Venture Capitalist Bill Gurley : Net Worth, Height, Age, Wife, Family, Apple 10%commission

John William Gurley, better known as Bill Gurley, is a general partner of Benchmark, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, California. He’s a regular on Forbes’ Midas List and is considered one of the most powerful dealmakers in the technology sector.

Multi-billionaire Bill Gurley was on the board of directors of Uber prior to its acquisition by Lyft. Aside from being a multimillionaire, he’s also one of the most talented and successful entrepreneurs. A few years ago, Gurley was voted VC of the Year at TechCrunch’s annual Crunchies Awards.

In Bill Gurley’s opinion, Apple would have fared better if it charged app developers a 10% commission fee.
Apple takes a 30 percent cut for large developers, and a 15 percent cut for small ones, from all digital goods purchased through the App Store. The App Store platform of Apple has been accused, however, by developers, of prejudice in favour of smaller firms.

The 30 per cent in-app purchase take rate that Apple established years ago, according to Benchmark’s Bill Gurley, was a recipe for catastrophe. A 10% flat rate should have been introduced instead, according to him.

@bgurley We wholeheartedly concur! A pre-IPO derivatives #DeFi protocol is being developed at @offpiste io to bring real price/demand discovery ahead and allow retail participation. Let’s get together and have a conversation!

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As Bill Gurley of Benchmark puts it, “Apple lined itself up for disaster years ago when it created its 30 percent take of in-app purchases.”

As a rule, Gurley prefers to see a lower rake with a longer sustainable future, and I felt the 30% number was so high and egregious that you were setting yourself up for the exact type of difficulty you’re having right now,” the firm’s investment manager in Grub Hub and Zillow, Gurley, said in an interview.

His Net Worth.

It’s been common practice for Apple to keep a 30 per cent cut of all digital product sales made via the App Store. This year Apple decreased the fee to 15% for apps with yearly net sales of less than $1 million on its platform in response to developer complaints that the App Store platform is discriminatory to smaller firms.

Lawsuits against Apple have been brought by Epic Games because they claim they are anti-competitive because of Apple’s App Store.

Theodore Gurley, It’s important to know Bill Gurley’s age and birth date as well as information about his family. Fabolous, an American-born general partner at Benchmark, spent his formative years in the United States. He was born on May 10, 1966, in Dickinson, Texas (now 55 years old). As a result, he is an American citizen and of white ethnicity by nationality. When it comes to astrological signs, he is a Taurus.

Family of Bill Gurley

The specifics of his family history are still being examined. There isn’t a lot of information available online about Bill Gurley’s upbringing and parents. He has never spoken about his family.

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His parents’ privacy has been shielded from the media by Bill. He has always tried to keep his family’s secrets out of the public eye. For the time being, we don’t know who his parents are. There was nothing on the internet about Bill’s relatives.

Exactly how much money did Bill Gurley make over his career?
According to a report by Information Cradle, Billy’s real net worth will be $8 billion by 2020. However, he has not validated the aforementioned information, nor has he revealed his complete wealth.

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What’s Hot: A Massive Internet Blackout in 2021, Amazon, CNN, The New York Times, and The Guardian, among other sources.

We don’t know how much money he makes each month because he hasn’t said anything about it. His most profitable investment, an $11 million investment in ride-hailing business Uber made in 2011, is still paying off, according to Forbes.

The Wife of Bill Gurley Is he married? Do children count?
Amelia Gurley is a wonderful wife and mother to their two young children. Three children have been born to the marriage, and they currently reside in Atherton, California, along with the rest of their family. Because he hasn’t brought up his family, we have no idea who they are.

her husband Gurley,

The Wife of Bill Gurley.

He appears to be keeping the love of his life out of the public’s view at the moment. We will update the articles if there is any fresh information on his relationship status.

Entrepreneurial endeavours of Bill Gurley
When he was at Benchmark, Gurley served on the boards of Brighter, DogVaca, Good Eggs, Grub Hub, Hacker One, Linden Lab, LiveOps, Next-door, OpenTable, Sail Wave, Scale Computing, Stitch Fix, Vessel, and Zillow. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Bill is stepping down from Benchmark in April 2020 because his venture capital firm is no longer participating in new fundraising.

“Billy Gurley (@Bgurley)” In June of 2021.
It has been reported that Gurley left his position as a director on the board of Uber in June of 2017. After months of conflict over Uber’s corporate culture, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick announced his departure the day before. The resignation of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is reported to have been influenced by Gurley, who acted as an advisor to the company throughout the company’s misconduct and sexual harassment investigations.

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He is claimed to have had a close relationship with the company’s CEO, Travis Kalanick. At Uber, he was the most involved board member and the closest thing Mr Kalanick had to a consigliere.

As Gurley tweeted in support of Kalanick, “Few entrepreneurs have had such a lasting impact on the globe,” he praised Kalanick’s achievements.

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What social media platforms does he use?
Instagram and Facebook are two places where you can discover him online. @bgurley is the username of Bill Gurley’s Twitter account. As of this writing, he has 477.6K. followers on Twitter. Bill is active on Instagram, where he posts photos of his daily activities as well as work-related images.

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What high school and the university did he attend?
In 1989, Gurley graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. He was a member of the University of Florida’s men’s basketball team. Gurley received a master’s degree in business administration from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin in 1993.

People also inquire.

Benchmark, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm situated in Menlo Park, California, has a general partner named Bill Gurley. Regularly, he appears on Forbes’ Midas List and is widely recognised as one of the best dealmakers in technology.

Fabolous Benchmark’s general partner, Bill Gurley, was raised in the United States and is a native son. On May 10, 1966, in Dickinson, Texas, Bill Gurley was born (at the age of 55). Thus, he has American nationality and is a member of white ethnicity. Taurus comes to mind when thinking of his horoscope sign.

Amelia Gurley is a joy to be around. The family currently lives in Atherton, California, where they have three children. Since he hasn’t talked about his family, we have no idea what they look like.

On social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook, he’s a regular user. You can follow Bill Gurley on Twitter at @bgurley. His Twitter account has a total of 477,6k followers.

I currently have a significant following. He frequently updates his Instagram account with photographs of his personal and business life.

According to Information Cradle, Bill’s genuine net worth will top $8 billion by 2020. As far as I know, he hasn’t confirmed or disclosed his total wealth.

In 2021, Bill Gurley’s Height and Weight

Height    In feet: 6 ft 2 in
Centimeter: 192 cm
Meter: 1.92 m
Weight Kilogram: 74KG
Pound: 165lbs
Hair White
Eye Brown
Body Type Fit
Sexual Orientation Straight