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Hey people! Today we have a coming-of-age comedy-drama for you, that is full of amazing punchlines and raunchy humor. Yes, you guessed it right, We are talking about The Half of It. But before we start, let me just tell you that it is exclusively an R-rated film.

There are so many comedy movies to watch and I came up with the most amazing rom-com movie titled The Kissing Booth3 which is a 2021 USA movie. The complete name of the Half of It movie is the 2020 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film. This is a thriller comedy movie and it is the direct sequel to the first season of this film.

The Half of It

Alice Wu is the director of The Half of It and Alice Wu is the writer of this film which is based on Cyrano de Bergerac, a 19th-century play personal experiences with love, and the idea of it, to tell a story through the perspective of young people who are still unsure about what it all means. Anthony Bregman, M. Blair Breard, and Alice Wu are the producers of Half of It Slayer Film.

Ian Blume, Lee Percy is the editor of Half of It and Anton Sanko provides the music in this comedy-drama.

Do you also think why the film has been surfing the internet recently? Don’t worry, we will tell you this. In this article, we have gathered all the details for the movie The Half of It, from release to reviews that you have been looking for. So, keep reading till the last and we will not bother you!

 Movie Name  The Half of It
 Written By  Alice Wu
 Directed By  Alice Wu
 Genre  Comedy Drama
 Release Date  May 1, 2020

The Half of It 2020 Movie: Plot

Ellie Choo is an introvert who invests the bulk of her energy in music and books. After her mother passed away, her father became less in himself, passing on Ellie to deal with things around the house. To bring in some extra cash, she composes tasks for other people, which is an oddity for Paul. He offers her some cash to write a letter to a young lady he likes. At first, Ellie agrees, and the whole undertaking turns into something completely different.

After Paul tries to kiss Ellie and Astor sees them, everything comes to a halt. Aster feels betrayed by the two of them, and Paul understands that Ellie likes Aster. He thinks that her homosexuality is hard to accept and stays away from her for some time. In any case, in time, he realizes that worship doesn’t work that way.

The Half of It

They rejoin the congregation, where Trig proposes Aster to everyone. She says okay, yet Paul mediates and later does Ellie. Aster also learns that it was Eli who was composing these letters from the beginning. She slaps Paul and leaves. Ellie returns home to see her father acting in unexpected ways. He advises her not to apply for school and stay at Squamish for the rest of her life.

In the final scene, she puts on the train wrap, and Paul says goodbye to her. Her father has returned to his work, and that means he too has taken charge of his life. As the train leaves the station, Paul walks over to Allie to show her adoration.

The Half of It 2020 Movie: Release Date

The Half of It was released back in 2020 in the USA on May 1st, 2020 in the same year and then received the founder’s Award for Best Narrative Feature at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival. According to the movie has been released on Netflix.

The Half of It

Who Were on the Sets of the Film- the Half of It?

The movie The Half of It features an awesome star cast. We have covered the cast and crew list of the movie here. So, just take a look below;

    • Leah Lewis played Ellie Chu
    • Daniel Diemer played Paul Munsky
    • Alexxis Lemire played Aster Flores
    • Collin Chou played Edwin Chu
    • Becky Ann Baker played Mrs. Geselschap
    • Wolfgang Novogratz played Trig Carson
    • Catherine Curtin played Colleen Munsky

Where to Watch the Half of It Movie?

You can currently watch this movie on Netflix, YouTube, Funimation, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

What Are the Ratings of the Movie- the Half of It?

The movie The Half of It received an IMDb rating of 6.9 out of 10, and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 97 % out of 100. This indicates a positive review or kind of mixed reviews on the review meter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Movie The Half of It LGBT?

His new Netflix film centers around a Cyrano-esque story in which a gay high schooler helps a conscientiously solid head, with a young woman leaning towards them both.

Is There a Part 2 for The Half of It?

With the overall film and TV production being canceled due to current social distancing measures, The Half of It 2 ​​is probably farther away than we believe. Considering that the recording can be found during 2021 at the earliest, fans will want to see the spin-off by 2022

Do Ellie and Aster End up Together?

It’s pretty interesting, it depends on your identity, you might be amazed that Paul and Ellie didn’t end up together, or you might be disappointed that Ellie and Esther don’t wind up together.


The movie The Half of It is the best example of a coming-of-age comedy of errors with renowned stars in the central roles. We will have to examine it, don’t we?

That was all that we had to offer for the movie The Half of It. We hope you loved it and we did not bore you. Also, you can tell us your views and thoughts about this article in the comment section box. We are excited to know more from you. Thank you for reading!

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