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Mike Mora is a professional photographer who works in the United States. According to the sources, he is a real estate agent. He rose to prominence after marrying Kelis Rogers, an American hip-hop and R&B artist. She is a Grammy Award-winning singer who has been making musical marvels for many years. Kelis formerly married Nas, a rapper. They did, however, eventually part ways.

Mike is mostly known as a celebrity husband, hence there isn’t much information on him. He took a professional photography course and now specializes in wildlife, portrait, fashion, and food photography. He is a successful and attractive man. Their supporters are devoted to the married couple.

Throughout the years, they are given major relationship goals. The public adores their chemistry as well as their way of life. Mora and Rogers live in opulence, with multiple homes and automobile collections. They also have a sizable social media following. Mora and Rogers are a supportive couple who are always there for each other.


mike mora net worth

In the music industry, Mike Mora is best known as Kelis Rogers’ spouse. Mora is more than just the husband of a high-profile star. He has his own personality and a great career. In his professional life, he is a talented photographer. Mora is a real estate agent in the United States in addition to his work as a photographer. He has made a name for himself in his line of work.

Furthermore, the persona is a fashion and fitness fanatic. Mora is a handsome man who consistently inspires women with his impeccable sense of style. In his spare time, he dabbles in photography, a hobby for which he has trained in advance. It’s not just portraits that Mora does; he also does culinary, animal, and fashion photography. In the United States, it’s not an easy job to be the spouse of a high-profile public figure. Both Mora and his wife expect him to lead a quiet life free of scandal. Real estate is where he makes the bulk of his money. Additionally, Mora’s social media accounts advertise his estate’s business. Their followers adore Kelis and Mora as a pair because they’ve maintained a solid bond throughout the years. This pair is very active in the community as well as being a successful couple.

Mike Mora’s Net Worth

Mike is very well-off. However, he has not revealed how much of the company he presently owns. Kelis, Mike’s wife, has a net worth of $4 million. Additionally, they owned a house in Los Angeles. Mike is worth $2 million (US Dollar).

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What Is the Current State of Mike Mora’s Relationship?

Kelis Roger is Mike Mora’s current wife in terms of his love life. The pair married in secret in front of their closest family and friends in 2014. The couple’s sixth wedding anniversary has already passed.

mike mora net worth

He, too, is now a father of two children. Their first child, Sheperd Mora, was born in 2015. In the same way, they welcomed their second son, knight Mora, in 2020. Similarly, no information regarding Mike’s previous relationship is currently available. Kelis appears to be his initial love interest, with whom he later married.

Does Mike Mora Have Any Children?

Mike Roger is currently married. In 2014, they discreetly married in front of their closest friends and family. Their sixth wedding anniversary is coming up. Mike, on the other hand, has two children. Sheperd Mora was born in 2015. Their second son, Mora, was born in 2020.

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Likewise, Mike’s previous relationships are unknown. Mike appears to have married Kelis, his first girlfriend.

Instagram Account of Mike Mora

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Mike Mora’s Education

Mike is a high school graduate with no formal education. He, too, holds a New York University diploma. Aside from that, no information on Mike’s educational background is accessible.

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