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American Crime Drama Queen of the South Season 6 Release Date? Everything You Want to Know!

queen of the south season 6

The fans of the American crime drama QUEEN OF THE SOUTH are eagerly awaiting the sixth season. They are full of questions and anxious to learn more about the upcoming season.

QUEEN OF THE SOUTH is a 2016 American Crime Drama. It was created by MA Fortin and JJ Miller. It is only available to US residents and only on USA Network. Outside of America, Netflix must modify and air the series.

The series is based on Arturo Pérez-novel Reverte’s La Reina del Sur. Officials have also renewed the series four times. The fifth season was renewed on August 29, 2019. The fifth season was delayed owing to the COVID-19 epidemic that halted production.

Production was halted in March 2020 but resumed in the fall. However, it was confirmed that the fifth season would debut on April 7, 2021, and that it would be the show’s final season.

The show’s final season will air on June 9, 2021, following five seasons and 62 episodes. So, after five seasons, the fans wonder if there will be the sixth season. Is BBC renewing the show for a sixth season? Here is some information regarding season 6 of QUEEN OF THE SOUTH.

Will Queen of the South Be Back for Season 6 of the Show?

The show premiered in 2016. Except for the fifth season, there are 62 episodes. This season will include 10 episodes. The epidemic in 2020 halted production. It debuted on April 7th. The series was later revealed to be ending with the fifth season. The finale aired on June 9.

An underprivileged Mexican woman falls in love with a drug gang member and attempts to improve her life. But then she learns of her boyfriend’s death and must run. She enters the US. She then teams up with a former lover to take down the rival drug cartel head. She creates her own cartel and finally becomes wealthy and free of poverty. But new issues arise.

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The Plot of Queen of the South Season 6

Queen of the South’s fans adored it. As one of the most popular series, it deserves a great comeback. MA Fortin and Joshua Miller created this hit show.

The narrative features Alice Braga as Teresa Mandoza. Clearly, she was a bad woman. She is a notable drug mafia with links to drug mafias.

It always surprises the audience with new twists and turns. The show is about a Mexican woman. It then shows her building her massive drug empire to amass cash. Mendoza Teresa is from Sinaloa, Mexico. Gradually, she falls for a drug lord. It also depicts her struggle to escape poverty.

When she learns that her boyfriend has been slain, she is forced to flee. She crosses the border into America. She boards up with a long-time friend here. Her mission starts here. She joins forces with the druggist behind her. In the meantime, she gains affluence. But this causes more problems in her life.

Teresa’s endeavor to create a drug nation has interested and entertained the public for four seasons. Many of the scenes and storylines show the amount of time spent in the settings. Apart from the love angle, newer twists and turns keep fans fascinated and joyful.

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The plot is based on a Spanish novel of the same name. Concerning The Queen of the South Season 6 plot, no one has revealed it, nor has it been officially released.

Expected  Cast of Queen of the South Season 6

Queen of the South Season 5 Trailer

here, you can watch the season 5 trailer:


The narrative revolves around TERESA MENDOSA, a drag queen whose boyfriend was murdered, as we all know. She’s now a drag queen with a drug gang empire of her own. Up until Season 4, the public was captivated by her quest to become a drug queen, but now her ardent followers want to know more about her exploits.

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For the sake of spoilers, we know that season 6 will focus on Teresa Mendoza, but we don’t know anything else about it. She was seen in season 5 to be alive, which has piqued the interest of viewers, who want to learn more about her story.

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