Veneno Season 2: Spanish Biographical Drama!

As the streaming service’s Atresplayer Premium popularity grows. These series are frequently as good as or better than many Spanish biographical titles. Hence, HBO Max expands its foreign options, so should its offerings. Veneno is one title for which HBO Max has become the Spanish distributor. Along with that, it’s a series that has captivated certain Spanish consumers.

The sitcom is made in Spain and follows chronicles the life and death of Spanish transgender celebrity Cristina Ortiz Rodriguez, popularly known as “La Veneno. Whether Veneno Season 2 will be released or not is currently in the mind of everyone who liked this particular sitcom.

That is why the series has captivated many spectators and has proven to be virtually tempting for biographical lovers. Those who are now perplexed about Veneno Season 2 are asking when the show would return for a second season. Keep reading the article to clear all your doubts.

When Will Veneno Season 2 Be Released?

Veneno, like many international series distributed by HBO Max, is produced by an in-country TV network named Atresplayer Premium. Though you must not be confused with the television home of Spain). The show has been officially renewed for a second season, with the news initially breaking in September of last year (via Twitter).

Javier Ambrossi stated plans to tackle the second season in December 2021. It is known that there will be eight episodes. Veneno Season 2 may have an official release date in mid-2022. The Spain TV series Veneno about a transgender singer will continue to grow.

It’s also worth noting that the show’s first several episodes were released with proper gaps. The first episode premiered in March 2020, and the second didn’t come out until two years later. Although the program has been renewed for a second season, viewers may have to wait a bit to see it.

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Having said that, we did receive some latest news in December 2021, when we learned that Season 2 had officially begun production in its native nation. With luck, HBO Max will be able to obtain a fresh new season in 2022.

Who Is in the Veneno Season 2 Cast?

Throughout the first season of Veneno, the star cast has stayed largely constant. The program also stars Jedet, Daniela Santiago, Isabel Torres, and Mariona Teré as Amparo. When the show returns, the star cast will most likely remain substantially intact. Though the series may choose to include a few new characters as well.

To that end, with the start of production, the deadline also reported two season additions, including TV veterans Lola Dueñas as Faela Sainz, both of whom should be known to US viewers from their work on personality respectively.

Lara Martorell star as La Fani, Ángeles Ortega star as La Manola, Karen Hernández star as Carolina la de Vigo, Candela Santiago star as Tamara la Gitana.

As the show’s Atresplayer Premium feed eloquently illustrates. Veneno centers around the life and passing of one of the most significant and beloved LGBT symbols in Spain, known as La Veneno (Christina Ortiz). The life and demise of La Veneno remain an enigma, even though she is known for her outspokenness and noble character.

The story tells the encounters of a trying transsexual woman who gained popularity with TV shows during the ’90s and wowed the crowd with a unique vision of the world.

What Is the Storyline of Veneno Season 2?

The last episode of Season 1 sees Christina in the final stages of her life. Under shocking circumstances, he experiences extreme wounds, which causes him to be placed in excruciating sedation. When Valeria receives a report from Paca about the episode, she visits Christina’s family to clarify what happened.

The book, titled ‘Not a Whore, Not a Saint: The Memories of La Veneno’, is built on Vegas’s ten-year relationship with Christina that changed both of their lives. Considering that there is another season, it is unlikely that the producers will go back to this story, which ends entirely at the end of Season 1.

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As implied by Javier Calvo, more stories like this should be provided to the world, which we can see in the various works of Calvo and Javier Ambrosi, i.e. assuming it gets restored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Veneno a True Story?

The 2020 TV series Veneno depends on his life. In March 2021 she was the subject of an applause runway in the first season episode of Drag Race Espana.

Is There a Book About La Veneno?

Based on a 2016 book about the life of Veneno Ortiz, entitled “Digo! Ni Puta ni Saint Nick: Las Memorias de la Veneno (I say! Not a prostitute, not a saint: Memories of La Veneno), by transsexual columnist Valeria Vegas, who created her fellowship with Ortiz in a mix of magazine and memoir related to.

Is La Veneno on HBO Max?

The famous Spanish series La Veneno is currently airing in Latin America on HBO Max. Featuring the singer and entertainer “La Jadet”, one of the most notable Spanish series is shown on HBO Max Latin America. This is the extraordinary story of entertainer Cristina Ortiz, a trans symbol of the 1990s in Spain.


Although the program has many supporters, many have criticized it during its first three episodes, mostly because of its too favorable portrayal of a transgender singer in the continuing conflict between the television personality. Some viewers were disappointed with the sitcom because they expected a more accurate picture of the biography in their fictional narrative.

Although some critics regard Veneno as reckless, many who enjoy the television sitcom are looking forward to the next season, Veneno Season 2.