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Grand Army Season 2: Cast & Plot – Everything We Know About It

Grand Army,‘ a contemporary coming-of-age drama created by Katie Cappiello and largely based on her production ‘Slut: The Play,’ tries to transcend sociocultural stereotypes by touching on topical subjects like bullying, sexual assault, racism, and rape culture. Five adolescents attend Grand Army High School in Brooklyn, New York, in this Netflix original series. The series received favourable reviews from reviewers and audiences after its launch in 2020.

While critics couldn’t ignore the show’s trite clichés and misdirected ambition, they applauded it for its trademark flamboyance and honesty. The series features an amazing cast, but Odley Jean, who reprises her role from the Broadway show, shines out. Following the liberating conclusion of the first season, fans are eager to see their favourite characters on TV once more. If you want to know when ‘Grand Army’ season 2 will be released and other details, we’ll have to share what we know.

Ending Explanation Of Grand Army

Leila’s narrative is one of the most misdirected and perplexing on the show. We realise that she is the author of the typewritten manifesto that has appeared at the end of each episode. It turns out to be a bomb threat, so she reports it to the authorities. In terms of drama for the episode, not much happens. Everyone gets over it quite quickly. After sending it in, Leila is on cloud nine and, I suppose, feeling powerful.


She and Omar end up dating, and she shows him her horrific artwork, which includes multiple photos of bombs detonating at the school. Omar is clearly suspicious of her involvement in the threat, but before he can intervene, she begins kissing him again. Despite what happened to Joey, Leila receives a text from George inviting her to meet up. She appears pleased to meet him once more.


Leila also stands up to one of the Chinese girls who has been bullying her in class all semester. But, honestly, why did the writers decide Leila would be bullied by those girls? And the whole thing feels strange and unsettling, especially when Leila tells them to “speak f–king English.” Seriously? It’s not the “empowering” moment they expected, especially given Leila’s horribly racist threat.

Sid gets admitted to Harvard and has a kiss with Victor as the season comes to a close. I didn’t understand Sid and Victor’s relationship because it didn’t seem like their relationship was progressing.


While I thought they were cute together, I think a close moment at the finale, hinting at their potential romance, would have been more believable than a full-fledged makeout. Don’t get me wrong: it was a cute scene, but it seemed like their spontaneous declaration of love for each other came out of nowhere.

Yes, we already knew Sid was drawn to Victor based on the prior scene with the science experiment, but they just didn’t have enough time to lay a solid foundation. In comparison to John and Dom’s romance, the show’s main straight relationship.

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Release Date for Grand Army Season 2

Season 1 of ‘Grand Army’ launched globally on Netflix on October 16, 2020. The first season contains nine episodes that range in length from 42 to 72 minutes each.


Let’s talk about the anticipated release of the fan-favorite series’ second season. First and foremost, the series has yet to be renewed by Netflix. It’s hardly surprising, given how Netflix frequently defers renewals unless a show gains extraordinary popularity in the first few weeks, and the first season only managed a mediocre showing in that regard.

Whereas the show has become one of Netflix’s top ten most-watched in the United States in its first month, it also sparked controversy when three of the show’s writers resigned after allegations of racial discrimination and abuse inside the production team. All of these circumstances make it less likely that the show will return for a second season.

The second season of the coming-of-age drama series may not begin production until Netflix makes an official announcement. If and when that happens, and production begins by the end of 2021, we may expect season 2 of ‘Grand Army’ to premiere in early 2023.

Who Could Be Among The Cast Of Grand Army Season 2?

We can expect many of the original cast members to return in the following season, as the programme would lose a lot of its appeal if it didn’t have such a diverse ensemble. Joey Del Marco played by Odessa A’zion, Dominique “Dom” Pierre played by Odley Jean, Siddhartha “Sid” Pakam played by Amir Bageria, Jayson Jackson played by Maliq Johnson, and Amalia Yoo are all expected to play significant parts (Leila Kwan Zimmer).


We’ll continue to see Alphonso Romero Jones, who portrays Dom’s love interest, John Ellis, with Sydney Meyer, who plays Anna Delaney, and Keara Graves, who plays Grace, in other supporting and recurring parts. Aside from the original actors from the first season, we’re hoping to see some new faces in the second season.

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What Is The Plot Of Grand Army Season 2?

The first season’s purposely stressful finale leaves one wanting more. While Dom prepares for a pivotal moment in her life, Sid realises his ambition when he receives a call from Harvard. In other news, Leila hooks up with Omar, Joey confronts Tim about the abuse event, and Tim breaks down in a huge conjecture.


The end of ‘Grand Army’s’ first season is refreshingly loud in its statement of uniqueness, giving the programme a liberated aura. The last episode follows the series’ tone, with Jay and Leila standing up to racial discrimination and Joey finding a safe place to talk about her experience. All of the characters have matured over the beginning of the narrative, and this is evident.

If the show is renewed, the second season will hopefully continue the protagonists’ lives. Sid’s parents welcome him after his Harvard failure, but is this merely a façade? Will it be revealed that Leila was the one who made the bomb threat at school? While the creator hasn’t revealed anything about the plot of the potential second season, we’re hoping for a bolder and more revolutionary study of gen Z adolescent realities.

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