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Chaos Walking: What Is This Movie About?

Doug Liman directed Chaos Walking is a 2021 American dystopian action movie based on a script written by Patrick Ness and Christopher Ford. It is inspired on Ness’s science fiction trilogy Chaos Walking, including the first novel, The Knife of Never Letting Go, from 2008. Chaos Walking concerns a young guy (Holland) who resides in a dystopian future where all living animals can hear each other’s minds in streams of pictures, phrases, and sounds known as “Noise.” When a lady (Ridley) crashes down on the continent, he is forced to assist her in escaping danger.

Chaos Walking was released theatrically in South Korea on February 24, 2021, and in the United States on March 5, 2021. It garnered mainly unfavorable critical reviews who panned the film’s basic storyline, inconsistent pace, and lack of character development, however its visual effects and performances by Ridley and Holland earned some appreciation. You can also watch it on Amazon Prime.

Chaos Walking: What Is This About?

The residents of the planet New World, all men, were afflicted with a sickness known as the Noise in 2258 AD, which caused everyone to see and hearing one another’s minds. The colonists were engaged in a brutal struggle with the native humanoid species known as The Spackle, which apparently murdered all of the women settlers while allowing half of the males to live.


Todd Hewitt lives with his adoptive dad, Ben Moore and Cillian Boyd, in Prentisstown. Other residents also include city’s mayor, David Prentiss, and his son Davy, as well as the preacher Aaron. Prentiss has learned to regulate his Noise, making it harder to see and hear his thoughts. When a spaceship loses touch with the First Colony, a spy ship is sent to inspect the location, but it crashes.

Todd is working one day when he notices someone stealing and pursues the offender, only to stumble across the crash site. Todd comes to town and tries to remain silent, however the others people notice and see his thoughts about the crashed spacecraft; they go to check the crash area and loot some ship components, but there are no survivors.


Todd encounters Viola, the crash’s sole survivor, when he is alone. He’s surprised to see a girl because he’s never seen one before. Viola is kidnapped by Prentisstown men and taken to the mayor’s mansion, where she is interrogated about her origins. Prentiss tells her about the Noise and what occurred on their world. While he goes to speak with the soldiers, Davy is in charge of keeping an eye on her.

Davy inadvertently plays with one of Viola’s inventions, causing it to shoot big holes in the walls, allowing Viola to escape. During her escape, Viola overhears Prentiss discussing keeping Viola from calling her colony’s mothership, intercepting their landing, murdering everyone while they are still in cryosleep, and plundering the ship.

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Todd soon finds Viola hiding in Todd’s family’s barn. When one of Prentiss’ men arrives seeking for Viola, Todd tries to hide her. Ben informs Todd about another colony named Farbranch and assures him that Viola would be safe there. Viola flees on a motorbike, while Todd pursues her on one of the horses. Prentiss and the soldiers come at the property, demanding Viola be returned since they suspect she is a secret agent.

Davy murders Cillian, forcing Ben to join them. Todd, meantime, catches up with Viola and the two set out for Farbranch, escorted by Todd’s dog, Manchee. Viola explains to Todd during the voyage that she is from a massive colony ship transporting over 4,000 immigrants and also that her family perished during the 64-year trek from Earth to the New World.

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Todd explains how he never met his biological parents. Todd tries to kill a Spackle in self-defense when they come across one, but Viola prevents him since it does not seem to be harmful. They travel in Farbranch, which is populated by men, women, and children, some of whom are angry with Todd’s arrival due to his Prentisstown connection.

Viola and Todd arrived to the remnants of the first colonization spaceship following morning. They enter in and begin to communicate with the settlement ship, but the transmitter is broken, so Todd prepares to fix it.


Todd surrenders when Prentiss and his men come, since Prentiss is keeping Ben hostage. Aaron enters the house to murder Viola, but she immolates him with one of her inventions. Prentiss shoots Ben when Todd appears. Todd approaches him, and Ben, unbeknownst to Prentiss, hands him a knife.

Todd confronts Prentiss, but he distracts Todd with illusions of himself and shoots him. Todd conjures illusions of his mother and other women as he prepares to kill Prentiss, branding him a coward. Viola throws Prentiss from the rock ledge, killing him. Davy and the other Prentisstown men run as the colony ship arrives in the sky. Todd awakens in the medical area of the colony ship, nearly completely recovered. Viola introduces him to the other colonists.

Chaos Walking: Main Cast & Character

  • Todd, a young guy residing on the planet New World, is played by Tom Holland.
  • Daisy Ridley stars as Viola, a young lady who has just arrived in New World.
  • Mads Mikkelsen plays Mayor Prentiss, the astute ruler of Prentisstown.
  • Demián Bichir plays one of Todd’s adoptive fathers, Ben.
  • Bethany Anne Lind makes a brief cameo as Todd’s late mother, Karyssa Hewitt, who kept a diary that revealed the truth about what happened to the ladies of Prentisstown.

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