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Arcane Top Characters According to Reddit Users

Arcane, a drama themed on League of Legends history, has ended, but viewers can’t shut up about stories and characters included in it. Despite the fact that the program focuses on Jinx and Vi, it appears that viewers have drawn toward appreciation for other characters on the show who have astonished people with their complexity and approachability.

With so many varied characters, there was something for everything in this program that takes a more visual look at these video game superstars and their lives. Having said that, as per Redditors, there’s a few supporter personalities who stick out from the crowd.


Jayce, as per Suitable, is among the series’ best-written protagonists. “If we’re discussing about language and intricacy, in my perspective, it was either Jayce, Silco, or Jinx,” says one Reddit user. Jayce is among the numerous League of Legends champions in Arcana, and his demeanor in the successful TV show reflects this.

Jayce is one of most expressive protagonists, displaying his emotions and how the rebel and enforcement effect him. He is a sensitive individual, yet he is a researcher with a clear purpose in mind. Despite his terrible tale, he is eventually seeking the secrets of the gemstones and the cosmos of Runeterra.


“I could be the only one, however Mel is my personal fave,” MartaDS20 says of Mel Medara, a crafty and secretive lady who MartaDS20 feels is one of the finest personalities on the program. Mel understands exactly what she desires, there are even rumors that she may be LeBlanc, the League of Legends champ.

This Redditor believes Mel is among the finest characters on the show, but they are not alone. Her stunning presence, on the other hand, has created an indelible impression on viewers, demonstrating that computer game adaptation shouldn’t have to be developed only for enthusiasts.


On a Hack tool thread, user IWillNameMyFirstKidJohn was startled by one of the show’s greatest characters, saying, “What gives that Singed is not really an alternative? He gained a ridiculous quantity of character improvement.”

Singed is an excellent illustration of how powerful and terrifying the vaccine made by Silco in Part 1 is in the program. Singed is incredibly amazing to watch as he transforms from a normal-looking human to something a little more disfigured, even though he will not really have enough of a role in the second half of the season.

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Sevika, a mustache twirling villain who battles Vi and dazzles spectators with her tremendous Shimmer utilizing a robotic exoskeleton, is the “real peak of personality evolution,” according to Redditor DiesofLigma.

She’s not just a wonderful figure, but her hand and its powers hint at the evolution of Vi’s renowned gauntlets, which are propelled in same way. Despite her brief television viewing, the woman makes an impression with her wicked smile and astute manner.


Ekko, who new Flickering flames Outfit was just introduced to the league, is the character that Redditor Euphoric Tax8637 enjoys the best out of all of the players in Arcane, according to Redditor Euphoric Tax8703. “Ekko my buddy,” a Reddit user comments, demonstrating how appealing this figure is and how recognizable he is to viewers. Ekko is somebody who wants what is greatest for his colleagues, relatives, and other individuals who grown up in the same position, whether he is a charming youngster or the head of a nonviolent resistance movement.

When Ekko utilizes his wristwatch to confuse Jinx in the program, it alludes to his powers in the game and adds to his complexity as a character because viewers aren’t sure how he’s evolved since he was a youngster under Vander’s wings.

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According to user NevaehW8, “Caitlyn reminds me a lot of myself. I adore her and her development.” This character began the program as an affluent Piltover resident with little knowledge of the rest of the globe. By the conclusion, she and Vi are collaborating to prevent the Enforcement officers from using the Hex-tech jewels’ potential.

Caitlyn is entertaining to observe, particularly when teamed with Vi, and she evolves as a result of her improved awareness of the universe as a result of her rift experience. In general, she is among Arcane’s most intriguing mental and emotional adventures.


Viktor is liked by Reddit user SeraphBlade210, but this Reddit user actually simply wishes to watch “his wonderful progression on TV” since they like seeing “him sink into Machines.” Viktor is plainly unwell, yet he is also one of Arcane’s most creative protagonists, rendering his journey heartbreaking in certain respects.

Viktor is a strong magician in League of Legends, and with the conclusion of season 1, it’s been believed that he may be Arcane’s season 2 antagonist. He is, nevertheless, an easy figure to relate with, and people admire him for his vulnerability and brilliance.

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“Silco was probably the finest personality next to Viktor,” ggSennT says. Silco is the show’s antagonist, and he’s also a fascinating character to observe since of his secrecy and fatherly approach with Jinx.

The program does an excellent job of personifying the villain and makes him both terrifying and rational at the very same time. This Reddit user is far from alone and in his assessment of the figure, since he is among the most often cited Arcane figures on the site.


Tomitsukazes, a Redditor, ranks his most favorite characters, with Vi coming in #1, Ekko second, and Caitlyn and Heimer equal for third. Jinx’s sibling, Vi, is a strong girl who understands how to take proper care of herself and has to protect herself throughout her life.

For many Redditors, Vi is among the finest people in Arcane since she understands what she needs, can kick some ass, but only gets what she need. Vi is also a very kind person, and she is the most sense of morality in the show.


Jinx is among the most popular characters on the show, according to a vote conducted by Imveryunoriginity228. Jinx is a difficult person, to be sure, but it is her depth that keeps viewers interested. When contrasted to the other characters in the survey, Jinx was the only one who received more than 200 votes for becoming the greatest.

Despite being driven insane and a bit insane, Jinx has proven to be among the more engaging and sympathetic characters in the series. People still like Jinx because she is the protagonist and, in the end, she is the sufferer of all the traumas that have shaped her into the person that is.

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