Churails: Watch | Review And Ratings!

Looking for some thriller and drama on Zee5? Then you already discovered Churails Season 1, which premiered last year in August 2020. Are you ready to know everything about Churails Season 1, whose second season is also coming in a few months?

But here we are talking about its first season and then in the next blog, we will discuss its second new season completely. I know not everyone has seen this sitcom and that’s why they came here to know a little bit about it before watching the amazing sitcom which has 10 episodes in its original season.

Let’s start with Churails Season 1 sitcom and the brief description about it who didn’t know about the sitcom.

It is a thriller plus drama series by Asim Abbasi which started to stream on Zee5 on August 12, 2020.

The story stars Sarwat Geelani, Mehr Bano, Nimra Buka, and Yasra Rizvi in ​​lead roles. It revolves around undercover spies from Karachi, whose mission is to expose the city’s treacherous, aristocratic husbands. Along with Sarwat Gilani, these stars also contributed to the sitcom and these are Adnan Malik, Eman Suleman, Dimeji Ewuoso, Sarmad Sultan, and many others.

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Taha Malik provided the theme music to the series while Asim Abbasi along with Mo Azmi, Shailja Kejriwal are the producers of Churails Season 1. The filming of the series was done in Karachi with Kamal Khan and Kamran Shahnawaz editing the whole series, each episode being 24-34 minutes long.

A Glasshouse production company produced the series for Zee5 which is still running.


Churails Season 1: Release Date

Churails Season 1 came out back on August 11th, 2020, and then in November 2020, Zee5 renewed its second season which will soon be on-screen in 2022. So you have one season to watch so finish it until the second season comes.

Episode No. and Their Titles

Episode 1 The Unusual Team

Episode 2 The Fight For A Cause

Episode 3 A Gruesome Crime

Episode 4 Batool’s Blast From The Past

Episode 5 The Churails in Danger

Episode 6 The Much-Needed Reunion

Episode 7 Zubaida Goes Undercover

Episode 8 The Deadly Secret

Episode 9 Zubaida’s Rescue Mission

Episode 10 The Animal Club

Each of the episodes has a running time of 26-33 minutes and Zee5 Platform is the distributor of this series and the series came on the original Zindagi. The sitcom is currently running and now its second season is also announced which is expected to come soon in 2022.

Who Is the Cast of Churails Season 1?

These are the star cast of Churails Season 1 who played their roles in this thriller drama. Take a look here;

  • Sarwat Gilani stars as Sara Khan
  • Mehar Bano stars as Zubaida
  • Nimra Bucha stars as Batool Jan
  • Yasra Rizvi stars as Jugnu Chaudhry
  • Meher Jaffri stars as Laila
  • Omair Rana stars as Jameel Khan
  • Adnan Malik stars as KK
  • Eman Suleman stars as Mehak Hussain
  • Dimeji Ewuoso stars as Jackson

Churails Season 1:Where to Watch

You can currently stream or download the series from Zee5 or after a few months you can watch on other streaming platforms.

Churails: Storyline

The series centers around the existence of four women: Sara played the role of Sarwat Gilani, a lawyer who devoted her business to be a “wonderful life partner”, Jugnu played Yasra Rizvi, a wedding organizer, Zubaida played Mehr. As Bano, a fighter in search of autonomy and love. , and Batool played the role of Nimra Bucha, a former criminal who was sentenced to twenty years in prison for murder.

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Their lives are intertwined when Sarah finds her spouse cheating, which the four later choose to set up an office for in real life to search for the insidious spouse. They covertly run this organization, a retail burqa store called “Halal Designs”, and call themselves Churail. When one of them goes missing, his ordeal leads him to do something much more than himself, overwhelmed by the generally unreliable nature of Karachi.


Churails: Ratings and Reviews

On IMDb Churails Season 1 earned good ratings which helped the show to move further for many seasons and the popularity of the sitcom is increasing day by day and here 8.4 ratings out of 10 is received by this show on IMDb.

Episodes no. 9 and 10 are the top-rated episodes of season 1 with more than 553+ user reviews written on IMDb.

The series earned mixed reviews and there are few reviews from fans- it is a very beautiful show shot with amazing cast, beautiful views in Karachi to some negative reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did Churails Get Banned?

Another Pakistani web series called Churails has created a ruckus in the country for its strong subject matter and portrayal of female leads. The show came into the limelight when the country’s media governing body banned it in Pakistan, later reacting to a backlash from the series which became a web sensation through web-based media.

Will There Be a Churails Season 2?

Pakistani web series Churails has recently become one. Entertainers Meher Bano and Nimra Bucha, who played Zubeida and Batool in the show, confirmed that the series will soon be back with its second season.

What Happened to Sheila in Churails?

Sara battles the repercussions of the fire, while Sheila, a previous Churail, disappears. The disbanded bunch should meet up back to find her.


Churails Zindagi original is a must-watch Pakistani drama web series featuring a woman named Nimra Bucha and whose mission is to expose the treacherous, aristocratic husbands of the city. So watch its first season and then its second season which will soon come on Zee5.

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