Are Shayne and Shaina Dating ? Updates You Need to Know Today!

It was widely assumed that Shayne Johnson and Natalie Lee would exchange wedding vows on the wedding episode of Love Is Blind Season 2. However, the night before their big day, the two got into a tremendous disagreement and decided it wasn’t proper to go through with the plans they had made. Natalie was the one who decided to break up with Shayne.

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Netflix’s smash series even revealed that they attempted reconciliation following their wedding day split, but were unsuccessful.

When asked if he and Shaina pursued a romantic relationship after the programme finished, Shayne’s face turned red and he appeared to be in a lot of pain. The squirming of Shaina Hurley was in response to Shayne’s, and she eventually said, “We were never anything more than acquaintances. After then, “there was nothing romantic about it.”

 Where Are Shayne and Shaina Now?

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Are Shayne and Shaina Dating

‘Love Is Blind’ Was Shayne and Shaina’s First Date?

On Feb. 27, Shayne responded to fan speculation about what happened between him and Shaina after the programme wrapped production with a lengthy Instagram post.

“To put some of the rumours to rest, Shaina and I are courteous and have hung out in group gatherings with the cast (including Natalie), but we have never had nor will ever have a romantic relationship,” he wrote in a statement. “I hope she has a wonderful life.”

Is There Anyone Else Shayne and Shaina Are Seeing Right Now?

She told People that she and Shayne dated for several months after their wedding-day disaster. It was a week after our wedding that we started dating again,” she stated. We may not be dating after all –– we have reaffirmed our commitment to one other. We’d been dating for a while. Ultimately, I believe we concluded that we are fundamentally unique beings who cannot satisfy one another’s demands and requirements.”

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She went on, saying that she was not done “After that, we took a break from communication to get to a better state of mind. During the show’s release, we reconnected with one another and reminisced. Shayne hasn’t been seen openly dating anyone since he and Natalie broke up. Shaina, on the other hand, appears to have found love and been in a committed relationship.

Are Shayne and Shaina Dating

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However, even though she and Shayne (and Kyle Abrams on the show) did not work out, she appears to have completely moved on. She’s seeing someone fresh right now.

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She revealed on the Viall Files podcast that she was “really in a relationship,” which was broadcast on March 2. This is a severe matter. Through everything, [my lover] has been an absolute pleasure to be around. I’m feeling good about my life at the moment.“Shaina has yet to share any photos of herself with her new boyfriend on Instagram, so inquisitive onlookers will have to wait.