Fire Force Season 3 : Updates You Need to Know Today!

As a result of the abundance of engaging and brilliantly produced anime series accessible, the genre is prospering today. When it comes to shonen action movies, “Demon Slayer” has already shattered a few box office records, while the mystical elements of “Jujutsu Kaisen” have made it a must-see series. We’d be remiss, though, if we didn’t mention “Fire Force,” whose unique take on a team of firefighters and the concept of spontaneous combustion has helped catapult the series to its well-deserved fame.

In this anime adaptation of Atsushi Okubo’s “Soul Eater” manga, Shinra Kusakabe, a third-generation pyrokinetic with the ability to set fire to his own feet, takes centre stage. For the fight against Infernals, Shinra joins forces with another group of pyrokinetic known as Special Fire Force Company 8 (SFFC 8).

“Fire Force’s” second season ended in December 2020 and was one of Amazon Prime Japan’s top five most-watched anime TV shows (Via Anime News Network). Season 3 of “Fire Force” has piqued the interest of many viewers, so we’ve compiled all the information we’ve found thus far.

When Will Season 3 of Fire Force Be Released?

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Season 3 of “Fire Force” has yet to be officially announced, nor has a release date or confirmation been provided. A second season of the show may be in the works, given the show’s success and manga sales. By the end of April, the manga had sold more than 15 million copies, according to the official “Fire Force” Twitter account. The show’s popularity is strong enough to deserve a second season.

Fire Force Season 3

The manga, according to Atsushi Kubo, should be finished shortly, which may postpone the development of a new season of animation. Okubo revealed in an interview with Monsters And Critics that he intended the manga to end around volume 30. Okubo also indicated in the 23rd volume of the manga, as reported by Anime News Network, that the plot was nearing its end and that “Fire Force” will be his final manga. Since the manga has been published in 28 volumes, the conclusion date may be a little off. While a Season 3 release in late 2021 is conceivable, it seems more likely that an announcement will be made later in the year and that a release will occur in 2022.

Fire Force Season 3 Cast Members Have Been Announced.

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For “Fire Force” Season 3, an official cast list isn’t yet available. The majority of the cast from the first two seasons of the series may return. Ogun Montgomery, voiced by Makoto Furukawa (Japanese) and Zeno Robinson (English), and Scop, portrayed by Kentaro Ito (Japanese) and Tyler Walker (English), were the sole additions to the cast (English). Gakuto Kajiwara (Japanese) and Derick Snow (English) are expected to reprise their roles as Shinra (Via Anime News Network).

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The same studio, David Production, is expected to animate Season 3 as it did for the prior two. Season 2 of “Fire Force” will be directed by Tatsuma Minamikawa instead of Yuki Yase. Unless otherwise noted, Minamikawa, Kazuhiro Miwa, and Kenichiro Suehiro are all expected to return for season 3 as well.

What Is the Storyline for the Third Season of Fire Force?

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We don’t know anything about the third season of “Fire Force” yet. We know what will happen to Shinra in Season 3 because the anime has generally followed the manga. Season 1 of the anime covered volumes 1 through 11 of the manga, while Season 2 covered volumes 11 through 20. If the manga is genuinely at its climax, Season 3 might adapt volume 20 up to its possible finale, unless the anime series drifts into filler territory like “Naruto” or “Bleach.”

Fire Force Season 3

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The Season 2 conclusion hinted at a larger conflict between Company 8 and the Evangelists shortly. The Press Of Death is a new training ground that Shinra had to cross to better defend the Company against the growing number of terrible foes. As a result of the assassination of Company 4 Captain Hague in the season finale, the heroes suffered a significant setback. Shinra, on the other hand, can establish an Adolla Link, allowing him to view Hague’s final moments. Company 8 joins forces with the Tokyo Empire to confront the Evangelist’s strong armies in Season 3.