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A Christmas Prince 4: Released Date | Cast | Everything We Know about It

As the holiday season progresses, Netflix customers will have no shortage of Christmas movies to watch. There are plenty of titles to choose from these days on the streaming behemoth, whether you’re searching for a family-friendly adventure like “The Christmas Chronicles,” a musical like “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey,” or something more grow-up like the just released romantic comedy “Love Hard.”

In the rom-com genre, “A Christmas Prince,” a lovely 2017 comedy, is one of the most famous Netflix holiday offerings. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, the first film follows Amber, an American journalist (played by “iZombie” alum Rose McIver). While on assignment, Amber travels to the imaginary country of Aldovia and becomes entangled in the life of the country’s royal family. During her visit, she eventually falls in love with Prince Richard (Ben Lamb), an heir to the Aldovian throne and an extremely attractive bachelor.

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The Release Date for A Christmas Prince 4 Has Been Set

Netflix has not yet confirmed plans for A Christmas Prince 4, which means there is no official release date for the film; however, that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate about when it will air.


Given that A Christmas Prince is a seasonal franchise, it’s safe to anticipate that, as in previous years, Netflix will release the next instalment during the holiday season. If Netflix approves the fourth film for release in 2021, it will most likely follow the same release schedule as the previous films, which means A Christmas Prince 4 may appear as early as December 3, 2021.

The Cast of A Christmas Prince 4

If Netflix decides to make a fourth instalment of A Christmas Prince, it’s safe to assume Rose McIver and Ben Lamb will reprise their roles as Queen Amber and King Richard of Aldovia. We can’t fathom the franchise continuing without the legendary team, and both McIver and Lamb have indicated interest in returning to the franchise, even appearing in The Princess Switch 2 as a surprise appearance.


It’s also likely that Netflix will find a way to bring back Alice Krige and Honor Kneafsey, who played Queen Helena and Princess Emily, respectively, in the first three films of the saga.

Synopsis for A Christmas Prince 4

There is currently no synopsis for the fourth film in the Christmas Prince franchise because it has not been officially announced. While Netflix has not given any hints as to what a fourth film would include, McIver made an intriguing presentation for where Queen Amber and King Richard might go in a fourth film.

While promoting A Christmas Prince 3 to The Wrap, McIver recommended that the fourth film be dubbed A Christmas Prince: The Royal Couple’s Counseling, which would put a comedic perspective on the couple dealing with life as a married couple.

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Trailer for A Christmas Prince 4

There is currently no trailer for A Christmas Prince 4, but then as soon as does become accessible, we’ll be sure to let us know this piece – so keep checking back for updates!

There Are Spoilers In This Story For A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

In young-adult literature, there’s a thing that happens, especially in big sci-fi and fantasy series with numerous novels and a lot of complicated and made-up locales, names, and events: There’s a brief summary of what happened previously in each book following the first, just in case the sievelike minds of the 12-year-olds reading the books had forgotten the plot. Even though each book was narrated from a different point of view, the Animorphs series excelled at this. With 54 books in the series (not including spinoffs), remembering everything that had happened before became a genuine challenge as the plot continued.


Regrettably, this is not an Animorphs review. This review is for Netflix’s A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, the third part in the befuddling holiday film series from the streaming site.

At the absolute least, I would have liked a brief overview of the prior two films at the start of A Christmas Prince 3, so that I could recall everyone’s names and relationships. There isn’t one, so you’ll be lost for the first 20 minutes or so (unless you’ve recently rewatched the prior two).

The Christmas Prince films are set entirely in the imaginary nation of Aldovia, which is headed by a very lovely and proper royal family, whose king, Richard (Ben Lamb), has married regular American gal Amber (Rose McIver). Amber was a journalist in the first film who broke into the palace hunting for a storey and fell directly into the arms of the resident gorgeous prince, who fell in love with her right away. They arrange their royal wedding in the second film, and many people tell Amber she should blog less.

Amber is pregnant with the next prince or princess in the third instalment (they’d rather be surprised on the day of the birth than risk a potentially fatal gender reveal). She and the king must also ceremonially sign a pact with another imaginary neighbouring country, Penglia, whose royal pair has flown in during the Christmas holiday — or their kingdoms would go to war once more. The pact, however, goes missing on the day of the signing! No way! Then they learn that if the royal families don’t sign it before the deadline, the king of Aldovia’s firstborn child would be cursed! Nooo!!! In addition, Amber’s closest buddy, whom you may have forgotten, is now romantically involved with the first film’s villain, whom you must have forgotten.

Because of the nature of the series, everything that happens in this couple’s lives takes place around the Christmas season, which leads me to feel that the rest of their lives must be extremely dull. Because The Christmas Princes is a low-budget film, no one can actually go anyplace. The royal couple’s tropical “honeymoon” begins with a shot that is digitally overlaid against desktop background stock video of a sandy beach. But, well, this is what we’ve come to expect from this series. It wouldn’t be A Christmas Prince if Martin Scorsese or Roger Deakins were involved.

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