Everything You Need to Know About Sanditon Season 2, Plot and Cast!

It’s always comforting to know that when a favourite show has been cancelled or is on the verge of being cancelled, fans’ voices are heard and that their voices can help bring the show back from the dead. In 2006, it was used for Jericho, a CBS drama series starring Skeet Ulrich that was about a tiny hamlet in the aftermath of a nuclear assault on United States territory at the time. After a tense cliffhanger, the show was terminated by the network after only one season of broadcasting. As a sign of support for the series, fans mailed the network nearly nine tonnes of peanuts (“nuts” was a major line in the show’s conclusion”) in the form of letters. CBS finally decided to renew the show for a second season.

For example, Sanditon, a period British drama that premiered on ITV in England in 2019 before being broadcast on PBS in the United States, is now in production. The series was cancelled by ITV not long after it premiered in the United Kingdom, but because of the support of fans on social media and the show’s popularity on PBS, it has been revived!

What Exactly Is Sanditon?

MASTERPIECE’s bold and extravagant production of Austen’s final work, Sanditon, is a bold and lavish interpretation of Austen’s final work.

While fans of Jane Austen will recognise Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Pride and Prejudice, they may be unfamiliar with Sanditon, which is set in the same seaside town.

Austen finished her untitled work on March 18, 1817, despite being chronically ill with a strange disease when she began it in January 1817. She died four months later to the day.

Season One: What Happened to Sanditon?

Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) is thrown into Sanditon, a coastal village on the verge of major transformation, by mistake. In the beginning, Charlotte is excited to see what the town has to offer, but she soon becomes horrified by its cunning and ambitious residents. Sidney, the charming but wild younger brother of Tom Parker (Kris Marshall), becomes enraged when Charlotte speaks bluntly about Tom’s (Kris Marshall’s) family (Theo James).

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What Is the Origin of Sanditon’s Creation?

sanditon season 2

Adapted from the works of Jane Austen, Andrew Davies wrote numerous episodes for both the first season and the impending second season. Besides Les Miserables, House of Cards, and Mr Selfridge, Davies also created and produced the PBS series Les Miserables. As a prolific writer, he is also well-known for his work as a novelist-turned-screenwriter. In addition to the feature films Bridget Jones’s Diary, Brideshead Revisited, and The Tailor of Panama, he has also written or contributed to the screenplays for the television movies Bleak House, Sense & Sensibility, and Middlemarch.

Before her death, Jane Austen completed 11 chapters of Sanditon. When we read those chapters, we learn that Tom Parker is hell-bent on turning the sleepy town of Sanditon into a hip health spa. He asks Lady Denham to provide her support to his endeavour. By chance, Tom meets the Heywood family and invites their oldest daughter, Charlotte, to Sanditon for an extended stay.

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When Charlotte arrives, she discovers Lady Denham attempting to arrange a marriage for her poor nephew Sir Edward and Clara, one of Lady Denham’s wards. It’s an unusual twist to the town’s affairs when Miss Lambe, a wealthy heiress under the care of Sidney, arrives. Charlotte is drawn to Sidney, while eligible men naturally gravitate toward Miss Lambe.

Screenwriter Andrew Davies has taken Jane Austen’s unfinished work in a cheeky and rewarding path in his adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Davies will write numerous episodes and serve as executive producer for the upcoming seasons. The additional seasons will be developed by Justin Young, who authored the first four episodes of the first season. Lead writer Young will also be a co-writer.

When Was the First Season of Sanditon Released?

The first eight episodes of Season 1 premiered in the United Kingdom on ITV in August of this year. On January 12, 2020, it aired on PBS in the United States.

sanditon season 2

The show was cancelled in 2019, but PBS resurrected it thanks to strong fan support and high ratings. The show has been renewed for two more seasons by PBS. Seasons 2 and 3 will be available on BritBox, ITV and the BBC’s streaming platform.

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Where Will the Second Season of Sanditon Be Shot?

It’s finally here! Season 2 of Sanditon is now filming in and around Bristol, U.K. Because Somerset is only 30 miles from Bristol, it appears that production will return to the same location where season 1 was shot.

Who is in Season 2 Sanditon Cast?

The first confirmed cast members are Rose Williams as Charlotte Heywood and Crystal Clarke as Georgiana Lambe, Jane Austen’s only black character.

Williams said she is “thrilled” to convey more of Charlotte’s storey. After losing Sidney, Charlotte felt closer to…the character of Anne from Persuasion, who has been through that same journey when we meet her.

In addition to Williams and Clarke, Ben Lloyd-Hughes (Industry) and Tom Weston-Jones (Grace) will appear (Versailles).

Fan favourites Anne Reid (Years and Years), Turlough Convery (Poldark), Charlotte Spencer and Kris Marshall (Death in Paradise) return for season 2. (A Confession).

We can expect Lord Babington (Mark Stanley) and Esther Denham (Charlotte Spencer) to return, as well as Esther’s brother Sir Edward Denham (Jack Fox) and Charlotte’s potential love interest Stringer (Leo Suter).

While Lord Babington (Mark Stanley) will not be appearing, his and Esther’s (Charlotte Spencer) tale will. Stanley, who played Lord Babington in season 1 of Sanditon, had other commitments. Sir Edward Denham (Jack Fox), Esther’s brother, arrives to entangle himself with his sister, aunt, and the village of Sanditon.

Stringer (Leo Suter) will not be appearing in the new season of Sanditon due to other commitments.

Rosie Graham will play Alison Heywood, Charlotte’s younger sister.

Is There a Sanditon 2 Trailer?

No! We’ll post a trailer for Sanditon season 2 as soon as PBS distributes it. Meanwhile, enjoy the official Sanditon season 1 trailer.