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Blown Away Season 2: Watch Netflix Reality Drama | Complete Info

Blown Away Season 2

Want to watch more episodes of Ron Carroll and their contestants on the show are 10 glassblowers which are a long-run series. It is a full entertainment drama of exceptionally talented glassmakers.

Many things are uniquely made from glass, making the most delightful example, a glassmaker from North America. A Board of Masters decides on the investigation of these manifestations and the top dog has the most likely success of winning the grand prize of $60,000.

So the same is in this Canadian reality drama in which you will get everything in one series.

The show Blown Away Season 2 is created by Ron Carroll, Amy Hosking, and Nick Uhas. Janet Morrison, Chris Taylor, Perry Tung are the cast members of this amazing reality series which received 7.1 ratings out of 10 on IMDb that is based on 500 user ratings or votes.

The first season of this sitcom came back in 2019 and the third or the previous season aired in 2021. So there is no news regarding the renewal or cancellation of this competition reality drama. At the time of writing the sitcom is officially renewed and is yet to announce what is going to happen about its season 2.

Will the drama come back after one year or will they cancel the sitcom after the third season as it is not good enough to continue the sitcom because viewers or fans might have lost their interest in this sitcom as like its first and second season because third season finale ends with a right ending but demand for the show is on the top that’s why they released the show for 2nd and 3rd season?

Series Name  Blown Away Season 2
 Directed By  Amy Hosking
 Written By  Ron Carroll
 Genre  Reality
 Release Date January 22, 2021

How Many Seasons Are There in Blown Away Reality Show?

At the beginning of 2022, we only have 3 seasons and nothing is confirmed about its season 4. You can find different times to watch this show on Network Makeful in different time zones.

What Is the Story of Blown Away Season 2?

The Blown Away sitcom follows the troublesome, definitive, and shocking work of the glassblower. Each episode represents a set of difficulties and the challengers are required to dazzle the appointed officers with eyesores.

A contender is settled at the end of each of the half-hearted episodes. In the end, the winner is delegated as the boss (“Best in Blow”) and the individual gets a chance to bring home an amount of $60,000 in cold hard cash.

The Corning Museum of Glass, which has the world’s most comprehensive glass assortment and runs a debut glass school, has filled in as a specialist during the making of the show. In addition, the winner of this challenge gets the desired opportunity to be shown in the historic center.

The person in question is additionally eligible to attend two working meetings at the gallery, is required for a one-week fall residency, and gives some live performances.

The office where this protest takes place and which was built only to record the show has now become the largest glass blowing place in North America. This reflects the sheer size of the enterprise itself. When you want 10 glassblowers to work in 10 workstations at all times, use 10 warming heaters and two dissolving heaters, this is inevitable!

‘Blown Away’ resembles a letter of affection for glass. This is a show for anyone who respects creative expression and the hard work behind such great works. It is widely known that glass is a troublesome material to work with.

In any case, when it comes to the authority of the perfect person, one can contemplate it! What’s more, Season 2 will stick to a similar idea!

Where to Watch the Blown Away Season 2 Complete Series?

You can currently watch Blown Away Season 2 on Netflix, Hulu, and on Amazon Prime Video.

Blown Away Season 2: Ratings and Reviews

The series received 7.1 ratings out of 10 on IMDb with an increase in its popularity and its season 1 finale episode is top-rated on it.

The struggle and balance in talent shown by glassmakers is a good one due to which the sitcom is amazing and 100 user reviews are written on it. Most of the reviews are positive about the sitcom and some user reviews are- best thing viewers or fans see on Netflix, excellent drama, amazing television sitcom with good acting, and great Canadian reality drama. 8.5 is scored on Premiere Date out of 10 while it earned 7.1 out of 10 on Netflix.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Will There be Season 3 of Blown Away?

Up to this point, no rights announcement regarding the third period of the show has been made. Season 1 was aired in February 2019 and Season 2 came out in January 2021, so we can safely guess that Season 3 should be aired in the middle of 2022.

Who Wins Blown Away Season 2?

Elliot Walker, Around the Hub, we’re stuck preparing 2 of the Netflix reality glassblowing series ‘Blown Away’ after our partner and partner, Glass Craftsman, Elliot Walker, was handed the winner.

Is Deborah on Blown Away a Man?

She has straightaway announced that Deborah Zaresco is a lesbian. In addition, she is happy for herself and does not regret the choice. Anyway, she generally prefers not to go deep while discussing her life and relationships.


Blown Away Season 2 is a worth watching series that received 7.1 ratings out of 10 on IMDB while scoring 4.8 out of 5 on Facebook and got 5.0 out of 10 on Filmaffinity.

For more glass bowling and movies stick to our website as we update lots of glass bowling dramas and shows only for you.

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