What Is the Viral: The Anger Test Tiktok ?

It’s called the “Anger Test” on TikTok, and users take an online test to see if they have anger problems or not. A doctor named Dr Judith M. Siegel has done a lot of research on this test, and it says it can do the following:

“Map your feelings of anger on several scientific dimensions.”

The person who takes the test and shares the results with their followers is part of the trend. It already has more than 6 million views.

The Multidimensional Anger Test is used in places like hospitals.

If you go to www.idrlabs.com/anger/test.php, you can take a test called the Multidimensional Anger Test, or MAT, to see how angry you are. In this, the person has to say “Disagree” or “Agree” to 38 questions about different things.
Results from the test are shown in a table that shows how angry a person is compared to the average person.

The Anger Test Tiktok

There’s a website that says:

For research and in clinical settings, the test is used a lot. It helps a person not only understand their level of anger but also how they react to a stressful situation.
However, the website says that even though the test has a certain level of accuracy, it should not be used for medical advice. The site says:

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“The results of our online multi-dimensional anger test are given “as is,” and they should not be taken as professional or certified advice of any kind.

Many people who use the Internet are surprised by the results that they get from them.
A lot of people have taken the test and shared their surprise at the results. Twitter users have had a lot to say about this.
For many people, it was a refreshing change to see research-based tests becoming more popular on the app. Some say that the trend is starting a conversation about mental health and anger issues, which is good.

The Anger Test Tiktok

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In the past, an app trend called “Strawberry Question” spread all over the world. The new trend was for people to ask their partner questions and figure out if they were loyal or not.
A lot of people called the trend “foolish” because it was based on vague questions and didn’t have any real evidence to back it up. Hopefully, the app will see more research-based tests go viral, which will help its users.