Johnny Depp Was Valued $900 Million at the Height of His Celebrity. He’s Squandered It All.

Is Johnny Depp constructed entirely of Teflon? Despite decades of scandal, the infamous bad boy maintained his position as one of Hollywood‘s highest-paid performers far into the decade of the ’10s. Alcoholism, addiction, and assault charges posed no impediment to landing rich employment.

However, the moment may have come to pay the piper. The actor has spent the last decade embroiled in a slew of (and costly) disputes, and surprising allegations from his former management team create a picture of a guy who squandered his fortune. Discover Johnny Depp‘s net worth and learn how it sank so low over the previous decade.

Johnny Depp net Worth

Johnny Depp Is One of the Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood

Depp has gone a long way since his days as an adolescent idol on television. In the mid-1990s, his salary increased from $45,000 per episode of 21 Jump Street to an estimated million for his highly lauded performance in Donnie Brasco.

Many admirers adore Depp for his portrayals of gangsters (Public Enemies), cocaine smugglers (Blow), and mob bosses (Mob Rules) (Black Mass). However, he amassed a fortune by starring in family-friendly flicks. For example, he reportedly made nearly $300 million for his role as Jack Sparrow in five Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Depp has frequently been criticised for being an overpaid actor. Another astronomical number he received was for his role as the Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland, for which he earned over 50 million pounds (about $68 million USD), according to the Telegraph.

It sounds as though the actor (or at the very least those in charge of his career) have exceptional business savvy. In 2020, despite just recording one scene for the Fantastic Beasts franchise, he received $16 million owing to a pay-or-play contract that lacked a morals clause.

It may leave you wondering how Depp let so much money to escape his grasp.

Johnny Depp’s Spending Habits Are Outrageous

Depp was initially made aware of his financial difficulties in 2012, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Jake Bloom, his lawyer, and Joel Mandel, his accountant, confronted the actor at his Hollywood Hills compound and advised him that his $2 million per month lifestyle was untenable. They assert that he lacked sufficient liquid assets to fulfil his expenses.

Johnny Depp net Worth

Depp agreed to sell his 156-foot boat in exchange for immediate cash. (The boat cost $18 million to purchase and renovate, plus $350,000 each month in maintenance.)

However, Depp abruptly dumped Mandel and his own manager, Tracey Jacobs, in 2016. He filed a $25 million lawsuit against Mandel’s firm, TMG, the following year, accusing it of fraud and mismanagement.

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TMG countersued, requesting a court judgement that “Depp is personally liable for his financial mismanagement.”

The protracted dispute has resulted in a slew of shocking discoveries about Depp’s spending habits. TMG’s countersuit said that the actor spent $75 million on 14 different residences, possessed over 200 works of fine art (including works by Klimt and Warhol), and possessed priceless mementos stored in 12 different storage facilities.

The tabloids focused exclusively on one expense—$30,000-per-month Depp’s wine spending. However, Depp, who has battled alcoholism for years, addressed the issue directly.

“To claim I spent $30,000 on wine is insulting,” he told Rolling Stone in 2018. “Because it was significantly more.”

However, that was only the beginning of the financial difficulties. From keeping a full-time staff of 40 to extravagant spending, such as $5 million to shoot late friend Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon, aroused eyebrows.

It’s my money,” Depp said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. “If I want to purchase 15,000 cotton balls per day, that is my prerogative.”

The actor eventually reached an undisclosed settlement with TMG in 2018.

Millions Were Spent on His Divorce From Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp net Worth

While it’s tempting to focus exclusively on Depp’s luxurious lifestyle, it’s worth mentioning that his divorce from ex-wife Amber Heard has also taken a toll on his money.

Heard accepted a $7 million settlement three months after filing for divorce in 2016. In exchange, she dropped her application for a domestic violence restraining order and revoked her $50,000 monthly spousal support request. (Heard previously accused Depp of throwing a phone at her and hurting her face, but the Los Angeles Police Department ruled there was no crime committed.)

However, the drama did not stop there. Depp sued Heard for $50 million in 2019 after she penned an op-ed for the Washington Post on her experience as a domestic abuse victim. The trial, which has been delayed numerous times, is now scheduled to begin in April 2022.

Heard countersued for slander in the amount of $100 million. A trial is also pending, despite Depp’s unsuccessful attempts to have it dismissed.

This is hardly Depp’s only legal setback. In November 2020, a judge found in favour of British tabloid The Sun after he sued the publication for libel. A headline calling him a “wife-beater” could not be interpreted negatively because the reports were “basically factual.” Depp was sentenced to pay $840,000 in legal fees to The Sun. Depp petitioned for leave to appeal but was denied.

Heard isn’t the only ex-girlfriend for whom he’s had to dive deep into his coffers. Depp never married his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, although she was the mother of two of his children. As a result of this, he offered to financially support her following their breakup. There is no news on the size of the payout, but his generosity included a $4.5 million mansion.

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Apart from his tumultuous love relationships, Depp found himself bribing people to avoid messy legal proceedings. He reached a settlement with two former bodyguards in 2019 over “unpaid pay, overtime, unfair termination, and illegal business activities.”

In 2022, How Much Money Will Johnny Depp Be Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Depp’s net worth is presently estimated to be $150 million. That’s a far cry from the more than $650 million his former accountant Mandel claimed he earned during his 13 years with The Management Group. Years of extravagant spending and legal woes undoubtedly had an effect.

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It’s difficult to predict whether Depp will ever return or how he will fare in his current lawsuits. However, we’re certain he’s not weeping over his nine-figure net worth. Keep an eye on future court dates to see how they affect his bottom line.