The Boys Season 3 : Updates You Need to Know Today!

As we approach the release of The Boys Season 3, Amazon has been working hard to market the next round of stories involving Vought, the Supes, and various organisations attempting to stop these bad guys from doing their evil deeds. In the meantime, they’ve released some companion pieces, and they’re currently developing a spin-off programme of their own.

Animated Short Series

One of these was the animated short series The Boys Presents: Diabolical, which launched just this week and is currently available on Netflix. We’re starting to gain a sense of how these episodes will fit into the larger canon of the series, and how they won’t fit into it. Some links do serve to set the stage for what we will see in Season 3 of The Boys.

Variety interviewed The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke, who helped to clarify how Diabolical will be integrated into the main storyline. For openers, the Diabolical finale will be the most significant piece of information that will influence how the tale of The Boys Season 3 evolves. The friendship between Homelander and Black Noir is the centrepiece of the episode

“One Plus One Equals Two,

“One Plus One Equals Two,” which aired on March 22nd. This is something that isn’t truly discussed in the main series because we meet these characters after they have already completed their journey in The Seven. According to reports, this relationship, as well as the events of the episodes, are now officially canon.

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Kripke stated that the events of this episode will have an impact on what will happen in the upcoming season of The Boys. That’s because, throughout Diabolical, the two are essential collaborators in the goal of rescuing hostages from a chemical factory hostage crisis. Except that things go completely awry when Homelander nukes the entire gang, including captives and terrorists alike, and everything goes to hell.

The Boys Season 3

Instead of converting him into Vought, Black Noir assists him in covering up the incident, even though Homelander attempted to kill the quiet one first, but was unsuccessful. We’ve learned from the first two seasons of The Boys that, despite his calm demeanour, Black Noir is a difficult character to get rid of completely.

The Boys Season 3

While this appears to be the most significant tie-in to The Boys Season 3, Kripke did imply that there was something from Justin Roiland’s episode “An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents” that would also be carried over into the main season, which is now in production. However, he was far less explicit in his statements along similar lines.

Over eight episodes of animated deliciousness, Diabolical revolves around the series that has been instrumental in upending some of the conventional ideas surrounding superhero adaptations. Most of the time, it serves as an excellent companion to the main performance because it simply transports us to different locations throughout the world.

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The Boys Season 3 will premiere on Amazon on June 3rd, with the first episode, “Payback,” premiering that day. This is almost certainly an allusion to another gang of superheroes from the world of The Boys. Lastly, this episode should introduce us to Jensen Ackles, who will be playing Soldier Boy in the upcoming season of the show.

The Boys Season 3

If the first two seasons are any indication, there will be nothing held back in one of the most R-rated programmes to ever be shown on a streaming service in the third season.