Warriors Season 3 Cast, Release Date, and Other Details

Martial arts criminal drama series Warrior season 3 has been renewed and will move from Cinema x to HBO Max. Set in late 19th century San Francisco Chinatown, the series is based on Bruce Lee’s novels about the violent Tong Wars of the time. The first two seasons, which aired on Cinema x, are now available to watch on HBO Max, courtesy of the HBO network’s platforms.

Warrior Season 3 Cast Announced!

Unofficially, no one knows who Warriors cast will be for its upcoming outings. There does appear to be some shared enthusiasm among the producers and cast members for the show, given their public support for a third season before its confirmation. It’s likely that the third season’s cast and crew will be similar to the second season’s crew.

According to our best guess, Andrew Koji will be returning to reprise his role as martial artist Ah Sahm. The exact same role played by Dianna Doan was Mai Ling, Sahm’s sister and leader of the Long Zii tong. A brothel madam (Olivia Cheng) and a newly appointed Hop Wei tong leader (Young Jun) fought alongside Sahm during the battle.

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In addition, Shannon Lee revealed in an interview with Pop Culture that she planned to appear in a cameo role in what was then a hypothetical third season. To follow in the footsteps of her late father Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do martial arts philosophy, Shannon Lee studies Taekwondo, Wushu, and kickboxing concurrently. It is therefore likely that the role she is expected to play will make use of her real-life fighting skills.

warriors season 3

When Can We Expect the Third Season of Warrior?

If you’re looking forward to seeing how season 2 of Warrior wraps up, you’ll be waiting for quite some time. Season 2 of Warrior was officially announced in April 2019, although the show didn’t air until October 2020, indicating a production time of 18 months.

As of yet, production has not commenced on Warrior’s third season. And even if the show is picked up by HBO Max and becomes a regular series, there are likely to be schedule difficulties that would delay production even if the show is picked up. Another question is if Warrior’s season 3 scripts are still being written or have already been completed. Warrior season 3 is unlikely to premiere until the spring of 2022, at the earliest.

Season 3 of Warrior Is Here!

When Warrior returns for a third season, you can be sure there will be bloodshed. His Hop Wei will be in trouble if other soldiers discover that Ah Sahm is the brother of the Long Zii acting head. As a result, Young Jun needs Ah Sahm more than ever, especially because the latter is swiftly becoming a household name in the Chinatown community.

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When she learns that interim mayor Buckley is a former Confederate soldier, Mai Ling is sure to have another showdown in Chinatown because of her support to the crooked Buckley. Toy, the brothel madam, survived her assassination but hasn’t yet come to terms with Patterson’s deception. It’s possible that Richard Lee’s relationship with a local Black bartender could lead to a lot of trouble if the news gets out. Finally, in the season 2 finale’s final scene, there is a clue that Zing has escaped prison.

warriors season 3

Buckley’s hold on the mayor’s office remains precarious at best on the political front. With Leary, the Irish factory employees have a new advocate in their corner. With Blake in an institution, her sister Sophie Mercer has the power to liberate her sister from Buckley’s clutches.

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The episode’s ending teases at the possibility that Sophie Mercer may use Leary’s Irish links to free Penelope. The Warrior season 2 finale left these and other storylines unresolved. HBO Max has picked up the series for a third season, which means that fans can potentially get answers to all of the unanswered plot lines from the second season.

Is Warrior the Greatest Action Series Ever?

The fact that the show has been nominated for an award shows just how popular it has become. Warrior is nominated for the Critics’ Choice Super Award in 2021 as the best action series, while Andrew Cozi is nominated as the best actor in an action series.

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