Letterkenny Season 10 Release Date: Confirmed or Cancelled! Check Here!

Hey! Readers, are you excited to know more about the sitcom? If yes, then check our articles here! It was December 25, 2021, when Letterkenny Season 10 circulated on need. Jared Kesso and Jacob Timey depicted country Canadian people group ladies in the 10th part, which zeroed in on their affection, expertise, and individual lives.

At the point when the Crave unique series Letterkenny debuted, it immediately acquired boundless ubiquity and got predominantly sure surveys from the two watchers and analysts. Among its numerous honors are three Canadian honors and a Golden Globe, as well as appearances on different year-end top 10 records, as well as various honors and assignments.

Letterkenny Season 10

The series’ fame might be credited generally to the series’ convincing plot. Considering that everything is running appropriately, how could the makers choose to end the series with the 10th portion?

Despite the way that the Tenth period of Letterkenny was reported to be the last season, many fans are still enthusiastically anticipating Season 11. The makers of the sitcom, be that as it may, have not yet reported plans for an 11th release. Since they accept Letterkenny might be gone on after Season 10, they held out trust for a potential Season 11.

There are 5000 individuals in Letterkenny. These are their concerns. Letterkenny, the hit Canadian parody series, is returning for Season 10, and thanks to a declaration video delivered by Hulu, we have a date: December 26!

Letterkenny Season 10

Letterkenny is a Canadian sitcom regarding a modest community in provincial Ontario and the issues of its occupants. The show is principally centered around the personality of Wayne, played by Jared Keeso, and his companions and sister as they run a little ranch and produce stand. The show began initially as a web series made by Keeso that was then transformed into a full TV series. The Season 10 declaration video isn’t extremely lengthy, however, prods look at the universally adored Hicks.

Letterkenny Season 10 Renewal?

Season 10 of Letterkenny has not yet been arranged. Since it’s anything but a common Carve program, its future will in all not be set in stone regardless of whether Jacob Tierney and Jared Keeso decide to create more episodes. Between Letterkenny season 9 and season 10, four years passed, and Jared has indicated that he’s prepared to continue from his personality Andrew Her, who just shows up momentarily in the 2022 section.

Fans ought not to expect a proper declaration about Letterkenny season 10 until the spring and winters of 2021. Notwithstanding, toward the year’s end, Jacob Tierney and friends might choose to officially proceed with the story – or that there is something else to say.

Letterkenny Season 10: Release Date

Because of the delivery history of Letterkenny, it’s truly unlikely that new episodes will be delivered in 2021. Nonetheless, assuming Jacob continues with the Carve program, it is plausible that it will debut in 2021. The chiefs should choose whether to return to a customary 10-episode plan or remain with a five-episode extraordinary occasion.

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Letterkenny” season 10 is set to show up on Hulu on Sunday, December 26, filling in as sort of a late Christmas present (or a Boxing Day present, on the off chance that you’re Canadian.) The show will be selective to Hulu, so the individuals who wish to watch it should be bought into the web-based feature to do as such.

Letterkenny Season 10

Letterkenny Season 10: Cast

Who is Going to Appear in Season 10 of Letterkenny?

No, the cast is affirmed right now yet ideally if the series return, this principle cast will happen-

  • Jared Keeso stars as Wayne, Shores
  • Nathan Dales stars as Daryl
  • Michelle Mylett stars as Katy
  • K. Trevor Wilson stars as Squirrelly Dan
  • Dylan Playfair stars as Reilly
  • Andrew Herr stars as Jonesy
  • Tyler Johnston stars as Stewart
  • Alexander De Jordy stars as Devon
  • Dan Petronijevic stars as McMurray

Letterkenny Season 10: Trailer

No, a trailer is accessible as of now, so appreciate the season 9 trailer which is referenced underneath;

Letterkenny Season 10: Plot

Letterkenny” is a famous Canadian parody that is presently entering its 10th season. The show tracked down a huge crowd on Hulu, to such an extent that the real-time feature got it as a unique series starting with its seventh season. The show, as a rule, focuses on the inhabitants of a town called Letterkenny who have a place with one of three gatherings: the Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players. They are continually quarreling with one another over trivial issues, and those fights regularly end in battles.

Season 9 of the sitcom jumps further into the existence of Letterkenny inhabitants as a few significant forward leaps occur in the town. Wayne experiences his French ex Marie-Frédérique when the entire town observes Tanis’ caffeinated drink. Stewart and Roald send off their disk jockey adventure, though the town is stunned to see the appearance of a major chain eatery called Breastaurant. Katy is abundant with dates consistently prepared up for her yet gets disheartened with every one of them.

Season 10 of the sitcom will begin with the aftermath of Tanis’ energy drink launch, continuing to explore the idiosyncrasies of the people of Letterkenny. The townsfolk will compete in a Caesar building contest while McMurray and Wayne engage each other. The skids will clash against the hockey players in a video game battle while the hicks get busy with a sausage party.

Wayne and a few Letterkenny men will undergo prostate examinations as part of head-to-toe physical examinations. After the video game battle, the skids and the hockey players will compete again for VidVok fame. The hicks will also reach out to fellow townspeople to help them pick stones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the One skid Leave Letterkenny?

Regardless of the fans experiencing passionate feelings for Devon in the first and second seasons, he needed to leave the scene so that Stewart’s job would be solidified as a significant person. In any case, many fans didn’t expect Devon’s exit to happen suddenly. The makers of the series likely needed to leave fans in anticipation.

Did Letterkenny Get Cancelled?

Unfortunately, though, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down most of the production for new shows, Letterkenny was delayed. While filming was initially supposed to take place in the spring of 2020, it was pushed to mid-2021.

Is Letterkenny on Disney Plus?

The occupants of Letterkenny have a place with one of three gatherings: the Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players, who are continually quarreling with one another over apparently trivial issues that frequently end with somebody getting their butt kicked. Get Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. Get every one of the three.


Letterkenny is a Canadian Worth Watching sitcom which received 8.8 ratings out of 10 on IMDB and 78% on Rotten Tomatoes and 4.5 out of 5 on Letterboxd. Also, you can pen down your thoughts in the comment section box below.