Vanguard – Taking A Sneak Peek Into the Movie!

This Chinese action-adventure film by Jackie Chan is inspired by Chan’s sixth collaboration with Tong and the film is based on that only.

Stanley Tong directed a special family film in which the main character or actor is Jackie Chan and he aimed to free himself and other characters from their mentor who performed them in projects.

Now it aims to rely heavily on poorly crafted CGI and half-baked car/boat chase sequences at international locations. Curious to get to know more about Jackie Chan film’s and where to watch them? So, Keep scrolling to know more…

Stanley Tong wrote the film and Angelina Jolie along with Barbie Tung, Chi Wai Yau produced the loving film, and Chi Wai Yau is the editor of The Vanguard film which came out on September 30, 2020, in the United States in English Language and has a running time of 108 minutes.

The idea for making the movie started back in 2017 and then after two years, they decided to start the production of the movie. Then from August 2018 to May 2019 cast of the movie was assembled and then finally the film was made available to premiere on November 20, 2020, on Disney+.

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This Chinese action film received mixed reviews from the critics and the film is worth watching and it is a good or family film that can be watched by anyone.

Who are the Cast Members in this Action Packed 2020 Film Titled the Vanguard?

These are the star cast who contributed to this action movie and these are-

  • Jackson Lou stars as Qin Guoli
  • Jackie Chan stars as Tang Huanting
  • Yang Yang stars as Lei Zhenyu
  • Ai Lun stars as Zhang Kaixuan
  • Miya Muqi stars as Mi Ya
  • Yang Jian Ping stars as Jian Ping
  • Zhu Zhengting stars as Shendiao
  • Jackson Lou stars as Qin Guoli
  • Xu Ruohan stars as Fareeda
  • Brahim Achabbakhe stars as Broto
  • Haytham Mansour stars as Dubai Policeman

What is the Story of the Vanguard?

Qin Guoli is a high-profile bookkeeper who deceives the head of a global psychological oppressor assembly and, thus, has projected their fury.

To the point when the Arctic Wolves, a pack on the finances of fear-based oppressors, neglect to kill Kin, because of a suitable defense by Vanguard (a first-class security administration led by Chan’s man), the villainous Kin’s hippies. turn your attention to the little girl Farida.

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It is currently up to Vanguard CEO Tang Huanting and his group of espionage experts to rescue Farida from the clutches of psychological extremists. His super charged chase around the world takes him to Dubai, where vehicles of strong gold await.

Vanguard 2020 Film: Trailer

Here is the official teaser for this amazing film which is given here-

Where to Watch the Vanguard 2020 film?

You can watch action-packed movies of all the disasters on Disney plus and Hulu this time no other platform is available to watch this movie.

The film chronicles the most recent collaboration of Jackie Chan and chief Stanley Tong. With “Vanguard” Jackie Chan attempts to slip into the more accessible work of the coach without completely shedding his activity star persona. That’s reasonable, obviously, because, at 66, Chan’s age is still growing.

Yes, the film is inspired by the true story of Chan’s sixth collaboration with Tong.

Vanguard Ratings and Reviews

The film received an IMDb rating of 4.7 out of 10 and Rotten Tomatoes votes of 28 %, which is quite appreciable.

With regard to surveys, experts recognized the film Vanguard as unobtrusive, frankly thrifty. They say that the film is nothing short of a relation as it depicts the true shape of life. Pundits also can’t stop admiring the entertainers’ exhibitions, story progression and delightfully enchanting arrangements.

All things considered, he vacated his entire existence in the film. They are seen to cherish the film to such a great extent, depicting it perfectly that they can’t even stop watching it multiple times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vanguard a Good Movie?

Vanguard is a terrifying counterfeit activity blockbuster that’s dull, laborious, and devoid of any of the appeal and mindfulness anticipated from the gifts of Jackie Chan and Stanley Tong.

Is Vanguard a Movie a Hit?

Film industry. Vanguard earned 246 million yuan (~ USD 37 million) in its first two weeks in no time. It played the most gruesome of the relative crowd of other nearby blockbusters during a public Golden Week occasion.

Do They Speak English in Vanguard?

Using a combination of Cantonese and English, Vanguard is attempting to engage multiple crowds without a moment’s delay, yet there is no real justification behind it. Entertainers are perfectly fine when communicating in their local language, although there is no emphasis or presence when communicating in English.


Vanguard is a Chinese action-adventure film that stays mostly intense and coupled with the flow. Most of the thriller sequences seem familiar, but it is still a good watch.

That was all that we had to offer for the movie Vanguard. We hope you loved it. Also pen down your thoughts, views, and suggestions in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!

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