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Lupin Season 2: What Happened in Season 2?

Lupin,’ a French suspenseful thriller series, is one of Netflix’s greatest offerings. Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss due to Sherlock Holmes (or should we name him Herlock Sholmes) what George Kay and François Uzan do to Arsène Lupin, but in a more subtle way.

The dense plot is weaved gently and with accuracy, driven by a superb performance by Omar Sy and led by an intriguing music. The novel features Maurice Leblanc’s original characters, but the producers broaden the scope of the plot by pitting Lupin against not just class but also racial injustice perpetrated by the French white bourgeoisie.

In the second season, Assane Diop, the modern-day Lupin, continues his fight against Hubert Pellegrini, the wicked white bourgeois who murdered Assane’s father. Pellegrini’s ties to the legal system are extensive, and Assane’s Lupin slips through the cracks like a needle through a sieve.

Hubert reveals Assane’s identity to the police in the second season, and Assane becomes the target of a countrywide manhunt. The denouement plays out in dramatic suspense as Assane faces his arch-nemesis after a series of near-impossible exploits.

Lupin Season 2: What Actually Happened?

The tale picks off where the first season left off, with Guedira encountering Lupin for the first time, albeit under perilous circumstances. Raoul is abducted by Hubert’s henchman Leonard in the middle of a cat and mouse pursuit between Hubert and Assane.

In a previous reality, Assane is brought before the principal for stealing a violin for Claire, but with quick thinking and some luck, he avoids serious punishment.

Lupin Season 2

Returning to the present, Guedira and Assane race to save Raoul, but Assane refuses Guedira’s assistance since he doesn’t deal with cops. Assane is apprehended by the police after a difficult encounter with Leonard, while Raoul seems to burn in the trunk of Leonard’s automobile.

Raoul, on the other hand, is still alive since Guedira arrives just in time to save him. Assane eludes capture by duping Belkacem, and she is unable to pursue him due to a flat tire. Dumont invites Guedira to the Hyatt Hotel, where he takes Raoul into custody. Dumont brings Raoul to Hubert, who tries to persuade him that his father is a robber. Assane eventually saves his son via copying Hubert’s voice and sending a message to Dumont.

Lupin Season 2

Claire has previously visited Hubert in search of her son, so Hubert has a backup plan. Henchmen await Assane’s return at Claire’s house, and despite Claire’s warning, Assane manages to flee once more.

Hubert has put Assane’s family in jeopardy, therefore Assane resolves to assassinate Hubert from within the Pellegrini family. Assane arranges a meeting with Hubert’s daughter Juliette with the aid of his close friend Benjamin.

Hubert, on the other hand, prepares to transfer the proceeds from his daughter’s charity event to a secret overseas account with the aid of a savvy accountant. With a night of shenanigans, Juliette relives her past with Assane. However, it is not enough, and Assane takes Claire’s boyfriend’s bracelet in order to gain Juliette’s trust.

In exchange, he persuades Juliette to confront her mother, who then travels to Guedira to confess to Hubert’s crimes. The cops bring Hubert in for questioning, but they don’t have enough evidence, so Hubert gets free. He does, however, betray Assane’s identity to the cops before departing.

Lupin Season 2

Claire is interrogated by Belkacem and Laugier, while Juliette is consoled by Assane. Hubert devises a complex scheme to frame Assane. Hubert’s plot makes Leonard a martyr, when another henchman, Pascal Oblet, murders him.

In exchange, he persuades Juliette to face her mother, who then confesses Hubert’s misdeeds to Guedira. Hubert is apprehended by the cops, but they don’t have enough evidence to hold him, so he gets away.

However, before leaving, he informs the cops of Assane’s identity. Assane calms Juliette while Belkacem and Laugier interview Claire. To frame Assane, Hubert devises a complex scheme. In Hubert’s scheme, Leonard is killed by another henchman, Pascal Oblet.

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Lupin Season 2: Why Assane on the Run in Ending?

Assane ultimately extracts a confession from Hubert in the fitting conclusion. Assane is one step ahead of Hubert, who believes he is winning. The arrogant accountant Courbet is revealed to be an emo-punk Lupin enthusiast whom Ben and Assane met at a library.

Lupin Season 2

So, while Hubert believes the funds are being sent to his personal account, Assane ensures that the funds raised reach the Foundation’s account. Assane enters the building in a trunk, surprising Hubert, who admits to having framed Assane’s father, as well as his role in Raoul’s kidnapping and Leonard’s killing, under duress.

Assane sends the footage to Guedira after disclosing Hubert’s actual face in front of the donors. In the end, the police had enough evidence to arrest Hubert and Dumont. On his journey to bring justice to his departed father, the master of deceit and daring exploits triumphs, and his war appears to be over.

In the perspective of the police, he is still a criminal. Assane manages to see Claire and Raoul one final time before escaping as the police pursue him.

Lupin Season 2

The conclusion is reminiscent of ‘The Dark Knight,’ since Assane is theoretically the hero France deserves, but not the one it requires at this time. As a result, the cops will go after him because he can take it. But we have trust in Lupin, and we know that Assane will emerge undamaged from any adversity.

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Lupin Season 2: Is Hubert Pellegrini’s career over?

With the arrest of Hubert Pellegrini and his accomplice Dumont, the drama seemed to have come to a close. Hubert had to “atone” for the horrible deeds as they piled up, to use one of the character’s own phrases.

Hubert was arrested earlier when Anne told Guedira about the crimes. Hubert, on the other hand, brushes shoulders with the who’s who of the judicial system, and the cops are forced to let him go, ostensibly due to a lack of evidence. The authorities now have Hubert’s own confession on camera, and the case appears to be rather solid.

Lupin Season 2

Hubert, on the other hand, appears to have significant contacts with the administration, and he may be able to get away again this time. It appears that the elite always find a way out. Hubert may utilize this as his chip, as Assane had already imitated Hubert’s voice to convey a message to Dumont.

In other words, he may claim that Assane cloned his voice to produce the confession recording and fool the cops. We’ll have to wait until next season to find out what happened to Hubert Pellegrini.

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