All You Need To Know About the Series: The Head Season 2!

What’s up with The Head new season? Will it be renewed or canceled for the next season? Is it coming back after receiving good ratings and reviews for the first season?

This suspenseful and psychological thriller television series is for those who want to watch more mysteries and are a fan of thriller and drama series as twists and turns are common in horror series which give you excitement as well as make you feel like watching them. Scare, rare movies.

The Head Season 2

The Head mystery series ran successfully for its first season, which ran back to back for its six episodes on HBO, and you can still watch this television sitcom on HBO Asia.

You are here to know more about its sequel. If you are a big fan of The Head or if you are the first to hear this sitcom then you will love this drama and go to see its first season.

The things that happened in the thriller drama are not what they seem.

About the Series: The Head

The Head is a Spanish-made psychological thriller television series that made its debut in August 2020. It was created by David Pastor and Alex Pastor for HBO Asia. The series follows the experiences of around ten individuals who gather at an exploration station situated in the South Pole. They’re devoted to saving the world from an unavoidable risk identified with environmental change. The first season duplicates the inside condition of individuals brought about by the lockdown, which the crowds felt abnormally relieving.

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The Head Sitcom has premiered for one particular season, where the last episode of the first season was aired on the 4th of February, 2021. After the first season, fans have been wondering if the makers will renew the series to The Head season 1 to Season 2 or not? Aren’t you excited to know more about the sitcom? If yes, then just keep continuing with the reading! We are waiting to hear from you…

Quick Info About the series: The Head

Created By: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Directed by: Jorge Dorado

Original languages: English, Swedish, Danish

Executive Producers: Ran Tellem, Mariano Baselga

Filming locations: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Iceland

Production Companies: The Mediapro Studio

Running Time: 50+ minutes

The Head Season: Renewed or Cancelled?

The Head Season 2

Still, there has been no official announcement of The Head Season 2 renewal or confirmation. But it is expected that Season 2 will surely come as behind-the-scenes pictures are revealed by the director and writer with coming Back written in it. This means that they are currently working on the new season of The Head which is surprising news for everyone to see its new season once again.

The Trailer of the Head Season 2

As told above, the 2nd Season of the sitcom The Head is not confirmed yet. So, there is no official trailer right now. In case you haven’t watched the previous season of The Head, then here is the official teaser of the television sitcom that may help you to be familiar with the series……

Hope you loved it! Keep scrolling…

The Head Season 2: Cast and Crew

We are expecting that the same star cast from the previous season will come back to play their roles again in the new season. Here is the star cast who were in the first amazing season of The Head

  • Alexandre Willaume stars as Johan Berg
  • Katharine O’Donnelly stars as Maggie Mitchell
  • John Lynch stars as Arthur Wilde
  • Hannes Fohlin stars as Gus
  • Sandra Andreis stars as Ebba Ullman
  • Tomohisa Yamashita stars as Aki Kobayashi
  • Álvaro Morte stars as Ramón Lazaro
  • Richard Sammel stars as Erik Osterland

The Plotline of the Series: The Head

‘The Head’ is an endurance thrill ride set in the obscurity segregation of Antarctica during winter. The sun is soon to set for a considerable length of time, which is likewise as far as possible for a group called the Winterers to finish their environmental change-based exploration. The gathering stays behind at the Polaris VI Antarctic Research Station, under famous scholar Arthur Wilde.

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Upon arrival, in the presence of Spring, the occasional leader Johann Berg visits the station and horrifyingly finds that the group is torn apart with a large proportion of the dead or missing. As is clear from the record, behind this wreck is an executioner, and Johan’s wife Annika is mysteriously gone. Then, at that point, there is a need to seek answers from Maggie, who was the last person standing in the meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Head Worth Watching?

The Head is certifiably not a pivotal or reclassifying show. It’s simply a decent engaging spine chiller that has some strained and now and again frightening minutes. Like its persuasions, the fun is in the seclusion, all things considered, Told for the most part through flashbacks, the underlying secret is locking in.

Why Is the Head Rated MA?

The Head contains brutality, including weapon viciousness, blasts, and a decapitation, however, a large portion of the tension comes from what the crowd doesn’t see. The narrating makes a sensation of pressure and fear among the group, so there’s a feeling that brutality could eject whenever.

Where Can We Watch the Head?

All Episodes of The Head Season 1 Streaming on HBO and Amazon Prime. This special show’s new episode airs on Monday nights at 8:00 PM. ET.

Final Words

The first season of The Head is being given so much love from the audience and till now all the fans are eagerly waiting for its new season. We will update this blog soon when new updates of The Head Season 2 come. Till then you can watch its first season on your favorite streaming platform. Also, you can put your comments regarding the article in the comment section below!! enjoy reading…