The Inside Job Netflix Series of Shion Takeuchi!

Are you in love with an American science fiction drama which is a lovable series on Netflix? Are you wondering how to watch season 2 after so much attached with season 1? Want to know more about its new season which came out in October last year?

Are you so attached or fell in love with The Inside Job Netflix series which is an adult animated streaming television series and started to premiere its original season in April 2019. So what are you expecting from this season 2 of The Inside Job Netflix?

There is further good news to the audience of Inside Job, a Netflix adult animated drama, that season 2 of this series is also announced. But in this blog, we will discuss The Inside Job Netflix drama for season 2.

In the coming season, you’ll get to see the “Inside Job” essential storyline uncovered by Takeuchi and Hirsch in such a long way. Classification reports that the show will bat at the comparative ballpark of “Gravity Falls,” with “our reality and element animals, stories and scenes torn straight from the trick newspaper headline texts of general store checkout paths into the heavenly edges of the scene.”

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Shion Takeuchi (Gravity Falls, Disenchantment) acquired Cognito, Inc. and used his intense love of mad fear to rejuvenate. It is the fictional shadow government element at the core of the series. It also includes a useless gathering of employees who are in a position to keep everything under control.

Whether it’s controlling the entrance to the empty earth to keep them stable or the US president to control them with robot progenitors. Keep reading to know more about the sci-fi sitcom.

Inside Job Season 2: Release Date

The first season of the Inside Job Netflix sitcom came out on October 22, 2021, and ended with its final episode number 10 on the same date. We anticipate that the second season of The Inside Job Season 2 will also be released on the same OTT platform as Netflix.

Episode No. and Their Titles

Episode 1: Unpresidented

Episode 2: Clone Gunman

Episode 3: Blue Bloods

Episode 4: Sex Machina

Episode 5: The Brettfast Club

Episode 6: My Big Flat Earth Wedding

Episode 7: Ghost Protocol

Episode 8: Buzzkill

Episode 9: Mole Hunt

Episode 10: Inside Reagan

Each episode has a running time of 26-31 minutes and the Netflix platform is the distributor of this sitcom and the series came out on the original network Netflix. The sitcom is currently underway and now its second season has also been announced which is expected to come soon in mid-2022.

Inside Job Season 2: The Inside Job Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer of The Inside Job Season 2 is yet to be published. We hope it will be available soon. We will update you here;

Where to Watch the Series Inside Job?

You can currently stream this Inside Job Science fiction drama on Netflix & Amazon Prime Video.

Inside Job Netflix: the American drama Ratings and Reviews

The popularity of the sitcom increases on IMDB with 8.2 Ratings out of 10.

Episodes 8 and 9 from the 1st season are rated on the top list with 8.1 and 8.2 individual ratings respectively.

The sitcom received positive reviews from the audience and here I provide some of the audience reviews they have written on IMDb.

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There are some reviews that the sitcom will find its way to its audience or further walks, it is a wonderful show and one user review is that it is a favorite sitcom and an unexpectedly enjoyable sitcom.

While on Rotten Tomatoes the series received 98% of Tomatometer Ratings with 7 critic reviews and an average score of 91% with 25,000 user ratings.

4.5 out of 5 is earned by the series on Commonsensemedia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Inside Job Getting a Season 2?

The second season of “Inside Job” has not been officially announced by Netflix. Despite this, we have a feeling that Part 2 is due to The Hollywood Reporter, which wrote in 2019 that the underlying series request covers 20 episodes.

Is Inside Job Connected to Rick and Morty?

Despite this slight hybrid, there is no accepted relationship between the two shows (as of now). Also, producer Shion Takeuchi had no contribution to Rick and Morty. It is constantly conceivable that they can pull a big mouth and do a hybrid of active humor.

How Many Seasons of Inside Job Will There Be?

There is only one period of Inside Job available on Netflix. The elegantly crafted first part of the lively effort consists of 10 episodes, with a runtime ranging from 26 to 31 minutes.


Inside Job Netflix Season 1 is a good American sci-fi series to watch and you can watch the previous season of it until season 2 comes. So, if you love our work, keep following us so that we can grow together as a really big community. Also, you can pen down your thoughts or views in the comment section box. Till then happy reading!

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