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Shadow in the Cloud: Storyline and Top 3 Scenes Explained

Shadow in the Cloud is a adventure thriller movie released in 1st January, 2021. The greatest word to describe Roseanne Liang’s film Shadow in the Clouds is “awesome.” There are several intense sequences throughout the film. While the film has received criticism for being frivolous, it is also true that this action-packed adventure is continuously entertaining. Shadow in the Cloud is available in Prime, you can buy or rent it.

It follows a flying officer on a top-secret mission aboard a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress during WWII, while battling an evil gremlin on board. There are also some spectacular action scenes and lots of funny portions with the gremlin, making this a must-see for anybody seeking for a decent popcorn movie.

Shadow in the Cloud: What’s the Storyline of the Movie?

*** Spoiler Alert! *** Movie started with Aviation Captain Maude Garrett, a female flying officer, is tasked to transport a top-secret item from Auckland, New Zealand, to Samoa in August 1943. When she gets at the airfield, she notices a ground crew ramp worker vanish before her eyes, shortly before she finds herself standing directly in front of her transport, a B-17 bomber named The Fool’s Errand.

The bomber’s crew greets her with largely mockery, and she is quartered in the Sperry Ball turret for departure. With little place left for her document valise, she grudgingly permits Staff Sergeant Walter Quaid, the sole crew member who is nice to her, to store it.


Maude notices a critter clinging to the bottom of the bomber’s wing while trapped in the turret. She reports it, but the most of the crew, with the exception of Private Beckell, who sees it as well, ignores her.

When she is given permission to exit the turret, the hatch collapses, keeping her within. When she responds angrily to the crew’s comments about her plight, they quit their trying to enter the hatch and the communication is cut off. She is assaulted by the monster, a gremlin, after witnessing a Japanese fighter emerge and disappear near to the bomber; she fights it off but is hurt.

When the crew contacts her again to inquire about what occurred, they receive a radio transmission informing them that a Maude Garrett does not exist and is not registered for the flight. When they plan to interview her, Maude purposefully clogs the turret’s gears and prepared to defend herself when the Japanese aircraft returns and attacks. She takes command of the turret and shoots it down, earning the crew’s reluctant respect.


While speaking with the crew, Maude acknowledges she is married and boarded the bomber under her maiden name, but she refuses to divulge her objective, citing its confidentiality. The gremlin appears again as it attempts to destroy the bomber. Private Dorn eventually notices it, but the others ignore him. Reeves gives the order to unzip the package, which contains a baby—and Maude’s Quaid’s adulterous child—suspecting Maude’s assignment is the source of their problems.

Maude, forced to confess, confesses that her husband tortured her brutally; she had an affair with Quaid and became pregnant accidently. Someone had betrayed her to her spouse, who had arrived at the base. Maude fabricated her assignment to avoid her husband, who she claims would have murdered her if she had told him.


Three Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighters strike just as Captain Reeves returns to the airbase, and the gremlin boards the bomber, injures Quaid, and kidnaps the baby. When the gremlin emerges in front of her with the baby in the bag, Maude leaves the turret and fires her revolver at it, driving it away but leaving the bag dangling from the engine nacelle.

Maude collects her kid and reboards the airplane via the aperture for the ball turret, which has been blasted off, risking a risky climb. The gremlin strikes once more, tossing Technical Sergeant Taggart out of the plane before Maude can expel it. When Reeves, Lieutenant Finch, and Dorn are killed by Japanese gunfire, Maude assumes command and puts the bomber down safely but brutally.

The gremlin reappears and attempts to steal the baby again, but Maude catches up with it and kills it. As The Fool’s Errand burns and bursts, she and the other survivors watch.

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Top Scene 3/1: A Closer Look at The Gremlin

The gremlin’s first close brush with Maude is horrifying. We now get a good look at the creature’s stunning design, which makes it stand out among cinematic monsters. Maude is trapped in the restricted interior of a Sperry ball turret and is barely kept alive by the smallest of margins. The gremlin fights ferociously and tries to break through with its claws.


Maude is forced to use her own finger to narrowly hold the hatch shut as the gremlin strikes, resulting in her finger being horribly twisted like a banana. This sequence also contains the film’s first gunshot. Maude attempts to put one into the chamber after dropping the bullets before scaring the gremlin away with the shot.

Top Scene 3/2: The Gremlin Is Shot by Maude

Maude eventually got the perfect shot at the gremlin when it counted the most, after multiple near misses throughout the film. The scenario opens with the gremlin tussling with one of the remaining crew members, Beckell, as part of the huge scramble within the Fool’s Errand.


Maude arrives, and an exchange of shooting ensues, culminating in Maude’s precise shot on the gremlin’s chest. As the gremlin falls out of the plane, Mahuia Bridgman-fantastic Cooper’s electronic soundtrack rises. It was a very gratifying death, but it turned out to be a fake death.

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Top Scene 3/3: The Decisive Battle


The ultimate battle, a horror genre classic. Just when you believe the monster has been beaten, it reappears in the film, demanding one final desperate fight. This happens during a lull in the action in Shadow in the Cloud when Quaid proposes to Maude on the beach. The gremlin reappears unexpectedly and begins stealing the Baby.

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