The Flower of Evil: Know Everything About Netflix Suspense Drama!

There are many Korean actors but one of my favorite people is Lee Joon-gi and here in this blog we will discuss the melodrama sitcom which fails to attract Koreans but is given love from international fans and viewers.

Flower Of Evil is the 2020 South Korean television series drama which received 8.7 out of 10 on IMDB while 8.5 on MyDramaList from 10.

Flower Of Evil is a South Korean series which is written by Yoo Jung-hee and Jang Shin-ae, Kim Dae-ho are the producers’ company along with its parent company named Studio Dragon and the series came to premiere on TvN and worldwide through Netflix.

This suspense fantasy drama follows the story of the perfect family Moon Chae-won played by Cha Ji-won and she is the wife of Hee-sung. Baek Hee-sung (Lee Joon-gi) is a man who hides his personality and past from his significant other, Cha Ji-won (Moon Chae-won), an analyst.

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They seem to be, by all accounts, the ideal family: a caring couple with a sweet little girl who adores their people. Cha Ji-won and his associates begin researching the progression of unexplained murders and go up against the fact that their apparently wonderful spouse may be hiding something from him.

Kim Cheol-kyu is the director of this suspense fantasy drama that came out in 2020 on its parent network TVN and has a running time of 70 to 80 minutes per episode and its first season consists of 16 episodes.

After that, the suspense drama premiered on Netflix and everyone loved it. The Flower Of Evil which came out in its native language i.e. Korean retained its place in the top list of most popular dramas on Netflix in many countries and earned mixed reviews.

The Flower of Evil: Release Date

This suspense and melodrama by Monster Union premiered on July 29, 2020, and concluded on September 23, 2020, on its original network in South Korea with its 16 episodes.

The sitcom runs for 70 to 80 minutes and Yoo Sang-won and Jung Hae-ryong are the executive producers of this suspense drama.

The Flower of Evil: Cast and Characters

There have been no announcements about new cast members of Flower of Evil. Given that we expect Flower Of Evil star cast details to be released by early 2022. As of nowhere is the list below;

  • Lee Joon-gi stars as Baek Hee-sung
  • Moon Chae-won stars as Cha Ji-won
  • Jang Hee-jin stars as Do Hae-soo
  • Seo Hyun-woo stars as Kim Moo-jin
  • Jung Seo-Yeon stars as Baek Eun-ha
  • Nam Gi-ae stars as Gong Mi-ja
  • Jo Kyung-sook stars as Moon Young-ok
  • Park Seung-Tae stars as Oh Bok-ja
  • Kim Ki-Cheon stars as Dr. Lee Hyun-suk

Where to Watch The Flower of Evil

You can stream or download this sitcom on Netflix and Viki through DVD Blu ray and ViuTV on some other platforms which provide this sitcom on the platforms.

When Will We See The Flower of Evil Season 2?

At this moment the second season of this sitcom is not confirmed yet so we will hope that we will see this sitcom soon if they renew the series soon for the next season.

Flower of Evil: the Melodrama Ratings and Reviews

The popularity of the sitcom increases on IMDB with 8.7 Ratings out of 10. Episode 15 and 16 from the 1st season are rated on the top list with 7.1 and 8.2 individual ratings respectively.

The suspense drama received positive reviews from the viewers and here I provided some of the audience reviews which they have written on IMDB.

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Some of the reviews are that the sitcom will find its users or its way to run further, it is an amazing show and one user review is that it is the favourite series and unexpectedly enjoyable sitcom.

While on Rotten Tomatoes the series received 64% of Tomatometer Ratings with 61 critic reviews and an average score of 40% with 30 user ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is the Title Flower of Evil?

Regarding the title, Yoo Jung Hee clarified, “While creating the persona Do Hyun Soo played by Lee Jun Gee, I used Charles Baudelaire’s book of poetry ‘Les Fleurs du Mal’ in English ‘The Flowers of Evil’. I wanted people to consider the grandeur of a manic life when thinking about the show.”

Where Is the Flower of Evil?

It airs on TVN every Wednesday and Thursday from July 29 to September 23, 2020, and universally on IQIYI, Wiki, and VUTV with multi-dialect captions. Lee and Moon currently starred in Criminal Minds, and it was Lee’s visit to TV again after two years.

Was the Flower of Evil Successful?

Flower of Evil is a tense thrill ride about the secrets of a diminutive spouse, and a wife who is slowly making up for the time lost by it. This dramatization by Lee Joon Gee and Moon Chae Won, set apart by amazing storytelling and critical execution, has probably been the best in 2020.


The Flower of Evil is a melodrama sitcom that received mixed reviews on IMDB and the popularity of the sitcom is increasing which means the television show is in demand by the audience.

So here, we all are curious to watch the new season which is not renewed yet. Till then, you read and watch other suspense and thriller shows on