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The Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 Final Episode Recap

The most essential lesson that Raq taught Kanan in Power Book III Season 1 was determining who to trust. Amazon Prime’s The Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 1 conclusion given after numerous episodes of build-up. Kanan is preparing to fire another shot at Detective Howard when the episode begins. It’d be a sure kill, but Kanan becomes terrified and flees, assuming Detective Howard will die from the other shots anyhow.

Kanan is picked up by Scrappy after he disposes of the gun. The goal is to meet with Marvin and return the jacket before dropping Kanan off at his grandmother’s house. When they leave Marvin, though, they encounter officers everywhere and a roadblock blocking their way to her house.

Detective Howard Rush to the Hospital

Jessica and Famous are visiting Lou-Lou at the hospital when they notice Detective Howard being taken to surgery. Police question an addict who seen the shooter back at the crime site. He tells detectives he was wearing a certain jacket, but he’s too buzzed to recall the details.

Lou-Lou glances out the window of his hospital room to observe the pandemonium below. When he learns Detective Howard has been shot, he is taken aback and soon recognizes who is to blame. Even though he’s still hurting from the fire, he runs out to check out what’s going on.

The Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Scrap and Kanan’s Plan B has been activated as a result of the lockdown. When they arrive at Raq’s house, she tells them to come inside and clean up.

Scrap wishes to get his car detailed first to get rid of any potential evidence left behind. Kanan follows, but Scrap wants to get his car detailed first to get rid of any possible evidence left behind. Scrap informs Kanan that he has recently become a soldier before fleeing.

The Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Raq has Kanan go through what occurred inside. She discovers his hand injuries from falling while fleeing the incident, but Kanan assures her that he is OK. He also informs her that Detective Howard has died, just as Detective Burke is receiving information about his health from a new police chief, including the knowledge that he has leukemia.

Detective Burke and other police go out to investigate the incident and come find Jukebox. Detective Burke challenges the cop’s previous claims about police being pursued by someone as she searches through her luggage. Unique, according to Jukebox, is to blame, ruling out Raq and Kanan in the process.

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Nique Realization

Worrell says that Detective Howard was shot and that Nique’s name has come up as the gunman at Nique’s. Raq set him up, but there’s nothing he can do about it right now. Pulling his soldiers off the streets and going dark for a spell is the greatest choice.

Raq transports Kanan to Juliana’s store and places him in a back room until Marvin arrives. Raq tells Juliana to submit the film of “Unique” fleeing past the shop after the shooting to the cops. Raq says her goodbyes to her kid and walks away.

The Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Marvin makes a pit stop at Nique’s condo on his way to Kanan. Pretending to be a gas technician, he obtains admission and stashes the jacket in his closet. Just as Marvin steps out of the condo, Unique comes with his son and mother.

Marvin makes his way to Juliana’s but is halted at a police roadblock, where he is eventually detained owing to a narcotics warrant. Marvin discovers Toni has abandoned him at the station.

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Raq’s Experiment

Raq instructs her guys to get ready to transport their merchandise down the shoot when they get to the stash house, knowing the cops are on their way. Lou-Lou is the first to arrive, yelling at Raq for ordering a hit on an officer and having Kanan carry it out. He’s had enough with the game and wants out. Raq, on the other hand, claims that he is unable to go.

When the cops arrive to check the next flat, the two are still conversing. In the end, the shot trick works. However, Juliana informs Raq that Marvin has failed to appear and that police are on their way to check her business.

The Power Book III: Raising Kanan

When Jukebox arrives, Kanan is still at the back of the store. He tries to play tough when it comes to the shooting, but Jukebox sees through him and calls him out. Kanan is too innocent to recognize that his mother is playing him and claims that everything is under control. Symphony, who Raq had phoned when Juliana reached out, ultimately picks him up and transports him to Maryland.

When Unique finds his jacket back in his closet, he is about to leave himself. When cops storm in and arrest him, he appears to be preparing to accuse his baby’s mother of planting it.

Raq stares out over the city from a rooftop as everything start to fall into place. Because Detective Howard just woke up, she believes the mission is complete.

The Best & Worse Scenario

Raq had Kanan shoot Det. Howard, who is secretly his biological father, in the best-case scenario since she knew (or imagined) Howard would never squeal on Kanan. Raq wins if Howard doesn’t speak out and goes along with what Raq wants, claiming Nique shot him. Howard may also inform Raq that if Kanan gives some of his bone marrow to Howard, he won’t rat on him and Howard would live.

The Power Book III: Raising Kanan

In the worst-case scenario, if Howard informs his colleagues that Kanan shot him, Raq has Symphony transport Kanan to Maryland to hide out. The only question is how long Kanan can stay on the run. Will Raq send someone to finish the job and murder Howard if Howard begins snitching? Because, while Howard stands to benefit more by joining Raq’s plans, he’s also likely to be enraged — and more than a little upset — that Raq had Kanan try to kill him in Nique’s jacket.

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