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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon – How the Season Ends?

Sunrise’s Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (Yashahime) is a fantasy-adventure animation. Towa and Setsuna are up against a new foe after defeating their huge opponent at the end of the previous episode. However, as their war with this new opponent continues, Towa will be forced to learn a difficult lesson about herself. But, in Yashahime Episode 31, will she be able to embrace this fact and develop, or will she reject it and risk not only herself, but Setsuna as well?

The last episode focuses on Setsuna and Towa’s struggle against a horde of Earth-Demons. Throughout the several rounds of combat, the couple learns some important things about themselves, as well as where their ambitions and worries lay.

Yashahime Episode 31’s plot has several intriguing insights, notably concerning Towa. However, there are a few startling moments in the episode that make it seem a little odd, even as it goes further into its major characters.

What Happened in Final Episode of Yashahime: Season 2?

In Yashahime Episode 31, the half-demon twins are forced to confront their shortcomings and limits as they prepare to save their mother Rin. Kohaku and Hisui surprise the twins and join them in the field while on their expedition to battle rock monsters. During the confrontation, Kohaku cautions Towa that his unchanging strength and dedication are actually fatal flaws.


When Towa and Setsuna join forces to battle rock demons in order to preserve a human town, the twins make music together while waiting for the demons to appear. When Setsuna is eventually joined by Towa and the new flute she received from Rion, she continues to perform her mother’s song on her violin.

The rock demons arrive with the hopes of defeating Sesshmaru’s daughters and gaining reputation among their other demons. When it looks that they have vanquished the rock demons, Towa relaxes her guard and asks them to submit, allowing them to attack her again.

Towa’s sheltered upbringing has produced an arrogance and ignorance that has put her life in jeopardy multiple times during the series, given her time in the contemporary period. Setsuna and Moroha advise Towa early in Season 1 not to underestimate the feudal age and underline those demons are vicious entities who would not hesitate to murder. While Towa’s combat skills and survival instincts have grown since arriving in the feudal era, it’s evident she still lacks the drive to kill the enemies pursuing her.


Setsuna advises that Towa return to her world while she saves their mother on her own after observing that she is still too gentle and innocent for this century. Towa wonders whether Setsuna is suggesting this because she dislikes her, while Setsuna is furious with herself because she feels Riku was correct about her not being strong enough to defend Towa in this century.

The half-demon siblings are suddenly approached by Kohaku and Hisui on representatives of the Demon Slayers in the middle of their quest. Hisui catches Towa off surprise as he throws his Hiraikotsu at her from behind, causing her to sidestep reflexively. Hisui says that he was putting her through her paces since his uncle informed him that Towa does not really know when to turn back or flee.

When Towa states she just ran away from Hirakotsu, Kohaku tells out that she only ducked and exposed herself to assault when she should have escaped.

While Hisui is teaching Setsuna how to trust her weapon in order to save her mother, Kohaku tries Towa in order to discover her biggest vulnerability. When Kohaku provokes Towa, she confronts him head-on and without hesitation.


As his weapon approaches, he particularly cautions Towa to avoid it, but she stays firm and responds with her own weapon instead. Kohaku is able to target a lethal location on Towa’s body since she has refused to run once more.

Kohaku criticizes Towa of hesitating to flee when required because she does not perceive it as an option, guessing that something in her background is making her feel too shameful to flee. While he confesses that Sesshmaru and Kikyo are the only two individuals he’s encountered who never flee, Kohaku warns that Towa’s behavior is irresponsible and dangerous, and he is very concerned about her safety.

After Kohaku reassure Towa that it’s acceptable to go, the question of why she refuses to flee remains unanswered.


This conduct might be a result of the remorse and humiliation she feels for escaping the forest fire as a kid and letting go of Setsuna’s hand, which eventually isolated the sisters for years. Towa will have to conquer this hazardous vulnerability and learn when to flee a combat she can’t win as the series develops.

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Yashahime Season 2: Where to Watch?

Yashahime Season 2 is now available to view on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu. Furthermore, Season 2 is currently available in Japanese with subtitles, with a sixth episode arriving tomorrow morning. Season 1 is also currently available for streaming in both Japanese and English. You could also watch it on Netflix. Know more this series here.

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Yashahime Season 2: Conclusion

Although the majority of Yashahime Episode 31 is devoted to personality characterization and random conflicts, there is some growth of the show’s bigger narrative. I can’t really comment, but it’s interesting to observe how the narrative strands are set out amongst some of the show’s supporting characters. It just irritates me that the program is so resigned to dragging out its tale as long as it is.

The visuals in this episode convey the story of the program in a straightforward manner that effectively conveys both the character and the battle of the episode.


While the design of the newest foe Towa and Setsuna face is somewhat basic, it does a good job of capturing the essence of the monster.

After everything is said and done, Yashahime Episode 31 provides some great character study while the show’s main narrative essentially stalls. I’m hoping that the following episodes reengage with the main plot a little more, rather than continuing to assert that time is of the importance in the effort to save Rin, even yet no one seems to be doing anything to save her.

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