Everything About Adventure Time: Distant Lands Season 2 That You Would Not Want to Miss! Updates

Hello there, reader! Have you heard that your favourite animated adventure fantasy series has been renewed for a second season? Yes, we’re talking about Adventure Time Distant Lands Season 2, which will soon be available on television. Aren’t you looking forward to it?

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This blog contains all of the most recent developments for Adventure Time Distant Lands Season 2 that you’ve been looking for. Everything you won’t want to miss about the film, from its release date to its voice cast. So, if you read all the way to the end, we won’t disturb you.

But, before we go any further, let’s take a look back at the first season of Adventure Time Distant Lands. You’ve got it!

About the Animated Series- Adventure Time Distant Lands

Adventure Time Distant Lands is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward. The adventure series follows the adventures of Finn and his best friend Jake, a dog who has the magical power to change shape and size at will.

After the first season premiered, the announcement for Adventure Time Distant Lands Season 1 was made in June, 2020. Also, on the same day, it was announced that they would be moving to the platform HBO Max for the coming episodes.

Quick Info About The Animated Series- Adventure Time Distant Lands

Created By: Pendleton Ward

Directed by: Miki Brewster, Jeff Liu

Genre: Animation, Science Fantasy

Composer: Amanda Delores, Patricia Jones

Executive Producers: Fred Seibert, Vishnu Athreya

Production Companies: Frederator Studios, Cartoon Network Studios

Filming Locations: Land of Ooo

Distributed By: Warner Media Direct

Original Network: HBO Max

Original Release: 25th of June, 2020

No. of Seasons: 1

No. of Episodes: 4

Running Time: 45- 50 minutes

Adventure Time Distant Lands Season 2- Is the Trailer for the Series Out?

The trailer of Adventure Time Distant Lands Season 2 is yet to be released by the makers. Also, there is no latest news on when they will release the teaser of the sequel, so we cannot say anything about the official release of the teaser yet.

But for the time being, you just looked at the trailer of the first season of Adventure Time Distant Lands. Select the button to watch the amazing trailer!

Adventure Time Distant Lands Season 2- What Is the Release Date of the Series?

After the premiere of the first season, the show was officially renewed for a second season in the year 2022. But if you are looking for the release date of Adventure Time Distant Lands Season 2, then there is no official news for it.

It was initially expected that Adventure Time Distant Lands would make its upcoming episodes around the end of this year, 2021. But as the year comes to a close and there is no such news, it is highly expected that the makers will release the second season sometime in 2022.

HBO Max did not officially renew Adventure Time: Distant Lands for season yet. The release date for Adventure Time: Distant Lands season has not been scheduled.

In October, 2021 it was announced that they have started the process of recording for the show. So, it can be concluded that the makers will announce the arrival of Adventure Time Distant Lands Season 2 anytime soon!!

Adventure Time Distant Lands – Who Are in the Voice Cast of the Series?

The animated series Adventure Time Distant Lands has an amazing voice cast. So, here’s a list of all the voices I’ve put together for you. Give it a minute and check it out below;

  • Jeremy Shada voices as Finn the Human
  • David Bradley voices as Old Finn
  • John DiMaggio voices as Jake the Dog
  • Olivia Olson voices as Marceline the Vampire Queen
  • Audrey Bennett voices as Young Marceline
  • Hynden Walch voices as Princess Bubblegum
  • Niki Yang voices as BMO
  • Steve Little voices as Peppermint Butler
  • Mace Montgomery Miskel voices as Young Pep

Adventure Time Distant Lands- What Can We Accept from the Plot Line of This Series?

Adventure Time: Distant Lands’ episode1 is named ‘BMO.’ In the BMO-driven scene, the PC-like robot makes a trip across space to address a mission. It feels reviving to see BMO right at home, wearing a rancher cap and singing cheerful melodies until he coincidentally finds a droid, whom he names Olive. The eyeball-esque droid transports the boat to The Drift, a space settlement that is in desperate need of help. On being assaulted by local people BMO is saved by a bunny young lady named Y5. Although her underlying rationale is to sell BMO’s parts for a decent total and intrigue her folks, Y5 fosters a preference for the robot and embarks to help him.

Individuals of The Drift hail acclaim for BMO after he saves them from getting drained out of space. The Drift chief Hugo looks for BMO’s assistance in observing the Genesis Crystal, which can assist with controlling the solidarity power, which Hugo anticipates utilizing to get different local people out of The Drift. Notwithstanding, Hugo’s associate Mr. M flips and passes on BMO to pass on, yet he is saved by Y5 and another robot, CGO, who uncovers Hugo’s self-driven and treacherous plan to Y5 and BMO.

They expose Hugo before local people yet before they could get hold of him, Hugo escapes out into space. Y5’s folks are glad for her for discovering a way for life to exist on The Drift. BMO makes an accident arrival on the planet, and where he spots child Finn and Jake playing outside the house. Indeed, it is a prequel to ‘Adventure Time.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Adventure Time distant Lands Over?

The final scene of “Adventure Time: Distant Lands” debuts Thursday, September 2, on HBO Max. This marked the conclusion of the most beloved series for a second time, although it was not conveyed in the way of the last extended extraordinary previous scenes.

How Old Is Finn In Distant Lands?

Finn’s age is 12 at the beginning of the series, however the entire show ages and before the end of the series, the age is 17. Much of Finn and Jake’s early ventures revolve around investigating a place where Oo and the fighting animals are.

Where You Can Watch the Series: Adventure Time Distant Lands?

Adventure Time Distant Lands will only be available on the streaming stage HBO Max. Not only this, but it may also happen that after a few months of its delivery, the show will be available on Amazon Prime Video, just like season one.

Summing It Up

On that note, that’s all we had to offer for Adventure Time Distant Lands Season 2. We hope you liked this article. Are you excited about the second season or not? Also, let us know your comments and thoughts in the comment section below. We are eagerly waiting to know more from you. Until then, enjoy reading!