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60 Days in Season 7: Officially Coming Back!

Are you excited to see the documentary series in which a group of volunteers turns into undercover prisoners in county jail? The good news is that 60 Days In is coming back for a new season 7 and the other satisfying news is that filming of the documentary has ended, so it simply means we’re all getting a new season soon because the producers of the season continue one after the other.

So the new season is coming soon without any delay.

It was announced by the star cast that there are a lot of things to look ahead to when the sixth season dropped on some platform. If you want more real political drama then you are lucky that an upcoming season is on its way to release.

Yet only filming has covered by release date is not confirmed.

Let’s know more about the new season of 60 Days In.

When Will 60 Days in Season 7 Come?

At the time of writing release date or window date for the upcoming season of 60 Days In Season 7 is not confirmed but the filming of the new season is completed which is revealed by Gregory Henry.

In some posts mentioned, “There are a lot of bells today as we officially confirmed with Season 7!”.

A spin-off is also coming with Season 7 as it was confirmed that 60 Days spin-off is coming whose title has not been revealed yet.

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The confirmation of the fifth season came earlier in March 2021 that two new seasons 4 and 5 are renewed and now it’s the time to come season 5 in 2022 hopefully.

60 Days in Season 7: Cast

We are expecting that most of the star cast will come from season 6 as no official star cast is announced for Season 7 at this time.

So some of the cast members like Jonathon Horton, Alex2, Ashley1, Dennis, Jacob, Matt, and Jennifer are confirmed earlier when A&E announces the star cast for the two new seasons at the time of season 6.

There are more chances that Shanese and Tony will also come back for the new season.

What Is the Plotline of 60 Days in Season 7?

In the event, the show returns, “60 Days InSeason 7 will follow the same arrangement as the previous parts and jail the enthusiasts for filling in as secret agents for two months. They will try to gain the trust and confidence of the real prisoners by submitting verification regarding criminal acts within four dividers at the same time.

It could very well be about banned substances, possession, disputes, or anything else that prison guards are not aware of.

Accordingly all collected data will be used by experts for further development of the framework and not for anything else. Because the entire activity is dangerous, members will be given code words and hand flags that they can use to alert the team, assuming they need to leave the office.

Is There an Official Trailer for 60 Days in Season 7?

Yet, there is no official teaser or trailer for Season 7 but here given below is the trailer teaser for the 60 Days In Season 6.

Where to Watch 60 Days in All Seasons?

You can stream this drama on Netflix, Amazon Channel, or watch it online on A&E.

60 Days in Season 6: Ratings and Reviews

The popularity of the documentary series increases on IMDB with 7.6 Ratings out of 10.

Episodes 17 and 18 from the 6th season are rated on the top list with 8.2 and 8.0 individual ratings respectively.

The Jail 60 Days In received positive reviews from the audience and here I provided some of the fan’s reviews which they have written on IMDB.

Some of the reviews are that the docuseries will find its viewers or its way to run further, it is an awesome show and one user review is that it is the favorite docuseries and unexpectedly enjoyable sitcom.

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While on Rotten Tomatoes the series received 80% of Tomatometer Ratings with 5 critic reviews and an average score of 74% with 69 user ratings.

4.2 out of 5 is earned by the sitcom on Commonsensemedia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be Season 7 of 60 Days in?

Seasons 1, 2, and 3 appeared separately (via Amazon Prime) in March, August, and March. Seasons 4, 5, and 6 appeared later in December and January each year. Hence, Season 7 could make a big appearance in January 2022, a year from now.

Do 60 Days of Participants Get Paid?

Perhaps, they are getting the compensation of about $3,000 per scene.” Although some people may feel that the $3000 per scene that 60 Days In Volunteers is making per scene is not much, assuming they are paid. The going amount is so they are showing improvements in many other unwritten television shows members.

What Is Tony From 60 Days in Doing Now?

Tony worked as a detention officer at Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail (seasons 3 and 4) for the next six years. As a typical fictitious pioneer, Tony says he will be running the unit at the Etowah County Jail in seconds.


60 Days In is an amazing series to watch loving high fight television docuseries whose first episode came in 2016 and the show is still running and all are waiting for its new season 7. The show received 7.6 ratings out of 10 on IMDb while it scored 5.6 on What’s News on Netflix.

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