Kanye West Girlfriend Chaney Jones: Updates You Need to Know Today!

The DONDA 2 experience in Miami, which included an appearance by Elon Musk and some unpleasant sound issues, inspired Ye to seek some R&R (retail and relaxation) by going shopping with Kim Kardash — but wait, that’s not the case — more specifically, with someone who looks exactly like Kim K.

On February 24, Chaney Jones, the Klone on the scene, walked beside Mr West as the two went shopping in Miami’s Bal Harbour. A body-hugging black jumpsuit, shield sunglasses, and what appears to be a Birkin purse were all worn by the model, who is practically giving those things away!

On her feet, she wore a pair of Yeezy 450 “Dark Slate” sneakers (of course).

According to reports, the two spent the majority of their time shopping for Balenciaga outfits, following step one of Ye’s girlfriend handbook — i.e., the Kim K. 2.0 shopping spree — to the letter.

Jones is one of those people that makes you take a second look. Is it truly true that that isn’t Kim Kardashian?

In addition to having a voluptuous form that is uncannily similar to Kim’s, she also wears body-hugging sporting gear (SKIMS-lite?) and sunglasses that seem identical to Kim’s Rick Owens shield sunglasses (maybe they are the same).

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Jones, on the other hand, appears to be a self-made woman, unlike Kim. Among the organisations that she helped establish was First State Behavioral Health in Atlanta,

where Chaney Jones is currently listed as a chief operating officer and “currently working” on a master’s degree in counselling.

Jones’s accomplishments are commendable, but when it comes to her dress and physical appearance, she embraces every component of the Kim K. starting kit.

kanye west girlfriend chaney jones

Therefore, we’re keeping up with the Not-Dashians and charting the progression of her romantic engagement with Yeas it unfolds.

If his recent month-long engagement with the Kim Kardashian stunt duplicate is any indication, we’re likely to have another month or two with the Kim Kardashian double.

The 7th of February

We got our first look at the so-called Kim Klone when she went out with Ye, Drake, Travis Scott, and a few other friends for a DONDA 2 listening party in Los Angeles, where we caught up with her.

Jones, who was dressed in an attire that was far too tight, was mistaken for Ye’s estranged ex-wife by several bystanders.

Ye appeared to be dating both Jones and “Unca Jahms” Julia Fox at the time of the incident, but the two were reportedly split just before the night out in Los Angeles.

Jones shared an Instagram snapshot of herself posing atop a coffee table piled high with Akira manga before heading to the listening party, implying that she had already begun spending time with Ye.

Recently, Kanye recounted picking up his Akira comic books from one of his shared homes with Kim during a social media rage against the soon-to-be ex-wife, which took place just a few days before.

The 12th of February

This time around, the Kim-adjacent style included a skintight grey bodysuit and Balenciaga accessories, as seen at a screening of the Jeen-Yuhs documentary, which was shown on Netflix.

Jones’ Fashion Nova-tier ‘fits, which she had been flaunting on Instagram only a few weeks previously, have been replaced by Demna’d up looks. Perhaps this is the reason why Kim stopped wearing Balenciaga?

The 22nd of February

Take a look at this post on Instagram.

While attending the DONDA 2 listening event in Miami, Chaney Jones has changed her appearance such that she now resembles Kim K. rather than Kim K. She’s dressed in a cream leather attire with shield sunglasses, and her hair is blown out in really long beach waves.

All we need to know is that Kanye is happy, and that is all we need to know.

The 24th of February

The two appeared to be enjoying themselves on their night out in Miami, having long since completed their shopping binge. As she smiled for the cameras, Jones rocked an all-black jumpsuit with plunging neckline, a new set of multicolour shield sunglasses, and a pair of black leather boots (which we can safely assume are Balenciaga) to complete her Kim Kardashian-inspired ensemble.

kanye west girlfriend chaney jones

The 28th of February

It’s now official on Instagram: Chaney Jones shared an Instagram Story with Ye, marking the first time the couple has appeared together on social media.

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1st of March

Chaney Jones visits a masseuse in Miami while sporting Ye’s characteristic rubber boots (as opposed to his famed Red Wings or Balenciaga Crocs, which he does not own).

2nd of March

It’s now doubly official on Instagram, as Ye shared a photo of himself with Chaney Jones, confirming the couple’s relationship.