A Justice Society: World War II: Stream It or Skip It!

It’s a movie or a style of an American film and television animation streamed on Prime Video. In this anime, Stana Matic tells an original story of the Flash ending up back in time to World War II where he meets the Justice Society of America.

This act of flashback invades most of Europe. So, just keep reading the article to get to know all you must know about the amazing World War II film, and to decide on whether you must watch it or skip it.

What Is the Story, Justice Society :World War II All About?

On Earth-2, Nazi Germany invaded a large part of Europe and Adolf Hitler was looking for remnants of other worlds, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was asked by Colonel Steve Trevor to make the United States necessary by forming a group of godly people.

The Justice Society of America, run by Trevor, Black Canary, Hawkman, Hourman, Jay Garrick/Flash, and Wonder Woman, has been formed.

On Earth-1, Barry Allen and Iris West cook in Metropolis, wanting to get away from “work”. However, their arrangements are disturbed by Superman battling Brainiac, and Alan comes to Superman’s guide as the Flash.

When Brainiac discharges a Kryptonite shot, the Flash attempts to get it, though he sprints to the point of interestingly directing the Speed ​​Force.

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Guided by the voice of Doctor Fate, Alan appears in the past during what he accepts as a battle between the JSA and the Nazis. Even as his loyalty begins to crumble, the JSA acknowledges that Allen is a participant in the aftermath of overcoming the Nazis and rescuing Trevor and that he is a time to come.

As the group gathers to stop another horde of Nazis, Alan returns Trevor to the base of the JSA, where he learns of connections to a group he never knew.

As the powers of Atlantis attack Manhattan, they encounter the JSA. Legends hold the gains until the Trench Beasts appear, killing Hawkman and injuring Hourman. Garrick and Canary wipe out the beasts, while Wonder Woman and Alan fight Aquaman, a long heated battle with Trevor’s help in which he has the option of breaking Aquaman’s pike and freeing him from the advisor’s control.

Admitting how he behaved, falls back into culpability. Nonetheless, the advisor returns and reveals that a subsequent strike by a Nazi plane is imminent before Trevor is killed from behind using Aquaman’s rigged weapon. Barry takes out the advisor while Kent goes back to destroy the planes.

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Recognizing that he must return to his homeland, Alan bids his farewell to JSA. Wonder Woman gives her the ring that Trevor gave her, warning her to walk through the valuable open doors with her friends and family. Allen and Garrick use their coordinated motion to send back past the other that captured the Kryptonite slug.

After erasing Brainiac with it, Alan recommends Superman shape up a group to fight future threats before coming back to Iris and proposing to her, which she accepts.

The cast of the Film: Justice Society World War II

Listing Below the star cast of the film:

  • Stana Katic voices as Diana
  • Matt Bomer voices as Barry Allen
  • Omid Abtahi voices as Carter Hall
  • Darren Criss voices as Superman
  • Chris Diamantopoulos voices as Steve Trevor
  • Matthew Mercer voices as Rex Tyler
  • Elysia Rotaru voices as Dinah Lance
  • Armen Taylor voices as Jay Garrick
  • Liam McIntyre voices as King Arthur
  • Keith Ferguson voices as Doctor Fate
  • Geoffrey Arend voices as Advisor
  • Darin De Paul voices as Brainiac

Review of the Film: Justice Society World War II

A Justice Society World War II is a must-watch film especially to experience that childhood love again. Justice Society World II has enough thematic and visual depth and beauty to make everyone fall in love once again and hope to get away from work. It stresses how simple and pure love can be. Also, it connects with local audiences. So readers don’t wait —just go and watch it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Justice Society World War II Canon?

However, by paying a little attention to their quality, you cannot deny that they are attractive. Justice Society: World War II is the farthest out of the line extension for their DC Animated Movies group, and as expected, a cast of vaguely recognizable faces you’ve seen on TV someplace.

Is Justice Society Ww2 Connected to Superman: Man of Tomorrow?

It recounts a unique story of Flash Winding at the time of World War II where he meets the Justice Society of America. The film parallels Superman: Man of Tomorrow and Batman: The Long Halloween.

Is Justice Society: World War II a Sequel?

It is through Jay Garrick that The Flash learns of his connection to the idea of ​​the Speed ​​Force. Since Superman: Man of Tomorrow, another active shared DC Universe is coming with the Justice Society: World War II leading up to it.


This film receiving an 8 out of 5 IMDb rating, tends to be a must-watch film. A Justice Society World War II can potentially be viewed as a breakthrough for the studio. While the movie is essentially a coming-of-age story of magical artifacts and involved by a creative team of superhumans. The plot, while simple and easy to follow, evokes big emotions and depicts the justice Society of America is formed well. Nowhere did the story seem complicated and surprising. Every scene has added depth to the star cast and helped them connect deeply with the audience, without really exaggerating it too much. Not even watching the whole movie. Some parts may feel too slow for some, but ironically, the story is well written and leads to a clear ending and conclusion.