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About the Movie: Class Action Park

American documentary film Class Action Park was launched in the year 2020 on 20 August. The film was produced by Seth Porges and was named Action Park, after all the injuries and subsequent lawsuits led people to refer to it as the former.

Quick Info About the Movie: Class Action Park

Directed By: Seth Porges

Genre: Documentary

Produced By: Michael Garber, Seth Porges

Cinematography: Rob Senska, Chris M. Johnston

Composed By: The Holland Brother

Production Companies: Strategery Films, Warner Max

Running Time: 90 Minutes

The movie was started and renewed in October 2019 and it was confirmed that they would move to Paramount Plus in 2021. The movie premiered virtually on August 20, 2020.

Class Action Park Release Date

Class Action Park initially received its world premiere at the Florida Film Festival on August 20, 2020. Following this, the film was screened on several other platforms and was delayed by a week on HBO Max.

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On August 27, 2021, the film Class Action Park was set for a virtual release on video-on-demand by HBO Max.

Class Action Park HBO Max

Class Action Park was picked up by Hulu from CBC in the year 2019 October. Class Action Park is set to leave for HBO in 2020. An amazing documentary film explores the rise and fall of the most dangerous adventure park in America. Which was directed by Seth Porges and Michael Garber.

Class Action Park Cast

The movie stars a talented cast. Here is the star cast list of Class Action Park for you below;

  • John Hodgman stars as Narrator
  • Jim DeSaye stars as former Action Park security director
  • Esther Larsson stars as the mother of George Larsson Jr
  • Faith Anderson stars as former Action Park lifeguard
  • Ed Youmans stars as former Action Park Manager of Operations
  • Chris Gethard
  • Alison Becker
  • Jason Scott

What Is the Plot Line of Class Action Park?

During its prime through the 1980s and 1990s, New Jersey’s Action Park stood out as one of the craziest — and riskiest — entertainment mecca that ever existed. The ride ignored physics and good judgment, and the amusement center was known as an untamed land, controlled by broken juvenile representatives and regularly visited by intoxicated teenage visitors. The recreation center’s author, Eugene “Quality” Mulvihill, was a virtuoso lunatic able to disrupt any guideline to rejuvenate his vision. Activity Park mirrored his penchant for esteeming self-obligation regardless of anything else – including essential security measures.

However, despite its reputation, Action Park is recalled affectionately by their age teeth (and their skin) on the recreation center’s tricky attractions. To many, scars left by the recreation center are seen as symbols of honor. Getting through a day at Action Park was a long way from a slam dunk, however, in case you did it, you left inclination like a changed individual.

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Welcome to Class Action Park, a spot – and an amazing narrative film – any semblance of which we will very likely never see again. The last 50% of the film centers around the risks of Action Park by recounting the account of George Larsson Jr., the principal benefactor to bite the dust at Action Park.

Class Action Park Reviews

Reviews are an important part of what a visual documentary sitcom tells about, most viewers love to see this type of sitcom starring and the writing was scary as to whether or not the hell Action Park has renewed for another part.

Most of the audience gave this movie 7 out of 10 stars. Its dynamic star cast is better written than the characters are not just smart, most of the credible mistakes are in this park most of the characters in this movie.

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There are many documentary series and thrillers found it relative to my chair and found it to be a very interesting, very challenging, and indifferent question post, there are many unexpected twists in the story, there are unexpected twists in the story over the years.

Most of my opinion for Class Action Park is that the job was very well done, I really enjoyed watching it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Anyone Ever Died at Action Park?

Throughout the long term, more individuals would lose their lives at Action Park by suffocating, electric shock, and cardiovascular failure. Altogether, there were six Action Park passes somewhere in the range of 1978 and 1996. However, notwithstanding the wounds, passings, and claims, the recreation center kept on flourishing.

Is Class Action Park a Real Documentary?

Class Action Park is a 2020 documentary fiction film. American amusement mecca Action Park, which was located in Vernon Township, New Jersey, and was known among locals for its universality and infamous for the impeccable safety record of the attractions located on its grounds.

Where Can You Watch the Class Action Park Other Than Netflix?

There are some other streaming platforms where you can watch this amusement park documentary film by buying or renting it or simply watching it online on Hulu and HBO Max.

Final Words

All these ratings and reviews can give you an idea of ​​what type of movie it is and it is up to you whether you want to watch the movie or not if you are thinking of watching it for the first time.

Before watching the full movie, here’s the official trailer for The Class Action Park.