Top Chef Season 19 : Details You Need to Know Right Now!

Everything is bigger in Texas, even Top Chef! The Emmy-winning Bravo show is back for its nineteenth season in 2022. This time, it’s going to Houston with a new group of chefs competing for the title of “Top Chef.”

Find out everything we know so far about season 19, including when it starts, where it was filmed, and how Top Chef alums are used.

It starts in 2022.
Bravo will show Top Chef 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on March 3, 2022, when it will be on for the first time.

Where did Top Chef 19 take place?

Top Chef 19 was filmed in Houston, Texas, as well as other parts of the state, like Galveston Island. Season 9 of the show was filmed in Texas back in 2011. This time, the show went to San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin, which are all cities in Texas. Here we go! It’s an important start for the series!

Many people are on Top Chef 19.

These are “cheftestants.” This season, there are 15 of them.

How many people are on Top Chef 19?

—Ashleigh Shanti, from Asheville, NC, said this.
New York City, New York: —Buddha Lo
Damara Brown is from Chicago, IL, and he works for a company that makes furniture.
• Evelyn Garcia is from Houston, TX.
Jackson Kalb lives in Los Angeles, CA.
New York, NY: Jae Jung

There are two people from Austin, TX: Jo Chan and Leia Gaccione.
Luke Kolpin lives in Seattle, WA.
In Vallejo, CA, Monique Feybesse is a teacher.
Nick Wallace is from Jackson, MS.
Robert Hernandez is from San Francisco, CA, and he is a teacher.
Sam Kang lives in Brooklyn, New York.
Sarah Welch is from Detroit, MI.
Stephanie Miller is from Bismarck, ND.

For season 19, who are the judges?

It looks like Padma Lakshmi will be back as the host and judge of the show again. Besides Tom Colicchio, she will also have Gail Simmons there to help her with her project The show will have the same “elite rotating judging and dining panel” as last season. It will be made up of only former Top Chefs.

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It’s also interesting to read Gail Simmons’s thoughts on the judges’ table, what she always has in her fridge, and how to stay healthy when you’re going on a trip:

There are a lot of people who used to be on Top Chef.
Bravo says that the rotating guest judges for Top Chef 19 are:
Neysha Arrington: (season 9)
In this case, Dawn Burrell is the person who said that (season 18 runner-up)
For example: —Kelsey Barnard Clark (season 16 winner)

Top Chef Season 19

Adrienne Cheatham: — (season 15 runner-up)
It was Tiffany Derry who said this (season 7, season 8 finalist)
—Joe Flamm said that (season 15 winner)
As of this writing, Gregory Gourdet is still alive (season 12 runner-up, season 17 finalist)
In this case, it was Hung Huynh (season 3 winner)

—Stephanie Izard says that (season 4 winner)
There is a person named Melissa King (season 12 finalist, season 17 winner)
There is a woman named Kristen Kish, and her name is (season 10 winner)
Edward Lee said this: (season 9)
Maria Mazon says that (season 18)

There was an accident that happened (season 18 runner-up)
It was said by Nini Nguyen (seasons 15 and 16)
This person is Kwame’s Onwuachi (season 13, season 15 Last Chance Kitchen competitor)
—Sheldon Simeon is the author (season 10 finalist, season 14 finalist)

Brooke Williamson: – (season 10 runner-up, season 14 winner)
Claudette Zepeda says this: — (season 15)

Chefs from all over the world will be on the show for Top Chef season 19.

In addition to the alumni panel, Top Chef: Houston will have a lot of famous chefs who make cameos. Daniel Boulud, Wylie Dufresne, Carlotta Flores, Bricia Lopez, Eric Ripert, Marcus Samuelsson, and Alexander Smalls are some of the people on this list. It is the last challenge. Hunter Lewis, the editor of Food and Wine Magazine, is there to help the judges out.

During the 19th season of Top Chef, what will happen?

Chefs will use their skills to take on traditional dishes from across the country, all the while being immersed in the ethnic diversity that makes New York City’s food so unique. Chefs will be put to the test in a Quickfire that focuses on Nigerian food. Houston has the most Nigerian people in the country, and the chefs will be put to the test.

If they win, they’ll have to feed Houstonians at an Asian Night Market that is based on some of the city’s biggest Asian communities. Because Houston is known for its Tex-Mex food, they’ll also be asked to put their twist on things like BBQ, biscuits, queso and the classic Tex-Mex fajita.

To make space-friendly food for former astronauts, the chefs will also be asked to go fishing with Tom in the Gulf. By looking at the most difficult challenge on Top Chef France, Padma tests the chefs. They have to make two dishes that look the same but taste completely different.

Restaurant Wars, one of the most popular challenges on Top Chef, is back. This time, the chefs must cook for a full dining room of people, as well as a small tasting table for the judges. Season 19 is one for the record books. It includes events like paying tribute to the state’s female trailblazers and hosting a block party fundraiser to save the town of Freedmen.

Winner: What does the winner get?

Season 18’s winner will get $250,000 from S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, a feature in Food and Wine magazine, and a spot at the annual “Food and Wine Classic” in Aspen. There was a big increase in the prize money for season 17.

Fatima Ali, a fan favourite on Top Chef, died. Here are some sad facts about her death.

How did Top Chef film during the coronavirus?

As Top Chef season, 19 was still being filmed during the pandemic, the show kept using the rules it put in place last season. Everyone, even the judges, was kept inside a “bubble” for the duration of filming. There were separate zones for each of the production crew’s different departments. They worked at different times.

When the judges were tasting food, they couldn’t share plates. Tasting spoons had to be thrown away after each bite. Contestants were given their spice containers, instead of sharing them. A Whole Foods pickup service instead of in-store shopping was one of the other changes made to the show.

There were also no challenges that required large dinners, tasting events, or crowds, as well as a bigger kitchen set for the judges and a bigger kitchen set for the judges.

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This season of Top Chef, will Last Chance Kitchen be back?

For the eleventh time, “Last Chance Kitchen,” the online-only sideshow of Top Chef, is back. It starts on March 10. Head judge Tom Colicchio will give a challenge to the chefs who were kicked out of the competition. They’ll compete for a chance to return to the competition.

Check out a trailer for the new season of Top Chef, which starts in September.

I want to watch Top Chef online. Where can I do this?

During the week, the show “Top Chef” is on Bravo at 8 pm ET every Thursday. Next, the Bravo website will have all of the episodes that were on the show the day before. Watch the episodes of Top Chef here.

It comes on every Monday.
During the week, the show “Top Chef” is on Bravo at 8 pm ET every Thursday.

When is Top Chef on?
Top Chef is on at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo every Thursday.

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Who was the winner of Top Chef season 18 in Portland, Maine?

There were some great recipes on Top Chef 18 that were better than anything else that had been made on the show. Gabe Morales was at the top of the list. He beat Shota Nakajima and Dawn Burrell, who both won fan favourite.

There was a lot of bad news about Erales the day before the show’s finale, though.

top chef season 19

Morales was fired from his job as an executive chef because he had an inappropriate relationship with another person at work.

Padma Lakshmi, the host of the show, wrote after the accusations came out: “As someone who has been sexually harassed, this topic is important and deserves to be talked about.”

It was October of last year when we filmed Top Chef. We didn’t know about Gabe’s alleged crimes when we did the show.

This should be looked into and the network should think about what to do next. No one has accused Bravo or Top Chef of sexual harassment on the record, and the judges didn’t see Gabe act inappropriately while he was on set.