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Hey reader! If you are a fan of musical comedy-drama series, then you are at the exact spot! Yes, because today we will be discussing in an in-depth manner about one of the recent talks of the town Julie and the Phantoms Season 2. After the success of the first season and the emotions it was able to evoke, fans had been very curious to know about Julie and the Phantoms Season 2. Let’s find out…

Several questions have been surfacing over the internet- Will there be Julie and the Phantoms Season 2? Or does the sitcom conclude after the first season? You don’t have to worry! We have got you. In this blog, we have included all the details about the musical series Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 that you would not like to miss for sure…

But before we go ahead with the details on the sequel in this article, let’s just take a short look at the first episode of Julie and the Phantoms. So, just keep reading till the end, and we will not bother you.

About the Musical Series- Julie and the Phantoms

Julie and the Phantoms is an American musical comedy series which is illustrated by Dan Cross and David Hoge. This musical series adaptation of the original Brazilian series made its debut in January 2020, which was produced by Cross Hoge Production.

The Comedy sitcoms follow the story of Julie and the Phantoms in which a young woman overcomes her misfortune with the help of three ghosts. Their general love for music leads them to form a band, and accuses each one of them of a sense of euphoria that they were missing. This animated series highlights themes of youth, supernatural drama, learning and music.

The first season of Julie and the Phantoms had a total of 9 episodes that concluded in the month of September 2020. Since then, viewers have been wondering if they would get to see Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 or not. Let’s just find out in this blog.

julie and the phantoms season 2

Quick Info About the Musical Series- Julie and the Phantoms

Created By: Dan Cross & David Hoge

Genre: Musical, Comedy- Drama

Written By: Paula Knudsen

Composer: David Lawrence

Produced By: Jameson Parker, Thierry Tanguy

Production Company: Cross Hoge Productions, 5678 Productions, Mixer Films

Original Network: Netflix

Julie and the Phantoms- What Is It About?

The story of Julie and the Phantoms portrays the universe of ghosts and how it connects with Julie, yet it leaves a lot of questioning. We really fail to see the reason why Julie is the one who can see the Phantom in particular and why should she be visible to the rest of the world when they play the music? What are the rules of being a ghost in this world? This also takes us to Caleb and what he needs from the Phantom. From its vibes, that must be the devil who is in LA to guarantee souls. He’s focused on the Phantom, and Nick’s ownership in the Season 1 finale implies that he has different designs for Julie and her teammates.

In later seasons, we hope to find out about him. who is it; Will he be a phantom or something different? What does he intend to do directly? Or more so, how has he managed Willie? We didn’t see him until later in the Orpheum show, before which it was revealed that Caleb had discovered he was helping the Phantom.

Julie and the Phantoms- Who Was on the List of the Star Cast?

The sitcom Julie and the Phantoms feature an awesome star cast. Here is the list of Julie and the Phantoms Season 1. Give it a minute and take a look here;

  • Madison Reyes stars as Julie Molina
  • Charlie Gillespie stars as Luke
  • Owen Patrick Joyner stars as Alex
  • Jeremy Shada stars as Reggie
  • Jadah Marie stars as Flynn
  • Sacha Carlson stars as Nick
  • Savannah May stars as Carrie

Julie and the Phantoms Season 2- Is It Cancelled?

The show Julie and the Phantoms Season lasted for one season, with the last episode airing on the 10th of September, 2020. After this, the original network, Netflix specified that the show be canceled, which means there will be no more of Julie and the Phantoms Season 2.

This came as very disappointing news for the audience because they highly expected the show to return. Viewers even started online petitions to bring back Julie and the Phantoms Season 2.

As Netflix officially announced the cancellation of Julie and the Phantoms Season 2, it is very unlikely that the series would return. The sitcom received a lot of love from the audience, and you never know, the makers might change their minds somewhere in the future! But for now, Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 stands canceled.

Season two still hasn’t been officially announced despite season one airing back in September 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Julie and the Phantoms Getting a Season 2?

Netflix has opted not to reinstate the brief season of Julie and the Phantom. Kenny Ortega, the lead producer, choreographer, and lead of the melodic dramedy, announced the news on Instagram. … As his fellowship with Julie develops, the young men persuade him to collect another: Julie and the Phantom.

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Was Julie and the Phantoms Cancelled?

Julie and the Phantom have been dropped on Netflix after only one season. Producer, the choreographer, and lead Kenny Ortega, the leader of the melodic dramedy, revealed on Instagram that Decor has chosen not to recharge the show for Season 2… you can check out Ortega’s full post below.

Are Julie and the Phantoms a Real Band?

Since the stars behind Julie and the Phantoms are something beyond entertainers who sing tunes onscreen – they are a real band. In the light of the new Netflix series, the Brazilian series Julie and phantom, Madison Reyes starred as 15-year-old Julie, a capable performer who lost her energy for music after her mother passed away…

Last Lines

That was all that we had to offer for Julie and the Phantoms Season 2. It is a bit disheartening that the second season will be canceled for now. But never mind, maybe it was better to leave the comedy-drama series as it is to retain its adoration.

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