is preferable to just finishing it and not conveying the story.”

The Expected Cast of The Last Kingdom Season 6:

The anticipated cast for The Last Kingdom Season 6 is listed below.

Let us begin with a discussion of the fifth season of the television series The Last Kingdom.

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