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Move to Heaven: What Happened in This K-Drama? Ending Explanation

Move to Heaven is a Korean Netflix Exclusive series set to premiere in 2021, inspired on Kim Saw-essay byul’s “Things Left Behind.” He, such as the story’ hero, Geu-ru, was a traumatized healer. Move to Heaven, created by Kim Sung-ho and scripted by Ji-ryeon, tells the tale of Geu-ru, a 20-year-old kid with Asperger syndrome. After his father’s death, Geu-ru sees his uncle and new guardianship, Sang-gu, for first time in life.

He had been a retired who had lately been released from prison and was immediately dubbed Geu-Guardian. ru’s As a result, he and his nephew started his late half-business brother’s as stress cleaners. On the 14th of May 2021, Netflix published this 10-episode Netflix Exclusive.

Now we’ll look at how to explain the ending of Move to Heaven. The show features a nephew and uncle team that work as stress therapists. Somebody who sweeps up after someone else’s murder is known as a stress cleaner. This is due to the fact that many people who have lost a loved one are unable to do so.

Rather, a traumatized cleaner takes up the task, collecting everything the dead owns and placing it in a yellow circle to be handed to a close family right away. The title of the play is drawn from their company name, “Move to Heaven.” Later in the novel, as we learn more about the individuals’ pasts, we find a range of stories to be told. It gradually becomes clear how Sang-gu is dealing with the consequences of his background and his time in prison.

Move to Heaven: What Is This About?

Sang Gu doesn’t like being Geu-guardian ru’s once he is assigned to him. He believes his late half-brother Jeong Wu harmed him, prompting him to serve time in jail. He now assumes Geu-guardianship ru’s in the hopes of inheriting what is truly his. However, Na Mu recognizes that Sang Gu is unfit to be Geu-guardian ru’s since he has bad intents for him.

Move to Heaven

Sang Gu, however, only has six weeks to achieve himself qualified to be Geu-guardian, ru’s as per Jeong Wu’s lawyer. We discover during the course of the show that Sang Gu was sentenced to prison because he nearly murdered his rival Kim Su Cheol in an illegal battle. This competitor was Sang Gu’s protege, for whom he continues to pay healthcare bills in order to maintain him healthy.

Sang Gu considered selling Geu-house ru’s to pay the medical fees in order to maintain Su Cheol alive. However, we eventually learn that Sang Gu may not have been entirely to blame for the events. This former Olympic medalist was forced to retire from boxing due to punch drunk syndrome. Believing it was due to his sport of choice, where he was frequently punched in the face, he began competing in unlawful fighting contests.

Move to Heaven

But, oblivious to all of this, the show’s villain and the leader of the gambling circuit arranges a battle among Sang Gu and Su Cheol. However, Jeong Wu pays a visit to Sang Gu before the match. As a result, he flees in wrath, venting his rage on his former apprentice. Su Cheol collapses as a result of the injury sustained during the combat, as well as his previous state.

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Move to Heaven: How the Series End?

When Sang Gu discovers Geu-ru in the tank, he informs him about his ability to communicate with the spirits. This helps Geu-ru to let go of his affections for his father metaphorically. He is eventually able to properly clean his father’s room and locate his cellphone. In this scene, Geu-ru sees a final goodbye video that his father had sent for him. At the burial facility, Geu-ru finally bids his father farewell. He embraces his friends and relatives, as well as the tree that was erected in Jeong Wu’s honor.

Move to Heaven

We even saw Jeong Wu’s attorney advising Sang Gu that he was unqualified to look for Geu-ru at the conclusion of Move to Heaven. The three-month custody period was over, but the lawyer’s choice was not entirely his. Sang Gu was Geu-first ru’s choice for a guardianship. This would take precedence over any attorney’s expert advice. As a result, Sang Gu becomes Geu-permanent ru’s guardian at the conclusion of Move to Heaven. Despite the fact that Sang Gu’s repayment arc is now almost complete, Joo Young manages to elude the police raid on his illicit gambling circuit. So, if there is a second season, he will almost certainly play the role of the main adversary.

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Move to Heaven Ending: Did Geu-Ru Broke up?

It has been evident all through the show that Na Mu has a soft spot for Geu-ru. She’s knew him even though they were both 6 years old, and she’s never moved on any love sentiments she’s had for him. So, it’s probable that Na Mu had no affections for Geu-ru and only desired for him to succeed in life. In the last scene of Move to Heaven, a girl appears at Geu-service. ru’s The purpose for her visit to Geu-ru has yet to be disclosed.

Move to Heaven

Nonetheless, it might be tied to some cleaning up, although it’s unclear who is responsible. A beautiful butterfly hovers on the girl, if we go by symbolism alone. They’re said to be a sign of hope and change. Geu-ru just went through a transforming event after actually letting go of his father. And this may just be a method to represent it. Otherwise, in a probable series two of the program, we may merely have her as a love involvement for Geu-ru.

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