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Ordinary Joe Season 1: How the Episode 9 Ended and When Episode 10 Going to Release?

Ordinary Joe is an American drama television series that debuted on NBC on September 20, 2021. Garrett Lerner and Russel Friend co-created and executive produced the series for 20th Television and Universal Television.

The series follows Joe Kimbreau as he graduates from Syracuse University and takes a life-changing choice. Starting 10 years after graduation from college, the series follows him on three parallel timelines: as a police officer, following in his father’s footsteps; as a music star, pursuing his passion; and as a nurse, when he marries his college sweetheart.

What Happened in Episode 9 of Ordinary Joe Season 1?

What really is Christmas without a tumultuous dinner party? On that front, NCB’s Ordinary Joe fall finale delivers with more than one tense lunch. Let’s go over the Turkey Day shocks in chronological order, beginning with the largest reveal:

Joe has resorted to wallowing and sorrowful songs in the aftermath of Amy’s disclosure that she slept with Bobby. Amy understands there is no explanation for what she did and claims it was a one-time blunder. Amy tells her spouse, not Bobby, that she loves him.


When Joe’s sister Celeste gets up for Thanksgiving — yeah, they’re still planning a party because why cancel when you can have an awkward gathering? — she asks Joe if he can forgive Amy. His deafening stillness and heavy sigh explain it all.

“How long has it been since you and your partner had sex?” Celeste inquires. There is quieter. “How long?”

“Longer,” Joe admits. (This will come in handy later.)

According to Celeste, Joe has two choices: stop things with Amy or find a way to move forward.

However, Amy learns that Bobby’s widow will not only serve out the rest of his term, but will also run for his seat, placing her squarely against Amy. Everyone goes to a donor event after dinner, where Joe is due to play.


Amy introduces him with a touching speech about just how, since she first listened to the song he’s playing on the radio, she understood she was in love with him.

Amy’s remarks, combined with her treachery, have an effect on Joe, who begins sobbing mid-song, his voice faltering over the lyrics. As Amy attempts to retain her cool in front of all the partygoers, Frank leads him off the stage.

“Are we shattered?” Amy inquires at home, to which Joe responds, “I’m not sure.” Perhaps we are.” Amy then receives a phone call from her doctor informing her that she is pregnant! And, considering Joe’s earlier statement that it’s been a while since he and Amy had sex, the baby had to be Bobby’s, right?

Elsewhere, Eric’s lover informs him that he is HIV positive and wants to be upfront about it with him. Eric tells him he doesn’t need to explain anything and that he’s proud of him.


Amy is persuaded to assist his mother prepare Thanksgiving because she is living with Joe.

Joe apologizes to Amy for his family in the car. Then he receives a call from one of the people he gave his business card to on his new beat. The man’s building is on fire, and his child is still inside. “I don’t want to leave anything out. “I love you,” he says to Amy before racing inside the house fire.

Joe sets out to recruit an assistant to assist with Christopher’s care while Jenny is in Atlanta for the holidays working on a pro bono case for her professor. He chooses to recruit Kinsley, a nursing student, and she’s so lovely and intelligent, and Christopher adores her, so I have a strong feeling about this.

Moreover, Jenny’s colleague Barrett has arrived in Atlanta to assist with the case, and I have a terrible feeling about it as well.

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Ordinary Joe Season 1: Main Cast & Character

Joe Kimbreau is played by James Wolk, a man whose one fateful choice on the day of his college graduation has profound consequences for who he becomes ten years later: a famous musician married to Amy; a mild-mannered nurse romantically linked to Jenny, with whom Joe shares a son, Christopher; or a courageous policeman who is reconciled with Amy after ten years.


Natalie Martinez plays Amy Kindelán, whom Joe meets on the day of his graduation: in the “Musician Joe” timeline, she is married to Joe and about to embark on a political career; in the “Nurse Joe” timeline, she is married to Eric; and in the “Officer Joe” timeline, she is working for Congressman Diaz when Joe reappears after ten years.

Elizabeth Lail as Jenny Banks, Joe’s university sweetie: in the “Musician Joe” timeline, she is a top lawyer who exposes to Joe that she put their son interested in adopting ten years before; in the “Nurse Joe” timeline, she is a paralegal who is married to Joe but initially outcasted from him, and together and they are raising their son Christopher; and in the “Cop Joe” timeline, she is a district attorney who is maintaining her son’s existence with Joe hidden

Charlie Barnett portrays Joe’s closest buddy Eric Payne: in the “Musician Joe” timeline, he is unmarried and managing Joe; in the “Nurse Joe” timeline, he is a chef and married to Amy; and in the “Officer Joe” timeline, he operates a pizza shop and is married Mallory.

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Ordinary Joe Season 1: Will There Be a Episode 10?

Currently, NCB delayed in premiering episode 10 because of Christmas. However, they have already scheduled to release episode 10 on 3rd January, 2022.

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