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Foundation Season 2 : Everything You Need to Know About This Series!

Foundation Season 2

Season 2 of ‘Foundation’ on Apple TV Plus welcomes back Jared Harris and Lee Pace, as well as newcomers Ben Daniels and Dimitri Leonidas.

Look! ‘Foundation’ season 2 stars Lee Pace and Jared Harris

That Foundation season 2 is in the works is excellent news for all of us who were captivated by Foundation season 1, which ended spectacularly and left us thirsty for more.

Season 2 stars Jared Harris and Lee Pace, along with emerging stars Lou Lobell and Leah Harvey, based on Isaac Asimov’s award-winning fiction. A significant new cast joins the franchise to play new roles in season 2. (see our list below). Laura Birn, Terrence Mann, and Cassian Bilton also star.

Dr Hari Seldon’s prophesy of the fall of the galactic empire looks to be on track so far! His psychohistory mathematics may be puzzling to us mere mortals, but his prophesied destiny for humanity is frighteningly accurate. What will happen after the ‘First Crisis’ in Foundation season 1? What new characters and narrative twists can we expect in Foundation season 2?

“Since I was a child, I imagined Hari Seldon and Eto Demerzel as Terminus and Trantor,” says showrunner David S. Goyer. We’ll see more of Asimov’s iconic characters and worlds in Season 2, including Hober Mallow, General Bel Rose, and all the Outer Suns.

This new generation of fans reading Asimov’s superb masterwork excites me. We’re in it for the long haul with Foundation, and I’m grateful to Apple and Skydance for the opportunity. Hold on. We’re about to fold a lot of space.

The latest on Foundation season 2 on Apple TV Plus…

Date of ‘Foundation’ season 2
Because Foundation season 2 is still in production, we don’t expect Apple TV Plus to announce a release date until late 2022 or early 2023. Watch this space for updates.

What’s next for Foundation 2?
To be honest, the season 2 plot of Foundation is still unknown. As we’ve seen in Season 1, this sci-fi epic is partially inspired by the Foundation series of novels by American author Isaac Asimov. So the books aren’t reliable. Even important characters like Salvor Hardin and Gaal Dornick, who were male in Asimov’s original writings, are now female in this TV drama.

There will be plenty of new characters and storyline twists in the upcoming season, and the storey will span a galaxy and time-scale. To anticipate Foundation season 2 — and we’re not employing Dr Hari Seldon’s mathematical psychohistory to do it — it’s probably safe to say that events will continue where Foundation season 1 ended (see our episode guide below).

After the huge ‘first crisis,‘ Dr Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) appeared in holographic form to the Foundation community on Terminus to advise on the following steps. Assuming Terminus faces another crisis in season 2, we should expect to see digital Hari and Jared Harris return.

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Although the Cleon clone kings of Trantor and rulers of the Galactic Empire — Brothers Dawn, Day and Dusk — had dealt with the defective Brother Dawn by episode 10 of Season 1, the sophisticated conspiracy against them had frightened and infuriated them.

The Foundation has tricked the Empire into believing their project was destroyed by a big solar flare in the outer galaxy utilising the Invictus starship. This clever idea came from super-genius Hari Seldon. Will the Clone kings now leave that portion of the universe alone, allowing the humans to develop into the Foundation of Hari’s aspirations in season 2? We doubt it will be that easy…

The season 1 finale of Foundation takes place 138 years after the previous series (warning: major spoilers ahead! ), as Gaal Dornick, Hari’s math prodigy, travels in a cryo-pod to her home planet of Syntax. The world is a shambles, save for an undersea glowing beacon. She swims down to another cryo-pod containing Salvor Hardin.

Gaal and Rayh Foss (Alfred Enoch) produced an embryo that was deposited inside surrogate mother Mari, and Salvor found she was their daughter in the last episode (Sasha Behar). To open Hari’s Vault on Terminus, Salvor gave Gaal the cube.

What did it all mean? We hope to learn more about Gaal and Salvor’s enigmatic connection, as well as Hari Seldon’s plans for the mother and daughter in the future of the Foundation on Terminus and beyond…

All about Foundation season 2 on Apple TV Plus…

Dr Hari Seldon in Foundation.

‘Foundation’ season 2 will include Jared Harris as a computerised Dr Hari Seldon.
Foundation, Lou Lobell

Gaal Dornick (Lou Llobell), Salvor’s mother, must have a major role in season 2?
Foundation, Leah Harvey

1st season Leah Harvey as Salvor Hardin
‘Foundation’ season 2 cast revealed

Season 2 of Foundation boasts a fresh cast. Who’s playing who?

‘Brother Constant,’ a pleasantly confident cleric, is assigned to evangelise the Galactic Spirit Church over the Outer Reach. Constant is a true believer with courage and enthusiasm.

Kulvinder Ghir is the Church of the Galactic Spirit’s High Clarice. Smart, acerbic, and a horrible alcoholic, he sees his way but is too cynical to change.

Sandra Yi Sencindiver is ‘Enjoiner Rue,’ Queen Sareth’s gorgeous political consigliere. Rue, a former courtesan to Cleon the 16th, became a royal counsellor.

Queen Sareth is Ella-Rae Smith. Sareth is used to being underestimated and uses it to her advantage, seducing her way into the Imperial Palace while seeking revenge.

Dimitri Leonidas is ‘Hober Mallow,’ a sardonic master trader with questionable morals who is forced to serve a greater, unselfish purpose.

He plays ‘Bel Rosie,’ the last great general of the Superliminal Fleet and potential Foundation conqueror. Bel is a nobleman, but his loyalty to the Empire is eroding.

Holt McCallany is ‘Warden Jaegger Fount,’ Terminus’ current Warden and protector of its residents.

Mikael Persbrandt is ‘The Warlord of Kalgan,’ a monster fuelled by hate and fueled by muscle.

Rachel House as ‘Tellem Bond,’ mysterious Metallic leader.

Yanna Seldon, Nimrat Kaur

Showrunner David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight, Man of Steel) advised us to expect Hober Mallow and General Bel Rose, who is played by Dimitri Leonidas and Ben Daniels. If Foundation season 1 is any indication, these two will be very different from Asimov’s characterisations.

In the novels, Hober Mallow was a skilled trader who fought against Terminus chief Salvor Hardin’s mandates. Leah Harvey will reprise her role as Salvor, although no one has been cast as Hober Mallow. We’ll keep you informed.

General Bel Rose is the Galactic Empire’s last great general in Asimov’s writings, thus we can expect massive space battles between the Empire and Terminus in Season 2.

“I knew of the link between Gaal and Salvor,” Leah Hardin told Newsweek. I was told that before I got the part.

“I wouldn’t say it inspired my performance, but I did try to incorporate some small similarities in the way they communicate things.” It was easy to duplicate their words and anxieties, but I would occasionally try to imitate Lou Llobell’s tearful expression.

I was able to reproduce Lou’s crying face and Gaal’s crying look from the first season. It wasn’t difficult to link the two characters, but we wanted to keep it as subtle as possible, so whether the viewer noticed or not is up to them.

“With a show like this, you can’t focus on one character because there’s so much going on.”

As the clone leaders never change, Lee Pace should return as Brother Day. Lee recently told Newsweek about his character’s fate at the end of season 1.

Awakening to his sentience and sovereignty is a fascinating, delicate transition in the character, he believes.

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“I suppose towards the conclusion of The Spiral he realises he’s alone and just human, he’s not this image of Empire.

“It’s almost macabre [irony] hearing that the clones aren’t genetically identical.”

A season 2 trailer for ‘Foundation’?
It’s far too early for a teaser trailer for Foundation season 2. We’ll share the trailer when it comes.

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