Valley of Tears Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer!

Valley of Tears is an Israeli fantasy television mini-series that everyone should see. It is one of those Prime Video programs that seemed like a buried gem to those who found it. On the morning of November 12, 2020, Prime Video quietly uploaded an Israeli TV program to their website.

Valley of Tears is the name of the program, and it has been on the shelf since April 2019. Although there haven’t been many efforts to advertise Valley of Tears, like other major Prime Video programs, those who have discovered it have fallen in love with it. Prime Video intends to distribute the tragic drama in several segments.

The program Valley of Tears grabbed viewers with its battles, war, and Southern front of the fighting. Lee Biran played the protagonist, a private Yoni Ben-Dror who discovered he was alive in the Valley of Tears. Because many individuals are interested in watching Israeli wars. It also depicted Israeli culture, which was uncommon on television at the time.

The series has 10 episodes, each directed by a different star cast. The audience has just one question now, more than a year after the first season aired: Is season two on the way? Keep reading the article to know everything you should know about the sitcom.

What Is the Story of Valley of Tears All About?

The show returns to the 1973 Yom Kippur War, which was fought from October 6 to October 25. However, to understand the meaning of this battle, we want to return fully to 1967, when the third Arab-Israeli conflict took place.

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Also called the Six-Day War of 1967, it lasted from five days. Despite its length, it accommodated the scene of the Arab countries. In consequence, Israel succeeded with a territory many times more under its influence. For some unique circumstances, it is prominent that Egypt surrendered the 23,500 square miles of the Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip, while Syria did not currently account for the Golan Heights.

In 1970, Anwar al-Sadat became Egypt’s leader and was required to seek a peaceful future with Israel. In any case, he felt that because of the Jewish country’s new conquest, a final choice for the then financially stumped terms on Egypt would not be a moveable move. Quick version, they collaborated with Syria to send an attack on Israel on October 6, 1973, relying upon that even if their central goal was futile, it would convince Israel that harmony with Egypt was indeed necessary.

By the time it reached the Super Israeli base camp in Refidim, it was attacked by Egyptian MiGs. The fighter was allowed to go to the same kibbutz where she grew up. Yair Yum, who was in the same brigade as Niwa, reviewed, “He told me they were going to get married and gave me a chocolate sandwich, and afterward the siege began.”

Valley of Tears Season 2 Release Date

This is the amazing favorite section of every audience to find out the release date of any sitcom or movie. As we already know that Season 2 of this war drama is already confirmed but still its release date has yet to be officially confirmed and this time we can only expect that it will also release in mid-late 2022 if the production team goes well without the effect of a pandemic or other issues.

The first season of this sitcom received an average rating of 7.7 on MyAnimeList and 7.6 out of 10 on IMDB with 50 user reviews written on it and a score of 4.3 out of 5 on Crunchyroll.

You can watch this Valley of Tears on HBO Max, Crunchyroll, and YouTube TV.

Valley of Tears Season 2 Official Trailer?

At the time of writing this blog, we don’t have any official teaser for the new season but for your enjoyment, we have provided a season 1 teaser to remember what happened in the season of this tragic drama.

Till then you can enjoy the season 1 trailer which is given below and wait for the upcoming season 2 release date and teaser both.

Valley of Tears Season 2: Renewal Status!

The good news for the viewers of this sitcom is that the new season is coming back to Valley of Tears and it was announced through the official Twitter account of this tragedy series.

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The second season of the TV tragedy has been decided, the second stage has also released a scene drawn by the character Tom Hagie and this is a simplified translation of the post which means what is given above.

When season 2 arrives it will air on Crunchyroll as well and we will get the sitcom in the same month as its previous first season if the production is completed on time without any delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Valley of Tears Based on a True Story?

For Imrie Bitten, 35, an entertainer and himself a past war officer, the fictional show reflected its existence. During their discussions with Israeli veterans of the 1973 conflict, the veterans talked about flashbacks, nightmares, sadness, and mental breakdowns when they arranged their jobs in the “Valley of Tears“.

What Happened in Valley of Tears?

In the Valley of Tears, an Israeli tank leader led his company of tanks to a sloping face in open ground, where they could arm the Syrian tanks below. The fighting lasted 4 days and, with the Israeli powers exhausted and available to whoever gets there first, the Syrians pulled out.

How Did the Valley of Tears End?

The series closes though there is a post-credits scene where you can see Yoni strolling down the side-stall in an extremely amazing succession. There are other Jewish men around, yet the wounded vagina in an armed force uniform covered in the blood remains unrecognized.


Valley of Tears is an amazing sitcom that received 7.7 ratings out of 10 on IMDB with an increase in its popularity with episodes 3 and 5 being top rated on IMDB along with 500 user reviews written on it.

While on Rotten Tomatoes the sitcom earned 89% and if you want to read and watch other serial shows and mysterious, horror, tragedy drama then read it on