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Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar: What Happened in Vista Del Mar?

Josh Greenbaum’s directed Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar is a 2021 American comedy film. The narrative revolves around two best friends from Nebraska who go on vacation to Florida only to become entangled in a villain’s scheme. Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar was originally intended for a 2020 release, but owing to the pandemic, Lionsgate put it back and released it on February 12, 2021, on PVOD in the United States.

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar: What Is This About?

Barb and Star, two young best friends, leave their birth town of Soft Rock, Nebraska, for the first time to travel on holiday to Vista Del Mar, Florida. They are fearful of starting something different.

The two pals make up a story about a woman named “Trish” who transforms into a water ghost. When they arrive, they locate lodging at the opulent Vista Del Mar Hotel and decide to experience a variety of adventures, including an inflatable banana inner tube ride.

Elsewhere, Sharon Fisherman, an eccentric villain, is conspiring against the residents of Vista Del Mar. Sharon grew up there, and her thin white complexion and sun sensitivity made her an outsider and a target of bullying. She intends to release killer mosquitos that will kill everyone.


She sent her henchman, Edgar, to Vista Del Mar in order to set a tracking beacon that would lure the mosquitos once they are released. She makes a false commitment to Edgar that if he wins, she would make their affair official.

Barb and Star meet Edgar in the hotel bar and start bonding and partying with him. The next day, Edgar learns he misplaced the beacon’s microchip throughout the night, which irritates Sharon. Darlie Bunkle, another agent, is dispatched to give Edgar another microchip and spy on him, Barb, and Star.

Barb visits with Edgar, but is uncomfortable about meeting him behind Star’s back, so she chooses not to follow him anymore. Star visits with Edgar as well, but despite her feelings towards Barb, she continues to get a sexual connection with him since secret, which blossoms into love.


Barb is left alone at the resort after Star’s secret tryst, so she explores everything Vista Del Mar has to offer. On the day of the annual Seafood Jam, she chooses to queue for Star before riding the banana ride, but then she discovers Star and Edgar wanting to have sex on Edgar’s balcony. She rushes to confront Edgar, but she overhears his conversation with Sharon.

Star accuses her of envy, while Barb accuses her of cheating to her. Sharon uses Darlie photographs to persuade Edgar that Barb and Star are spies and that Star is manipulating him. She gives him the command to murder them.

Edgar captures them but cannot bear the thought of killing them, instead putting them indoors where they would be safe and planting the beacon. They manage to flee, but are abducted by Sharon, who takes them to an ocean cliff.

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She pushes the ladies to leap and then flees to guarantee her vengeance is carried out. Barb and Star’s culottes behave as parachutes as they descend, allowing them to land safely on the earth. They reunite and decide to go stop Sharon.

Edgar discovers Sharon lied to him about Barb and Star, that she never loved him, and that she was plotting his death. He notices Star and Barb and assists them in locating the homing beacon. Darlie holds them at gunpoint while he declares his love to Star. While Edgar battles Darlie, Star and Barb flee with the beacon, riding a jet ski out to ocean to save the city.

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar: How the Movie Ended?

Films are a way of altered state of mind, so why would I want to see two characters that I find boring? The banter between Barb and Star had a “Gilmore Girls” air to it, but I thought it to be terribly lacking, owing to how obviously strange and odd the talks tended to be. How strange, you might ask? The creators of the film had the title characters spend an entire plane trip developing a fictional character named Trish.

Perhaps seeing uninspired main characters is entertaining for some; but, Barb and Star were simple in addition to being uninteresting. Unless I missed the message that this film was a parody masterpiece, the characters lacked depth, and not on purpose.


Even though the actors were intended to be displaying emotional depth — say during Edgar’s divorce — the back-to-back, practically similar speech managed to remove whatever tragedy that such situations could have otherwise had.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh because of Kristen Wiig’s legendary Bridesmaids argument scene; but, the main argument in Barb and Star is superficial – ultimately, it boils down to two women arguing over a falsehood uttered about a guy.

In fact, since we’re on the subject of squabbles, why does Star, who betrays her closest friend in a much more heinous way, become so enraged that Barb nearly rides on a banana boat without her?

The answers to these questions indicates one of the film’s most serious flaws: When a character has a legitimate cause to be unhappy, it is usually ignored in the end. Sharon is obsessed with exacting vengeance on the community of Vista Del Mar after being humiliated by females in her high school.

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Sharon’s strategy, however, fails, and she just resolves to make friends with the inhabitants of Vista Del Mar. Sharon needed resolution, even if the plot was genuinely horrible and would have affected hundreds of innocent people. Perhaps something as easy as having the high school students apologize would have given viewers with some emotional closure.

Edgar and Star were the only characters that had a fairly happy ending. They eventually got together. However, I thought this coupling was dubious. Edgar begins the film in love with Sharon, and it seemed strange that Edgar’s sentiments could shift so suddenly, especially given that he had been in love with Sharon for many years.

Despite the fact that Edgar and Star were the only pair in the film, there were other characters I would have loved to see together. Tommy and Barb, for example, enjoyed a touching encounter in which Tommy offered Barb invaluable counsel. It was unfortunate that he just got one moment in the film, as there appeared to be promise for a connection there.

Continuing on to the final criticism of Barb and Star, I believe that the supporting characters should have had greater plot arcs. I found practically every moment that didn’t include Barb and Star to be quite enjoyable, and I would have liked to see more humorous situations with Edgar and Darlie Bunkle, or even more with Sharon and Yoyo.

Despite my dislike for “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar,” there are some aspects of the film that merit praise. The soundtrack comes first, because the songs and musical accompaniments were really engaging (excluding a few weird lyrics). There were also several parts that I thought were actually humorous, but they were typically over far too quickly.

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