Generation Hustle Season 1: Cast, Plot, Reviews and More!

Hey! Gear up if you are a fan of American documentary drama, then you are at the right place! Yes, because we are going to share all the details about one of your favorite shows Generation Hustle. After one season, fans are eager to know about another season. Let us find out!!

Numerous questions have been surfacing over the internet- Will there be the Generation Hustle Season 2 coming or not? Or the sitcom was canceled after the first season? So, don’t worry! We have already mentioned in this article we have included all the details about the sitcom Generation Hustle that you would not like to miss!

Generation Hustle Season 1

But before we move further with the details on the series Generation Hustle in this article, just give it a short look at the first season of Generation Hustle. Just continue with your reading till the end of the page, and we will not upset you. Enjoy reading…

About the Series- Generation Hustle

Generation Hustle Season 1 is an American documentary series that is due in April 2021. It is created by Yon Motskin and till now one season having 10 episodes in total have been aired.

The show received a lot of love from all over the world, and the announcement for Generation Hustle Season 2 just left the fans excited for the sitcom. The Main Cast of the series Generation Hustle is James MacCallum.

Filming for Generation Hustle Season 2 is underway, and the cast is also posting amazing photographs on their social media handles. Have you seen them? If you have not, then you are missing an interesting part! Keep in touch with me for more updates regarding the television series.

Quick Info About the Series- Generation Hustle

Created By: Yon Motskin

Genre: Documentary

Edited By: James Atkinson, Annie De Brock, Charles Breiner

Executive Producers: Stacey Offman, Richard Perello

Production Companies: CNN, Jigsaw Productions, Panoramic Pictures.

Filming Locations: California

Original Network: HBO Max(2021)

Original Release: 22nd of April, 2021

Generation Hustle Season 1- Is the Trailer for the Series Out?

Until the new season of Generation Hustle arrives, enjoy the first original season of Generation Hustle by watching its official teaser before moving on to watch the full series. Check it out below!

Generation Hustle 1: Release Date

This is the major part of the article and everyone wants to know when the new season of the drama will be released. So, the great season of American documentary already premiered on April 22nd, 2021 a few months ago. You want to get to know more, keep scrolling…

Who Are the Members Who Contributed to Generation Hustle Season 1?

Generation Hustle Season 1

These are the star cast who performed in this Generation Hustle film which earned positive reviews from the audience. Give it a minute and take a look below:

Generation Hustle Season 1 Plot: What Can It Be About?

The primary scene, “Hollywood Con Queen”, coordinated by Yon Motskin, recounts the account of a con that elaborate somebody imitating Wendi Murdoch, ex of Rupert Murdoch, among others; the voice on the opposite side of the telephone would allure photographic artists, screenwriters, and moderators to venture out to Indonesia on their dime to be a piece of a vainglorious undertaking. En route, the individual would convince the casualties to take out cash for grants and different things they need to take care of their responsibilities. Meanwhile, the compensation they were guaranteed for the undertaking was never kept into their records, and they were given clashing calls from “Wendi” and her colleague, playing “great cop” and “terrible cop” assuming the craftsman had any inquiries.

On account of screenwriter Gregory Mandarano and his co-author David Blue, they had an up-close and personal association with a delegate of a Chinese film organization, who was giving them input on the content and made changes that improved it. Yet, when specialist Nicoletta Kotsianas gets hold of the case, she observes that this perplexing activity isn’t exactly pretty much as complicated as it looks.

The Generation Hustle: Ratings and Reviews

Season one is strong and the audience has given more love to this season. If you look at its ratings and reviews on Rotten Tomatoes you see that this season has been given an 80% Tomatometer rating with a critics rating of 20, while it has got an audience score of 89%. With a rating of 38 viewers. And if you haven’t seen this amazing documentary then go and watch this documentary which was loved by everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Generation Hustle a Documentary?

Reassuring, intimidating, and all-around surreal, this narrative series uncovers moral elusiveness. HBO Max’s ten-scene narrative series Generation Hustle is an eye-opener!

How Many Episodes of Generation Hustle Are There?

Generation Hustle is a 10-section docuseries about various ways individuals have hustled to acquire cash, distinction, and power, frequently through tricks focused on others looking for those equivalent things. Delivered by Alex Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions, the 10 scenes are coordinated by five unique movie producers…

Is Hustle Family-Friendly?

The MPAA rating has been removed for “crude sexual content and Language.” Some suggested intimate moments in’s evaluation include discussions about sex, multiple scenes of women wearing women’s cleavage opening outfits; Some scenes of Flummox and Drool viciousness, some deception of the bulk of the transformation.

Final Words

Finally, you can watch this Generation Hustle Season 1 on HBO Max and enjoy the story of Bick and Peter with creativity to pull off high-stakes. If you want to watch other sitcoms then visit to read the updated articles on Movies, web series, Tv shows, comedies, mystery dramas only on our website. If I have missed something then let us know! Also, tell us your views regarding the article in the comment box section below!