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The Masked Singer Season 6: Everything We Know About “Group B Final”

On “The Masked Singer,” it was finally time for Group B to crown a champion after months of wild and bizarre performances. Banana Split or Queen of Hearts, whichever team won the Group B Finale on Wednesday, will play for the Season 6 Golden Mask on December 15, when they would meet the winner of Group A, Bull. So, just one week before the season finale, did Banana Split or Queen of Hearts fall prey to this week’s unmasking?

Read our minute-by-minute coverage of Season 6, Episode 12 of “The Masked Singer” below to find out what occurred on Wednesday, December 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Then tell us about your favorite costumed characters from Fox’s reality program and who you believe has what it takes to win the challenge in the comments below.

The Masked Singer Season 6 Episode 12: Recap

8:05 pm – Banana Split will start the Group B finals, and here is what they have to say in their clue package: It’s nearly hard to avoid hearing what others have to say about you. It’s kind of omnipresent in the world we live in. We see a drive-in movie theater throughout that statement. Banana is said to be fame-obsessed, as though he’s an egomaniac. People think Ice Cream isn’t particularly brilliant, but she’s at least attractive.

8:12 pm – Banana Split performs Arthur Freed’s “Singin’ in the Rain” in Episode 12. Ice Cream serenades us as Banana directs an orchestra. She has a lovely voice, and this is a really dramatic presentation, but I’m not sure it has the impact required to win tonight. But, just as I finished typing, Ice Cream ups her game and starts tap dancing!


Every week, Nicole comments Ice Cream’s voice sound like a record. Ken considers the Banana to be one of his favorite characters in the history of the “Masked Singer.” Nick will shoot t-shirts during the panel tonight with one-word hints about how each act is linked to one of the panelists.

8:21 pm – Queen of Hearts is up next. She had a strong desire to be a part of a community her whole life. She discovered it in several weird and unexpected locations. She did have a period in her life when she lived like an animal. We encounter Queen of Hearts out in the woods, where she expresses her main concerns as to where she could acquire food and secure refuge. She was going down the street one day when she realized she was losing hope.

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Queen of Hearts is performing Sia’s “Bird Set Free” tonight. It’s such an unusual, gloriously strange music choice, and she’s murdering the vocals. Nicole is virtually gasping for air. The audience reacted well to this. “All hail the queen!” Nicole exclaims. It’s one of her all-time favorite appearances on the show. Ken expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to be in her company.

8:36 pm – Banana claims that he’s had most of his success within four walls, and he’s been yearning to break out. This has been a thrilling adventure. Ice Cream claims that as each performance progresses, her mind begins to wander and she considers new ways to be more creative. Creativity is at an all-time high. Ice Cream discovered that she enjoys being ridiculous. Banana is usually taken aback when an audience reacts positively, which may explain why he has had such a lengthy career. Ice Cream is credited with performing all of the labor on stage, according to him.

Banana Split is now duetting with Robin on Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing.” This is a cheerful, feel-good song with Robin’s voice blending nicely with Ice Cream’s. However, considering Robin is still behind the panelist desk, it’s a touch odd.

8:45 pm – Queen of Hearts is overjoyed that she agreed to participate in this adventure. She’s been known to reject down large opportunities with hefty price tags, so the fact that she said yes may come as a surprise to some. She isn’t one to talk about herself, but she is proud of what she has accomplished here. It has taught her that she must continue to strive forward. Between her and the Bull in the grand finale, she has only one performance left.


Now, Queen of Hearts is duetting with Nicole on Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” What a great music selection! They’re belting out the rock song at the top of their lungs, and I’m glad to see Nicole isn’t behind her desk, even if she isn’t on stage with Queen of Hearts. Jenny is taken aback and expresses her gratitude for being a part of the program.

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8:59 pm – It’s time to see who came out on top in Group B. The audience and panelists have cast their ballots. Queen of Hearts is the Group B winner! That implies Banana Split will reveal his true identity. However, the panel must first share their first impression guesses and then make their final guess. Jennifer Nettles and “that other man,” Robin assumed. He now thinks it’s Ryan Tedder and Leona Lewis. Ken’s initial impressions were Katharine McPhee and David Foster, and he’s sticking to them! Katharine McPhee and David Foster were Jenny’s initial impressions. She’s not going to change her mind! David Foster and Katharine McPhee, Nicole’s initial impressions! Wow! This combo was well-known from the start!

Banana Split finally removes their masks, revealing David Foster and Katharine McPhee. While they were a wonderful couple while they were on the show, Queen of Hearts will face Bull next week to determine the Season 6 champion once and for all.

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