Vibrant Cheerleader, Emma Walker Death

William Riley Gaul, who was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Emma Walker, will spend no more time.

This situation was “extremely unusual to these two guys,” Criminal Court Judge Bob McGee said Friday. “This young woman was the only person he killed.” As it stands, his sentence is already extremely lengthy.’

William Riley Gaul was sentenced on Friday, September 14th, 2018, in Knox County Criminal Court.

Prosecutors said in May that Knox County jurors found Gaul guilty of first-degree murder and other charges in the killing of 17-year-old Joshua Walker in Knoxville. After 51 years in prison, he may be eligible for parole — at the age of 71.

The William Riley Gaul trial: The alleged victim of a “cruel” breakup refuses to testify against the accused.

William Riley Gaul wanted to be his girlfriend’s hero and not her killer.

‘Stay away from him’

Additional convictions were brought up at Friday’s session and the judge was urged to increase Gaul’s sentence.

Molly Martin, an assistant district attorney, stated, “Keep him where he belongs.” I don’t think he deserves a chance to come out of prison at all.

Emma Jane Walker, a cheerleader at Central High School, was shot and killed in her bed in November 2016 while she slept.

As Walker slept in her North Knox County, Tennessee, home on the night of Nov. 21, 2016, Gaul fired two rounds into the room. Walker was killed instantly by a single round to the skull.

Gaul intended to win back his ex-girlfriend Walker that drove him to shoot himself as a freshman football player at Maryville College. The jury didn’t believe it.

 Emma Walker Death

No real remorse?

Before he killed Walker, Gaul had no criminal past. In the absence of evidence that Gaul is a threat to society, he cannot be held in prison any longer than the law mandates.

This is the only time he has ever broken the law,” the judge remarked.

The additional 10 years imposed for additional crimes total less than a decade, but it will be served concurrently with the life sentence.

At the last hearing, Gaul’s lawyer, Wesley Stone, pointed out that Gaul had apologised to the family of Walker, who was killed in the attack.

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He apologised at the time for taking Emma away from her mother. When I think of Emma, I can’t help but think of her or what I did.

“Insincere” and “preparation” are two adjectives prosecutors used to describe Gaul’s statements, according to records of prison phone calls.

(The calls) plainly state that this is something he had to do,” Martin added.

It went from love to shooting

Investigators discovered that Gaul had stolen his grandfather’s 9mm Glock pistol, used in the murder. A witness said Gaul later recruited his pals to assist him in dumping the pistol, unaware that they had already reported it to authorities.

Detectives from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office asked the friends to discreetly record Gaul. Gaul was apprehended by deputies as he intended to throw a garbage bag containing evidence, including the gun, into a river in Tennessee.

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When Gaul and his counsel confirmed that he shot dead Walker, they claimed that it was an attempt to terrify her and get her back into his arms. Gaul and Walker had dated on and off for a while before Walker broke it off.

 Emma Walker Death

To get Walker’s attention before the shooting, he’d sent him anonymous, threatening texts, staged suicide attempts, and even kidnapped himself a few times.